Top 10 Vocaloid Chicken Songs


Fry or bake? Choose, and you’ll Iose!
Happy Thanksgiving for all my viewers.

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Demo: Sawbat, get out of there, he’s destroying the city!

Fate: I’m covering the sky, it’s safe!

Sawbat: No, I can beat him!

Demo: No, you can’t!

Fate: NO, He can… you’ll just destroy the city just like the Turkey God…

Sawbat: How?

Demo: Don’t tell him!

Fate: With 9 songs about chicken, I think we can scare him…

Demo & SB: Chicken?

Fate: You can’t buy turkey in japan, so maybe we can grope it into believing it’s thanksgiving when we talk about it’s natural enemy!

Sawbat: Chicken isn’t the turkey’s natural enemy!

Demo: Not where I live they aren’t! I’ll be driving by a farm and see turkey’s and chickens fighting alongside quail.

Fate: Let’s start the show already~

Turkey God: GOBBLE


10 – Chicken Chin – Jiwataneho

There isn’t anything like chicken- especially when all the goodness gets stuck on your face! If you like chicken and rock music, then listening to this one will force you to headbang to eating chicken… just don’t get choked! No one wants a dead chicken lover- you’ll stink!

9 – Chicken Steak – YUKISON
Don’t take the blood stain at the beginning out of context! I have been known to devour a Chicken Fried Steak- or country fried steak too- at times when I was really pissed… I don’t know why, but I’m just trying to fill things up because I don’t know a thing about what this song means!

8 – Chicki-Chicki-Chicken – Honken
IA? WOWOW- how did they get her to sound so good? Also, why haven’t I heard this song before? Anyway, this reminds me of the chicken you buy at a gas station- with the striped yellow package most common with most gas station foods. I like the song though!

7 – Chicken Sauté – toze
No video, so we’ll check this out with some serious jazz! Elevator music… I just like the sound of this one. Love chicken sauté or not… which I do- you’ll have to like jazz before you’ll enjoy this song- classic and cute! I can’t get over it. I also love the xylophone playing- or kid keyboard… but this is a good example of perfect jazz in the Vocaloid community!

6 – Chicken Rice – mixizm
There was a Miku Append Vivid? I missed that one! Ok, it’s not really about just chicken, but chicken rice, and more about Christmas, but come on, the stores and hallmark channel can do it, so can I. So sit down and admire the epic taste of Christmas on thanksgiving with a gigantic helping of chicken rice… hmmm… I always loved boiled chicken rice together with little veggies and stuff like that- not to mention the sauce you put on it- enhancing the flavor, and ultimately making things a best rest of gas in your belly! Did I make you hungry? Because I actually did myself… oops

5 – Fried Chicken – WINDY
The story of a chick… well… overlooking the chick’s obviously lazy eye, this song tells the story of an up and coming chicken rooster that yearns to meet his one true love- in fried chicken form… well… we all used to fall in love with anime characters when we were young, right? I didn’t have a crush on May from pokemon just to tell you this and you deny it. But at the end of the song- that chick becomes fried chicken because he fell in a frying pan- I don’t know about you, but I don’t use a frying pan, I use a greese dip!

4 – Diced Chicken Jazz –  PoKeR
This is one that is also jazz! Who said chicken had to be affiliated with jazz? This almost sounds like the blues of Los Angeles. But we’ll overlook the differences- because this is my bea from china, Luo Tiyani, and man, who else wants to kiss that little bit of chicken off her cute face? Who knew Luo was a lover of chicken just like the rest of us?

3 – Frying Chicken – TebasaP
Ambience anyone? This is basically all there is to it… along with random notes that don’t make coherent musical sense, so we’ll just move on!

2 – Real Girls Love Fried Chicken by TheresNoEscape –
WHAT AM I WATCHING!? This was a live action music video of MAIKA and Big Al… saying real girls love fried chicken… well, the Spanish makes sense with MAIKA being originally Spanish. I will admit, the song does have a certain style and culture to it… and the style does have the great female melody and male rap or breakdown most common in todays musical standards by Latin American authors… but… this is… well… the song is ok- the video, however… I’m not going to talk about the actors, it’s the effects of the video that make my face squint down into a black hole! Who thought of this?

Turkey God: Gobble

Sawbat: I think he’s weakening!

Demo: Not quite, I think it’s time for the viewer to take the helm! What I want you to do is subscribe and cook the like button, maybe then we’ll cook this goose!

Fate: It’s a turkey!

Demo: Right, use the buttons down below to help us beat this thing…

…Did you do it? I can’t tell.

…Uh, nothing’s happening… hurry!

Turkey: Gobble~

Demo: Oh no, it’s an incoming ad!

Whew, it missed me, but did you get hit?

Fate: I think we need one last song to put him out!

Sawbat: LET”S GOOO~


1 – Thanksgiving Song – ashcolor

Listen, this video is mainly about thanksgiving, and looking up turkey on VocaDB is just like the Japanese grocery stores- they don’t have any… so with this being the only song about thanksgiving- and the entire list of chicken songs are only numbered in 9- this worked out perfectly! This thanksgiving, think of forgiveness this year, but people think of it as giving thanks, but really, it’s for you to realize that everyone that hurt you in some way, maybe they deserve a little forgiveness from you- and even if they don’t, it’s best to look at yourself, and know that if you forgive them, be thankful for them, you’ll not worry about their actions later on, and you’ll feel better about yourself- gratitude for breath, for love, for life… that’s what thanksgiving is about- learning that family is not just something to be grateful for, but to come together and put away the troubles just for one day~ I wish people understood that though

Demo: Well, that was a nice dinner!

Fate: I can’t believe we finished the job…

Sawbat: I can’t believe the Japanese government only let us have the turkey!

Fate: No money, no anime, no nothing…

Demo: No hentai, no waifu’s, no nothing…

Sawbat: No cute girls, no vocaloid concerts…

Demo: No hope, no dreams, no future…

Fate: Wait, is this everything we’re thankful for but are actually sad that we didn’t get?

Demo: Yes… we are also thankful for you subscribers… and don’t forget, Christmas is the next holiday, so it’s time you get you or your loved ones some VocaloiDemo T-Shirts from TeeSpring… I’m thankful for your cash!

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