Top 10 Disturbing Vocaloid Songs [A-R]



This video is one of the most gruesome lists I could muster- the Terrifying lists were just child’s play. Some you may have already seen, others might haunt you- and please don’t think just because you can handle it that others can. I may have also added a few very offensive jokes… you’ll know them when you hear them, just saying I do not align with that twisted line of thinking morally so don’t bash me too much ok – I’m sorry I put the jokes in, but they were just too golden… so take this as a trigger warning. Oh, and if you watch at night… well, let’s just say you may want to check behind you every so often… so you have been—–COOK THE LIKE

[Demo on laptop]

Sawbat:               Demo, with you sitting on your computer all day, it’s like I have to get you to do a top 10…

Demo:   Look I realize I’ve been lazy, and sometimes I don’t give you as much credit as I should… But I really do appreciate your friendship…

[zoom in Demo]

Sawbat:                              Aww, you really mean it?

[zoom in sawbat]

Fatemah:                            Hug it out…

[both enraged]

Demo:   I’m not doing that!

Sawbat:               Touch me and die, Demo

Demo:   I’d rather hug Fate

Fatemah:                            how about a kiss?

Demo:   OK

Fatemah:                            Not me you loveable sac of crap- Sawbat

[Demo Bazooka]

Demo:   Kiss this!

[Turn Fatemah into candle being lit]

Demo:   Welcome to the Top 10 Disturbing Vocaloid Songs Where it’s so disturbing that I have to age restrict it… yeah- I’ve wasted too much time fooling around, so let’s go and drum up some chills on your spine.

  1. I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry – Kikuo

We’re starting off creepy, yet we’ve all seen this one at some point or another. I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry is a masterpiece of something you can’t really let kids listen to… or I wouldn’t, but some of you might since it’s in Japanese… but the lyrics are very disturbing as to seem the singer is being eaten by her father throughout years… also devouring her excrement upon emission. Then her brother takes her away from her father… and proceeds to drink amniotic fluid- which is the fluid secreted by a FETUS- A BABY!!! Not only do we get cannibalism, we also get rape, incest, and eventually I think she committed suicide because the end lines suggest her entire body was being devoured by her and her family… Oh, that’s just number 10… we’ve got horror built on sacrament!

  1. High-school Girls Are Still in my Head – konkon

Stranger danger! Oh no… it’s bad enough that Gakupo is a pervert anyway, but when you apply sexy music to the strange direction of underage girls…  yeah, no… The story you can get without knowing the lyrics. Basically, the singer wants to… um… how am I going to say this without getting this video taken down… ok, you know when a sexual word is represented by 3 X’s? There is a lot of those in here… I’m not sure if he wants to be a high school girl, to relive his youth, or to corrupt them, or to just be a creepy guy…

Sawbat-               So, Rin is confirmed to be 11 or 12, but she’s my girlfriend, what’s the big deal?

[Police:                Drive up in cop car, take Sawbat away]

Sawbat:                              Wait, what are you doing… she’s a robot!

Demo:                  Don’t worry buddy, Fate will do something.

  1. Lair of the Second Me – Pialocity

If there is anything I know more is the feeling of being watched, hearing voices, and feeling of another personality just under what is mine. A beast swimming under shallow skin. Gumi’s lair is inside her darkest heart, the place everyone has, but some darker than others. The most darkest, I’ve seen, are the most good. The ones that can create the happiest of faces, have the darkest of hearts. Me included, I know my darkest side to the deepest contour, and knowing all of that, that is the most disturbing thing this song brings to mind. This song, while not actually disturbing, depends on your perspective.

  1. Alien Alien Alien – Matsukasa

Easily the most confusingly disturbing on the list, this is… a cat, that just stares deep into your soul. And along with repetition, I find it really disturbing… and when it does that thing where it’s face jumps up and down, having screams through the music… eh eh. Most of it doesn’t make much sense with Hatsune being an alien, until the very end where a tentacle comes out of the cats ears… oh, and did I mention the cat doesn’t blink at all? That scares me more than anything else, even the fact it sings let alone talks.

  1. Razor – Junto Kurokawa [Blood Warning]

This is a live action… and it’s very horrifying, in some senses… you can tell that’s just juice, but I don’t care… it’s enough to make anyone who has a weak stomach gag. Obviously, it’s exaggerating the effects of a simple cut of a razor… except he cut an artery on his privates… and… every guy is probably hurting in the crotch right now…  Remember guys… manscaping has its downside… some of you may never do it again- which I never actually have- but I sure won’t now…

  1. Squelch – Shitoo

Time to give some love to my little Flower Petal- most of this song sings about a Teichopsia, or an hallucination of colors that are moving inside your senses of sight and geomagnetic senses, making it equivalently like a real person doing strange things to get you to be scared. It’s actually fairly common, as a leveled up migraine can cause these transfigurations. From people that have had Teichopsia, they consider anything colorful headache inducing… including the sky- and including anything white, or black even… it’s hard to see that some people are given a headache from just closing their eyes. In this song, the hallucination must have psychologically been given a personality by the holder, who decides either it goes or she goes, and proceeds to make plans to make her demise. That’s horrifying!

