Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of Hatred


               SAWBAT, GET OVER HERE!


What is this?

Oh, do you like it? One of those antibat’s made it for me!

And why is it in the house?

Because, it’ll stink if you put it outside! In here, it’s cold!

I do not want a rotting pile of dustbunnies roaming around!

Oh boo hoo on you! I think their cute!

I think I’m allergic, achoo

Fine… would you rather me have a cat?

Same thing to me!

Um… fishy?

Remember what happened to the last one?

[flashback to Sawbat eating fish]

Oh, I was hungry! You were gone on vacation! How am I supposed to eat when my chef is gone?

Enough of that… just get achoo them outta here!

Aw, don’t worry bunnies… I’ll get you to a safe place!

Throw them in the dumpster!

You cruel monster!

Um… that’s their natural habitat… garbage!


[throws them away]

I will never forget you!


Another day, another reason Sawbat gets on my nerves! So without taking another hour out of my day to completely destroy my punching bag like last time, here are the Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of Hatred! I’m trying to keep this short, because this will be short! Okay!


  1. Everyone’s Selfish – GizenshaP

Depicting that the biggest thing people everywhere hate is the feeling of being able to do nothing- I think we can all resonate with this! Gumi takes the role of a girl called Meg-chan who is asked to be selfish and ignorant! Falling into the pressure of her peers, she realizes that she is ignorant upon ignorant by doing what they say! This leads many to feel pathetic- but sometimes you have to realize that the way to combat this is to have a Screw everyone mentality and align your wants to their needs!


  1. R.I.P. In The Gossip Sea – cosMo

From the mindset of a lot of current Youtubers, we have the song that defines the drama age we live in! Gumi foretells the drama we want in a very accurate way- by telling lies, backstabbing, and even calling people pedophiles- but I won’t get into that now! And I kinda agree with her- humans are weird animals that can enjoy in other’s suffering for no good reason! That’s the difference between us and animals- we more demonic if we don’t pay attention! And does anyone else notice her face as something from a hentai?


  1. Hate It! Hate It! Huge Ego! – Kurage-P

Does anyone know about Otomachi Una? She’s fairly new on the Vocaloid scene with a sister- or split personality between Sugar and Spice- this one’s obviously Sugar! Remember, for all you who were unpopular to the point you were ignored? This is her song so you better listen- whether it’s the massive ego of a rival or your own, this song is determined to make you know of the name Otomachi Una! Wonder what Spice has to say about this? She’ll probably just hug her! Hey, I already like her! Even though this is one of Hatred- it’s not about me hating it, geez!


  1. I Wish They’d Just Die – Dobuusagi

Aside from this being absolutely golden in humor and stuff, I can’t tell if he’s telling the unlucky times to die or the people committing them! I mean I get it Kaito, sometimes you just want bad things to die, that’s human nature! But yeah, this is hilariously perfect for an interlude of emotions in this list!


  1. Suji – MARETU

This song was inconsistent with what I was looking for exactly, but Maretu has so much feeling of hatred in his songs, I just had to choose this one because of the bluntness of it! This song is absolutely crazy and even shows a bitten hand in the video! The biggest dilemma I had with this one was that I couldn’t decide if it was meant from the perspective of a mad scientist or a pedophile! It could be both- possibly being a mad scientist that tries to put together a dead child to have necrophilia with! It’s just strange, but you can sense the hatred at the end of the song!


  1. Anti-Beat – Deco*27

Ever feel like your love turns you to hate yourself? Me, not really, As this song is a gripping description of self mutilation from the pain of the unknowing heart unsatisfied! It’s really intense and the hatred can be smelt from here! And it’s only going to get worse until you find out why you feel this way, which usually turns out to being the other persons fault for being too kind to you and you having too much guilt because you don’t feel you deserve it! But if you do feel like that, and you feel you deserve worse, isn’t the feeling itself the worse you were seeking?


  1. Dejected Loser – Shiromeshi

When you’re nothing but a creep, you can’t help but feel you are the dejected loser, but those that deject are more of a loser- because they, are the creeps that define you… and in that they define themselves as monsters! We all may be called losers, weeaboos, idiots, and maybe even scum, but those who say those words, are only reflecting their core! This song cries fowl to that group of Mirror’s because the most horrible thing to see in others… is yourself!


  1. I Am One of A Kind – SHEBA

What are you flipping off Miki? I can do this too, ya know! black bar between both Oh, I can’t stay mad at you Miki… this is just a phase… right? You’ll be your poppy lucky self in the later ones!

Anyone like 70’s thrash metal? That’s exactly what this sounds like, coupled with MASA’s vocal style! This one is on top as the most honorable to the original Thrash metal of Anthrax, Metallica, MEGADETH, and Slayer- gotta say, my favorite is MEGADETH out of that bunch- their more melodic- but this isn’t about the leaders of Thrash Metal- this is about this song by Miki that flips the finger at you while holding true to the ‘no-melody-in-voice’ of most of Slayer’s songs! She’s also smoking… intense disdain right there!


  1. Karakuri 卍 Burst – Hitoshizuku-P

Don’t you hate it when a friend becomes an enemy? When that happens, there is usually insatiable thirst for their blood and vengeance! Somehow, Rin and Len are separated by the thrust of Miku and Gakupo’s rule! Rin with Miku, Len with Gakupo- leaders of different organizations that want each other dead! This sad tale is pretty intense in terms of hardships and existential wanderings of the Third Reich and Japan- they were on the same side during world war 2… but it is confirmed that both were wanting to damage one another- which is actually one of the reasons the Allies won! Then America and Russia went into the cold war! Pretty sad, but at least we know the Allies could put aside their differences for the threat, rather than kill each other before you’ve won! The quickest way to end a war is to lose!


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  1. MiKUSABBATH – Utsu-P

What better way to end this fully with the great Utsu-P? The biggest problem was deciding on a song from him, but MiKUSABBATH has it as one of his more popular songs! With everything Utsu, this song ridicules every one of Miku’s fans! The amount of ogling is intense and is perfect for the place of number 1 on this list as the Vocaloid song created with a passion for hatred of others!


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