Top 10 Vocaloid Parody Songs ft. Moma Haku (The Lewd Edition)

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Moma Haku:       I have come with mail!

Demo:   Can you open it up and read it for me? I’m eating right now!

Moma Haku:       “Hello, this video is sponsored by Kirara Seika”

Demo:   That’s right, and you can…

Moma Haku:       Don’t talk with your mouth full

Demo: PLPLPLPLP perfect food pops back on plate

Demo:  Yes, this video is sponsored by Kirara Seika, but last time I talked about her musical genre style.

But what I failed to mention is that Kirara Seika uses many Vocaloids in her songs, not just one, but can go as far as trio’s and quartet’s, and that just adds to her charm!

Moma Haku:       Oh, don’t you keep saying she has a new…

Demo:   Wait, that’s later!

Moma Haku:       Oh, don’t forget to say this is a paid product placement!

[she leaves]

Demo:   This is a paid Product Placement! So if you’d like then go ahead and cook that sub button on her channel, because she’s kind enough to support this channel and it’s increase! This will not affect the list in any way! I should also mention something Moma Haku mentioned before- some Vocaloid artists, including Kirara Seika, with new songs will be promoted by me- with my newest Producer’s Glide that will explain everything!

Oh yeah, and you guys may actually be seeing Moma Haku more off from now on! She’s gotten over her shyness, and wants to help me grow my youtube career! Isn’t that sweet?

SAWBAT:                            I’ll say, she gave me your pie you didn’t eat!

Demo:   What? Anyway, here are the Top 10 Vocaloid Parody Songs… Grip those pants and Let’s Quantize!

  1. +Impale – rokurin, cilia

OG:                       +REVERSE – Niki

Oh crap… this isn’t good- it’s gonna be an interesting censorship! Not only do we get the meanest face luka can make while singing, we get to hear her constantly say some sexual words and one misspelled word that confused me. I knew luka had a dirty mouth on her. Yeah, only the classiest music for my viewers. This one is cute a bit- you’re judging me right now aren’t you! Eh, I don’t mind- I’ll +IMPALE your mind any day! Ok, enough perverseness, my family watches these videos! If that’s not embarrassing then I don’t know what is…

  1. Onii Yuukai – Ghanagi

OG:                       Meltdown – Iroha

Here’s another lewd one… well crap- also, I didn’t previously know that Onii Yuukai, which has many covers, was actually a parody of an actual song that has nothing to do with the context! But, if you remember the other Yuukai song from the Awkward list, then take that, and switch it from an old guy to little sisters… oh man, this gets weird to the point that all 3 sisters gang up on poor Kaito- different, and quite possibly still illegal… but, yeah!

  1. I’ll Quit Being Shota – AskVocaloid, sango312

OG:                       I’ll Quit Singing – Nagahage-P

Aww, poor Piko. Always getting the butt of everyone’s jokes… even when they’re not jokes at all. For all you Piko lovers out there, here’s your boytoy now! It’s short so I’ll leave it at that!

  1. If Anyone’s Fine, Then Date Me! – 42

OG:                       I don’t care who, somebody go out with me – Takkyuu Shounen

Wow, another parody from a Awkward song… Tei is an Utau, but Len still talks about the massive dominatrix nature of Tei- yandere incoming! Yet another short one, so I’ll leave it here again!

  1. Shotaspecies – Lencon-P

OG:                       subspecies – Peperon-P

Another Shota song? Wait, this is not what you’re thinking, I am not into shota, like at all… although some guys are cute and or handsome, I wouldn’t go so far as to swoon over them. That’s what waifu’s are for, I am a manly man- built by listening to that awesome guitar solo! Most of the lyrics are changed from the original as with any parody song, that Len talks about his species the Shota Species, which if you don’t know what Shota is, then if you’re Preference B, then google it. Preference G, might want to stay away, maybe- I don’t know what I’m saying anymore!

  1. ICE! – Kamomiru, minato

OG:                       SPICE – minato

You know SPICE! It was one of those songs that defined the perverted age of Vocaloid! Well, switch all the affection and swooning from the girls of Vocaloid to all of the flavors of ice cream! Oh, kaito… come on. I like Ice cream as much as the next guy, especially Mint Chocolate Chip, which I ould go for some now! I just have one thing to say Kaito… please, do not release a song where you’re marrying Ice Cream… oh, wait you already have… I have nothing to say to you man.

