Top 10: Mom’s Vocaloid Picks


Oh, so you came back for another top 10! Since it’s August, I’m starting completely over and starting the top 10’s when it should be Gaming week! This will help me in the long run, because there are technically five weeks in this month! I have something special that has been a side project for a while, but finally managed it! I kinda got my mom to listen to some Vocaloid since starting my journey a while back. And she was all like: Let me make a top ten!

Okay, so what are your top ten list?

I dunno!

So she spent about a month doing this! And now she has a top ten for me to read! The bad part is she only wrote a couple words, so I’ll add in some ad lib of myself! She even gave me a few extra for honorable mentions! Unfortunately, she can’t be here because she sleeps while I write this, and she works while I record this! Creating top ten’s can take days, depending on the weather and how I feel! So I will speak for her, but she will be with us in spirit! Not that she died, I mean her words are coming out of my mouth! She didn’t bite the dust yet!

SAWBAT: Knock on wood Slap Demo with a 2/4 x2

The wood is not supposed to knock you! Especially knock you out!

SAWBAT: Aw, you’ll  be fine! I’ve beaten the living crap out you before and you pulled through!

That’s because you threw a chair at me while I was using the bathroom!

So here we go: The Top 10: Mom’s Picks!


  1. Need You 2Night – Guitar Hero Piano Zero

In her own words, “I feel this song is smooth to listen to! Almost hypnotizing! Love songs just seem to grow on you after a while! And the video gives you a flash!” End… GHPZ mentions that this song takes inspiration from Britney spears song, Hold it against me, Eric Prydz song 2Night, and the Just be friends song! He also takes into it and sings at the bridge! So check it out! It’s also English as well!

  1. eTeRNiTY – another Guitar Hero Piano Zero song… I told her to keep it to one per artist! But oh well!

“This song is upbeat and gets you moving! I get the feeling that this is more about love than suicide, but I can’t decide! Original Video!” End… Okay, so let me clear up some confusion! This could be about suicide, but I don’t see it in the lyrics! What I see is a simple guy asking the girl from his childhood to either be his girlfriend or marry him! Going on to say that if she waits, he might leave and not look back, and if she turns him down, he’ll leave and not look back! That’s brutal dedication!

  1. Repeat II – Circus P

She just says, “Simple!” That’s it! Okay, let’s embellish that a bit! The beat and its accuracy to SONiKA’s voice creates a dance style DJ slide that will cause your chair to somehow slide into the kitchen wherever you’re at: Room, Airport, Class, Toilet- you get the point! It comes to a point where your moving in your seat that you don’t care about other’s opinions! I’m known to just dance and headbang in class! Good starter song for you to get less anxious about liking your favorite things!

  1. Waves of Change – Empath P

“I really love the lyrics to this song! It’s so soothing it nearly put me to sleep!” Guess I know where I get that from, “The video was beautifully drawn!” End… This is actually a sad song! It talks about a passing of a man Maika loved… but didn’t know his name! It could also be that he ran away- maybe he was on the run from the authorities? I don’t know! I agree, with my mom on this! It- sniff made me tear up!

  1. Want – baggagelizard

“Great lyrics, simple, easy to listen to, smooth… video is nothing special!” End… It seems she’s using more of the same descriptors for each song! Oh well… my turn now. This is breaking the fourth wall so hard, that it almost shatters the first, second, and third! Oliver talks about how he is a Vocaloid and is a little boy that sings everyones songs… except the “you” he’s talking about, and wants to know if you want him because he is an Engloid! I’ve heard from people that Oliver’s vocal manipulation is a pain in the butt to use! I agree… but I think they may not be using him right! Oliver has a certain way of doing things… he doesn’t conform to your ways! Go Oliver! Standing up for Vocaloid rights!

  1. Persephone – MJQ P X Empath P

… She used the same description as the last one! Anyone else notice that every song has been English? Anyway, This is actually a collab so I’ll allow it! Persephone is actually a well written piece of work. Speaking about an angel with borrowed wings and poetic stuff like that! I probably imbedded this into my moms brain when I listened to it over and over!

  1. Glass Wall – *sigh* GHPZ

We have seemed to have a lack of communication! “It’s different! Reminded me of the military when you’re talking to someone you love over Skype or something like that!” End… Nice thought, but not what it means! This is another song about a Vocaloid breaking the fourth wall and wants to sing for you! I swear, if I see another GHPZ song on here… well, it’s not that he’s not a good producer, it’s just that this is the third song- and I somehow despise that!

  1. Greed of Man – MJQ P X Eri

Now we’re getting into the epic portion of the list! “This particular songs has a groove to it that makes me want to learn the lyrics and sing along! The rap portion is awesome!” End… Yep, that’s pretty much how I feel too! Greed of Man is a nice change to the list as it is really does have an earthquake type beat! I just can’t believe it only has 46,000 views! It deserves a little more, don’t you guys think?

  1. Define Me – Kenji-B

“I find this very creative… Maika sounds so clear unlike other of her songs! It has a bunch of hooks that grabs you and forces you to listen!” End… There’s a joke in that last line, but I can’t think of it… put it in the comments if you know it!

  1. Ricochet – MJQ P X ShinRa

“This song is great… it’s got a good beat, easy to listen to, and makes me think of Charles Angels!” End… Well, it reminded me more of 007- but okay! This takes number 1 because of the epicness of the whole video! Luka’s voice could be a little more understandable, but still, great song! My mom won’t know what this is, what this is some serious Yandere action here! A Yandere is someone who is willing to kill someone for their love… and has an unhealthy obsession that their love doesn’t actually consider them a lover… but a stalker! Creepy… and if this ruined the song for you… why!? It’s a good song for what it is!


Before we go, I’d like to put some honorable mentions!

Unresolved – AdyS

Starlight Keeper – momocashew

Yellow Lines – Haru P

Kaleidoscope Haze – Project Overdose

Color Bars – Ghost



And that’s all she wrote… literally, that’s it! Don’t think I’m going to do this again!


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