Top 10 Insane Vocaloid Songs (Broad Definition)



~Help me, I’ve lost my marbled mind~

~Helpeth meth, my marbles are not kind~

~They run away every time I cry, I’m so in distress~

~I can’t feel her breast and I’m so sad~


Demo:   Oh, hey, I was just singing a tune for the whole of my insanity! I’m sane right?

Sawbat: Uuhhhh…

Fate: Uuhhhh….

Spongebob: Uuhhhh…

Gumi: Uuhhhh…

Demo: Oh, well, I guess it’s just me then! Not exactly though, because we are going to figure out who will appear on the Top 10 Vocaloid Songs of Insanity. The Insanity definition for this one is a broad spectrum, it could be anywhere from the theme, the sound, or even the producer as a person. You can guess there are loads of these songs ALL OVER THE PLACE IT IS INSANE!!! Get it? I’ve even made songs about insanity as well… but that’s later!

Right now, we get ready for the best of the insane… get those trench coats and strait jackets ready, because we’re experimenting with your listening holes in order to figure out your favorite key to your sanity~ And now, we shall begin… One word of caution- Are you heading the warning?


If lustybaby is anything, insane and dark are the words for it. The thing that keeps insanity going and known across the world is complete repetition of action and thought. Lustybaby’s songs do this on a grand scale. And while this song is just eerie sound effects made by miku, the artist is more on the line of the insanity- but it’s the good kind of insanity.

  1. Immoral Taste of a Bloody Traveler – Kagome-P:

If the creepy vibe didn’t give it a way, Kagome-P is a major factor in his songs. From what I can get from this song, which has about 4 different names, there is a traveler, Rin, who stumbles into I guess a giant’s den, who Rin falls in love with, and Rin wants to be eaten by the giant… maybe, I’m taking cues from the art and the lyrics… insanity isn’t easy to peg down rationally or accurately- but in either way, Kagome-P is one for the record books.

  1. No – Mondaiji-P:

Simple, yet full of melancholy. The best I can get from this, is that little girl is seeing something- that figure in the middle of the screen could be a person being shot, or it could be that the girl is looking down from the sky looking at her own body… who knows, but the lyrics aren’t in English so I couldn’t find a proper answer, which begs the question: is insanity meant to have a straight answer?

  1. † Halloween Nightmare † – Poteto-kun:

Ok, Halloween, I get it, just hear me out. Halloween is full of insanity, which is why I chose this song about children being taken by a pumpkin witch that turns them into candy… Just think on this- turning flesh into candy isn’t possible at all. What would it look like if they tore apart the flesh just like candy? What kind of molten horrendous insanity would they have to commit in order for the flesh to be brittle and hard like candy? Your imagination can breed now!

  1. 1335-2300 – Babuchan:

This song doesn’t make a hair of sense… but I added this because insanity doesn’t have to. In fact, there is a book in simplistic terms of the insane, and numbers are everywhere. The part of our brain that sees the rational does not help us do math. And, towards the end of the song, miku changes into a real human singing, and a baby is formed. I honestly think it’s the formation of a human child, from thought to reality. Such as our insanity!

  1. A Decayed Garden Sinks into the Isolated Sea – SOOOO:

Just as it says. A garden sinks into the sea. It’s just so that the garden is decayed and the sea is isolated… yeah, I’m sure it makes poetic sense if I understood the lyrics, but I don’t. But be honest, this does look mostly insane, and kinda grotesque, the ultimate forms of a child locked in a garden with balloons and the absent fountain pedestal, as well as the other guy having his whole front half of his body torn off, I’d say it fits the bill.

  1. Isolation=Thanatos – rohi:

This song is more of the song structure and speed, as well as it having philosophical context that I’m sure you’ve never thought about. Thanatos is the Greek Mythological figure of Death. Thanatos literally means, ‘to die’, so Isolation is to die in Rin’s mind. And that is kinda true. Most people think of hell as a fire and brimstone place, but really it’s all in your head, the worst of hell comes from your mind- and being alone. You will always be a slave to your flesh, and dealing with that is my personal insanity- it always hurts to know I can never do everything, save everyone, when I save one person, a 1,000 more perish under the weight. Is suicide the answer? Or should you just insulate yourself within? Living within your means, and feeling guilt only when it pushes you forward.

  1. The Customer is God – Tanaka Kazuo & Puneo Studio:

Welcome to supreme death metal. There are a lot of strong opinions in this one, and not only that, it’s also so fast and confusing that you can hardly understand what’s going on. Whatever is happening to Miku is icky looking, and I have no idea what else to say… I guess the customer is god, and Miku is the voice of GOD~ That would be weird… You’d have to put twintails on Jesus… Oh, I’m going to hell for that one… Sorry Jesus…

  1. Nehanshika – Deino:

Ah, deino, back to the old tricks of the supremely distorted miku and whatever else you’ve made. This is just… creepy. There’s a lot of close ups and cockroaches. But hey, Gakupo is here… being creeptastic and all. Yeah.

  1. I don’t want to… – Daijoubu P:

Don’t you dare try and make me explain what I’m looking at… I’ve just assumed if it’s Daijoubu, it’s insane and unintelligible… make of whatever you want, because it hurts my brain to try and think on whatever the unholy weirdness that is in here. Insanity at it’s finest!

Secret: Cause In The Fight – Colony:

It’s not a true top 10 without a shameless plug. This song was long and hard to make for a logistical reason. Of course, it is 10 minutes long, and repetitive which adds to the insanity. A song dealing with religious hallucinations, a battle between mind and spirit. Macne Nana can sing the ballad of a madchild pretty well. So, compared to the others on this list, I’m curious on how well mine holds up, of course, it won’t be great, but it is something, right?

Yeah, I know… I’m starting you get narcissistic, but hey, if you get new music, who cares right? Ok, so since I’m uploading daily this month, it’s time to expect another top 10 next week. And the next week, and the next week, and the next week… the same with AtD’s…

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