  1. Gigantic O.T.N. (Freedom Version) – Giga-P, Utaite Underbar

OG:                       Gigantic O.T.N. – Giga-P

When you parody your own song and video, you know it’s memeful commentary. If you haven’t heard the original O.T.N. he’s talking about his Gigantic OTN, which is exactly what it sounds like even thought I never said anything about what you’re thinking right now! But man, this is not a Vocaloid song… I just now figured that out- it’s a real man… This is the weirdest thing I’ve seen all day! Nice going Giga! Nice…

  1. Brother & Sister – Suzuki-P

OG:                       Go Google It – Ahming-P

Gumi and Gakupo are in some respects siblings- as they are produced by Internet Co. but nothing comfirmed, but in the Internet Co. house, Gakupo is the older brother worrying about his little sister Gumi, to the point of watching her take a shower. But it’s not for lewdness, he’s just making sure the water doesn’t get scalding hot like it always does with me, which has lead me to take extremely cold showers! But If I was Gakupo, I guess I’d do the same thing… not peak at her in the bathroom, but worry just the same… It ends with Gumi washing Gakubro’s pants- except this time Gakubro actually fits into this one!

  1. The Delicious Banana Song – Ace of Teacakes

A parody of “The Delicious Tomato Song” from Hetalia

I never knew Len was so Savage! Banana’s I guess symbolize the love/hate relationships that Len has. I guess. This was probably the most fun song on the list to listen to, even though it’s not a parody of a Vocaloid song, I love it anyway because of Len’s mocking of the rest of the others- he calls Kaito an SOB, Rin eats all of his Banana’s at one point, Gakupo makes a huge mess of his house, and Miku introduced Banana’s to him, only to leave him alone with the other voca nuts that lead to an awesome song!

Here’s a small cute one…

Video Not Found – Ryou-P

That was it… yeah, I came across that a lot on my journey, so I decided to put that here. But you know the drill in this interlude, cook the subscribe button to become and honorable muffin in my garden of ovens. And don’t forget about Kirara Seika, she is kind enough to support this channel, so go on and press that sub button for either support or because you honestly like her music… I do, but you already know that, so let’s get to the first Parody song that might give you nostalgia if you like Mothy!

  1. The Madness of Miss Venomania – Mihal

NTBCW-OG:       The Madness of Duke Venomania – Mothy

This one is not as funny, but it is determined as a parody song! The Madness of Duke Venomania is one of the more mythical Vocaloid songs taking from the Seven Deadly Sins context Lust with Asmodeus- the Carnal Demon Lord of Lust, as told in my Demonology studies. This is one you’ll have to follow the link below to understand fully, but the roles are actually reversed a bit, and it’s an intriguing twist to the original story that actually brought me in to loving Mothy’s work!

OK, so this list was a little weird and very lewd, but hear me out- I had problems with VocaDB’s page numbers. I’d press it but it wouldn’t go anywhere above page 7, when there were 10. I’m sorry I couldn’t get some of the good ones that I wanted to get, but I guess I’ll leave those for next time!

Some down, 1 to go, it’s going to be a rough ride, so pay attention for it… because I’m not good at ripping songs off of Nico Video- I mean listening- you heard listening, I said nothing about ripping at all, and if I did, it was talking about pants! You didn’t grip those pants tight enough, because they’ve done gone n got ripped!

Ok, I’m done here!


So here’s Moma Haku! Do you like her voice? She kept SCREAMING into the mic which made it hard to edit. But yeah, I got her to do it, but let’s jump right in! Because I’ve got the Disturbing list to worry about… Oi MIKI my Strawberry Muffin- one song will be censored entirely… I’m losing my cool over here!

Wait… Miki is a Strawberry Muffin? That gives me a small video idea!

BTW: My grandmother passed away on Monday, so there’s the reason I didn’t do anything this week! I actually had this done last friday, but out of respect for Moma Haku, her mother, and the family, I decided to wait until now.


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