  1. Waltz for a Dream Diary – Machigerita-P [Seizure Warning]

3D modeling… the most weird things you can do with this stuff… let’s get one thing out of the way. The lyrics are set in a childlike writing style, but due to the music, the effects, and the cries- I’m just going to take a leap and say this song is about a dead child, wandering through the afterlife. You know how ghosts can pick things up… but a child probably can’t write in a diary if they’re dead, because of power they’ve never obtained in life, which keeps the Diary empty… eternally- parents, you’ll understand the horror, if no one else will.

  1. AARER – Toishi

Don’t ask me what’s happening… but they’re just standing there… um… this is probably a mock song, because Toishi thanks everyone for the models in the video, and the Yukari in the… I guess dog, maybe a donkey… gets up and eats the dog at the very end. This is one of those that I’m oblivious to. Anybody watch Cujo? This is Yuko… get it? Because I don’t… I’m totally confused and weirded out by this one…

  1. My Fighting Illness Diary – diajoubu-p

Anyone who is currently chronically sick right now, like with cancer or mental problems, don’t take offence to this one… It’s seven minutes long, so I have enough crazy footage to show so I can ramble. I have to turn away due to the needles. But holy crap, this guy has a lot wrong with him. Well, that’s a given, but we get some disturbing footage too, and there may be an ad inserted in it for Hulu… I’m serious! With daijoubu songs, you can’t decipher them. No way in Hades hair. On to the sicknesses. He has a lump on his heart. He has cancer. He does an entire segment where he loses his hair. He has something wrong with his bladder, lungs, and maybe his butt too. He gets bored anticipating his hospital visits… and, some of it gets really disturbing. Man the guy likes pokemon too. This is one of those into the horrors of cancer undergoing treatment. And as someone who has lost a loved one to cancer, I can say I feel for this guy. But now after his surgery he rides his bike… If this was a fake video not about anyone real… then it was a very convincing one! That’s the disturbing part… plus the rest of the video is pretty insane as well.

  1. Empty Shell – Napoli-P

Welcome to the darker Gumi songs you all may know and love. Transhuman configuration is a devilish process where a human is forced to merge with animal parts. This is clearly disturbing if you’ve seen the video, and the real life tests have a significant fatality rate. In china, they’re doing a head transplant with a human this year of 2017, but we’ll have to see the success later this year- that’s the disturbing part- it’s relevant- humans and other of natures creatures were not meant to merge DNA- well, this song is specific to body parts- DNA is a totally different story. But the horrors here are that this has been tried and tested to little success, which was under mass study during WWII, and still today in China.Then you have to look at the future, where those that were transfigured into animals are crucified by the naturally born. What would an animal do to another animal that was

Then you have to look at the future, where those that were transfigured into animals are crucified by the naturally born. What would an animal do to another animal that was transhumanized? Would it be kindly, would it kill it, would it not associate with it? This is the difference between humans and animals- and yet, the same. We’ve all thought about the rights for artificial intelligence, but what about creatures that were either wrongly turned or gave themselves to the project? Would it be too farfetched to say that zombies could be given a right to life- and given the rights… where do we draw the line to stop creating things we may see abominable in the future?There is a

There is a jewish philosopher who questioned that same thing- but it dealt with weapons of mass destruction- proclaiming that creating it first tells them how to defend themselves from it… I unfortunately believe that even though these creatures can be a mass destruction in some scenarios, but it still will not apply, because those who fight for human life, are the ones without lines to draw on what life is- can we say that the earth is not living?

This is by no means a definitive list. There are lots more- and this is more what disturbs me, and may not disturb you. It’s weird delving into this side of Vocaloid. Did I ruin anyone’s view of Vocaloid yet? The reason it took so long to make is because of obvious reasons. If you went through the whole thing, then good on you for making it through, and if you didn’t well, I’m not talking to you now am I? If you didn’t think this was disturbing… then you may need psychological help, bucko! Just joking, but tell me which disturbing one you found most gruesome? Tell me some songs I can put on the X-Tra List so I don’t have to dive deeper. But, this is the last one- I will not hold back and start immediately on the Boob list! There, we will all jump, or should I say bounce, for joy and areola! Why did I say that?

[at police station]

Terrorize: [off screen]     HA! JAILBAITER

Sawbat:                              Terrorize?

Terrorize:                           Welcome to the bars of emptiness, loli-cherry-pop

Sawbat:                              Oh, demo’s gonna fire you after that one, so shut it, you crust

Terrorize:            growl

[breaking walls]

Sawbat:                              Ah, Fate hhheeeeeeelllllpppp-!

[Sawbat disappears into thin air]


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