Top 10 Terrifying Vocaloid Songs



THIS VIDEO contains many horrifying scenario’s including murder, cannibalism, illness, death, and abuse- if this is what you came for, then stick and stay around the vents… else, have a happy time escaping the shadow that desperately wants you to watch wheeze laugh gurgle


Sawbat:                              Hey, what are you doing for the Halloween special?

Something scary!

Sawbat:                              But wouldn’t that drive away people?

It’s Halloween! Besides, it’s not a defining portion of intense jump scare the channel

Sawbat:                              umm… what was that?


Sawbat:                              It was like some intense scream!

I didn’t see anything!

Sawbat:                              Am I hallucinating?

Maybe, it is Halloween and you’re a bat!

Sawbat:                              IJS has nothing to do with that!

Well, IJS is just a special-

Sawbat:                              Would you STOP using IJS

Hey, IJS Is a unique thing I’ve been working on!

Sawbat:                              Do you actually think I care? I don’t like it when you IJS

IJS is just an effect that I haven’t put in yet!

Sawbat:                              Wait, so if IJS is just an edit- then why do I see it?

You’re edited!

Sawbat:                              gasp NOOOO!

Don’t worry buddy, Phaser Delay I’m edited too…

Sawbat:                              Wait, what’s happening?

Digital Death! AHAHHAHAHA-


Ha, ha ha… snore

Sawbat:                              The crap that goes through your mind man!


Well, did you like the IJS I do, did IJS-IJS-IJS scare you? But, I want you to be VERY cautious when watching… this may be an extremely disturbing video for you! You want to have the foreboding, elastic, encroaching, master of things deeper, disturbing, and undefined to where the fathom cannot be found within the confines of this long awaited, horrifying video… you were fated to watch… you cannot control nor fade your fate… and watch, as the Top 10 Terrifying Vocaloid Songs- I will try not to press the IJS button for you!


  1. ¤ Bacterial Contamination – Kanimiso-P / PV: Deino

Hmm… praying mantises! The monsters are the ones who create beings such as her! Is she for becoming this thing? She created herself a Mechanical, violent and paradoxical monster only the shadows could adore. Let us all take note of her sorrow and rage growing the core of moving liquid of blood- a life of darkness- death is where the light is for this Miku!


  1. Tarantula – Momocashew

Hmm… Tarantulas! Who here is afraid of spiders? What about digesting them? Isn’t the minor hairs slipping down your throat as your inside begin to shift open and crush the spider, releasing it’s blue juices all over your blood stream- but the fangs will not digest- you’ll just have to wait until you pass it! Are you sick enough to devour your fear and become exactly what you abhor? When you eat what you fear, your fear eats you, and you become what you eat, as well as the fear- your past self is now- your fear!


  1. Teratoma – Apol-P

What is scarier than having your body eating itself, your organs consuming you with teeth? I’ll give you something scarier- this is based on true stories… the teratoma tumor is real, and 1% of all cancer patients will have random body parts growing at the spot of infection. Just hope it isn’t something visious, like an active mouth devouring your insides, only to pass it later into your bloodstream! Rest In Peace for all those who have passed of cancer- your memory will not fade!

  1. LOLOLOL – Babuchan

Even the beautiful flowers have to eat- they feast on the flesh of the dead like zombies, marking their grave in decomposition. As the skin begins to tear, the blood dries, and from the flowers come bugs of millions. Erupting of the heart, where life once flowed. Eyes bulge and the pelvis collapses… and I can sense your anxiety for death! It will only get worse- but are you brave enough to click away?


  1. Kagome Kagome – zawazawa-P

Or circle you, circle you- also called the Bird in the Cage is a Japanese kid song with a very horrible backstory like Ring Around The Rosies! In ring around the rosies, it talks about people turning to ash from bombs, in the Kagome song, it talks about people tied to ropes while there captures circle around and laugh at them- sometimes gouging out their eyes! Welcome to your own childhood- when you sang Ashes, Ashes, or when you were blinded in the Kagome game, you were foretelling the death of a mass of people throughout history! Watch what your children do- or one day they might have a pocket full of daisies for your dead heart!


  1. Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness – Machigerita-P

I know this feeling- and so does Miku! The worst possible thing you can do to yourself is learn far too much before you can safely take it all in- I’m 20 and I don’t have the ability to concentrate or align my thoughts correctly without losing a lot of time and energy- everything I do is me running on fumes- but I got lucky, I wasn’t sent to in candida locus manias alligatum- my latin is spilling through! This is from the Dark Circus Series, which is also a book- which this is the name of the first chapter! Happy reading to those rolling heads!


  1. Okaansan Rebirth – Machigerita-P

Must I remind you about this song? I didn’t think so- audite, et timuerunt!


  1. Pandemic – Yuugou-P

Gumi, what have you done to act on? For them, it is the fear of approaching you- so they lue in the background- while you worry they are waiting for their chance to kill you with their knives, shivs, and screams. Is this right? To become the monster you feared they were? You murdered them, ready to end your own suffering created from irrational fear! Let’s put these things to use, and remind us all that your fears are never going to fade, until you kill- right or wrong, would you care? Just know, you deserve that death! And then, you’ll be running forever in hell, with their souls haunting your thoughts! Remember that ache, because you’ll never know happiness, ignavus!


  1. Secrets of Wysteria – Steampianist

What is the mind of a serial killer? Here we see the mind of the monster- or at least the nightmares of the victims, the victims. The monster’s name was Albert Fish, and lived in New York between these dates… He was a criminally insane cannibal… but if you play the song backwards, the lyrics are different, from the perspective of Mr. Fish himself- even having at the beginning of the reverse side, a letter, he wrote, to Grace Budd’s Mother about how he fooled, killed, ate, but didn’t rape her- my heart goes out to the family- that has surely passed and hopefully now frolics with their taken child in heaven! For my thoughts, let him Burn in Hell! IN INFERNUS ARDERET MALE IRRUMABO!



  1. The Spider and the Kitsune-like Lion – MASA Works Design

Cannibalism’s Karma- the Kitsune turning into the Spider that it ate- losing control- and dying as the Spider lives inside the Kitsune! Isn’t it fascinating, the eyes looking at you in the back of your head? What if everyone you knew, were your enemy in disguise, what if you, were walking in your enemies body were not in control? What if you were forced to kill and eat others, or your soul dies and your lineage cursed- all while morphing into the victim? The maggots are calling, get to work cannibal! You’re master now, was the first of your victims- die nicely!


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