Top 10: Soothing Vocaloid Songs to Sleep to


Grab your blankies and your glow worms, or whatever you went to sleep with as a kid, cause today you might just not get through the whole video without a yawn!

  1. -Meteor – John – As a beginning stage of sleep, it takes about an average of 8 minutes for someone to get to sleep… or at least for me, and this is how long this song is. As the name suggests, it is has a story in which I could never stay awake that long to listen to! I’ll leave a link in the description as always!
  2. -Sweet Cat Dreaming – Aura Qualic – Oh my, the kawaii cuteness is overflowing into my dreamscape! I dare you to watch the whole thing and not yawn. I have to admit, I fell asleep three times listening to this song! Not only that, I’ve seem to come accustom to the tempo… I know what I’m going to set as my alarm… So I can say, “But my alarm didn’t wake me up!”
  3. -Second Star – Empath-P – Empath-P is an English Producer, and one I’ve come to love to listen to. This particular song by Miku is a cover of the original one by Oliver, but I think it sounds better! Almost like a lullaby of love!
  4. -Poetry of the Heart – Okame-P – Nothing like a song from Okame to lift the spirits from despair with something a little positive with its outlook on tomorrow, even though today was a horrible one… Very emotional and beautiful, you can’t wait to go to sleep to see a new day!
  5. -Black Cat – Akagame/Raptor – Sad song about a cat… I don’t know what it is with sleepy songs and sad songs… but they work together! This black cat turns into a little girl and really does have trouble with being unnoticed! And with Gumi’s voice, well, I can’t help myself but to *ZZZZZ*
  6. -Good Night, My Love – This song is so soothing, even the producer said that it was a good melody to just wake up at midnight and start humming. Unfortunately, I could only get the name of the producer from the video and I CAN’T TYPE KANJI!!!! So I have no idea who is responsible for this Majestically, Comforting, lullaby-ing-ly? You get the point!
  7. -Clockwork Lullaby – Akuno-P – The only reason this isn’t higher is because this is part of a story of many songs that last just under an hour called the Clockwork Lullaby series… I think… I dunno, it gets me sleepy!
  8. -Lie – Circus-P – Alright, this one will make you cry before it puts you to sleep! Love ends and so does the day Luka, and sometimes you just have to cry yourself to sleep to feel better the coming morning! It’s sad, it really is…
  9. -Leave – AO – I know we’ve somehow switched to the all time sad songs, but I’ve heard worse, and I’ll leave those for the Saddest Top 10. But Leave is one of those that you can’t help but appreciate due to the fact that even the high spots can send you into a drifting cloud of slumber!
  10. -Last Night, Good Night – Melting in within the confines of my bed is what I wanna do right now, but I must persevere! Remember when some of these song on this list were about going to sleep to see a better tomorrow, well, I wish it was like that with this one, because Miku is going to leave the guy while he sleeps for an unknown reason!

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Video Description:

Boy, I am late… stupid render took 3 ½ hours and didn’t get done until 1 in the morning- then my computer decides it wants to crash, so I just said “Screw it!”!!! I hate it being midterms this week! I just can’t seem to identify the thermodynamic formulas between the endocrine parallels between cells- and what connects the two!? I’m supposed to be learning it, but I don’t even know what I’m saying!

I had a crap load of outtakes in this one, and I only put songs that caused me to doze off! Next week will be more rambunctious!

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6.) (Couldn’t find on YouTube- LiveP created this masterpiece!)

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