Top 10: Cutest Vocaloid Songs


This script I’m showing is the Directors Cut, so to speak! I had to cut things for time- and added stuff for hilarity!

Serenade me a little Sawbat- I’m sleepy!


Sawbat:               Okay! Just wait a minute- Puts mic on I will now attempt a flute play of an ocarina from the great Zelda game- Zelda’s Lullaby!

Sawbat:               Actually play ocarina


God, Sawbat, that was horrible!


Sawbat:               Well, you’re the one who asked me to do it when I was doing a live interview!


What do you mean interview?


Sawbat:               You know, for Voca-P!


Nooo, I’m doing that- not you! And besides, Whisper hasn’t said anything yet!


Sawbat:               Shows what you know, he said he got the rights to use music he just needs my credit information to get it running!


Wait, wait, wait! Whisper came up to you and asked for money?


Sawbat:                              Yeah! You need money to get in an interview! See for yourself!


Fake Whisper:                                  Umm… yeah- I’m Whipper!


…Sawbat- are you sure this is the right person?


Sawbat:               Well, duh! How could he know about the podcast if he wasn’t! And so what if he can’t say the word ‘s’ correctly!


Maybe because we have a video with about 100 views on it! Plus, ‘s’ isn’t a word, it’s a letter- you ball of spikes!


Sawbat:               Hey, keep sonic out of this! Let him rest in peace! Well… H-how about him using Meiko as his Vocaloid choice!


He doesn’t use Meiko, he uses Maika!


Sawbat:                              I can never decipher the screamo stuff of who is singing!


That’s what the album information is for!


Sawbat:               So, this guys a fraud?


Both Stare/growl


Umm… Pay no attention to me. Heh… I think I’ve got all I need… BYE!




incoherent screams of pain


Hugh! I need a vacation for a bit! Maybe Sawbat needs it more though!

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This intro has gone on long enough- so here we go!

The Top 10 Cutest Vocaloid Songs!


Let’s go!


Sawbat:                              Did you know that Cute in Latin means “Bowlegged”?


Not now!

10: Kisaragi Attention – Jin

Starting off, we have this piece of lovable kawaii-ness! A pop idol famous for her music tries to be regular girl, but just one look at her face and people come running! She meets people she becomes friends with and soon finds that having this much attention is both a blessing and a curse! And is it just me, or does this video quality amazing for a Vocaloid song? Also- it says IA, but the character looks like Neru a bit!


Seizure warning! We go into classic video game type graphics with Rin and Gumi. And man is this song edgy, catchy, cute, and drops the beat so hard it makes heaven start dancing when Hell’s like- Stop with the shaking we can’t take it- it’s knocking around the lava! I don’t know exactly why it’s named with 5 R’s but I do know it’s deserving of them! Talking about a boy they like being a robot- as a fake human being- meaning he holds his secrets! Also, does anyone else besides me see “Kock” instead of “Knock”! That could change the meaning big!

8: Strobe Lights – PowaPowaP

Kitties! That space cat is awesome! It goes through that Miku does so many things every day, that she can’t really do anything else, and actually just sits around looking at herself doing these things, hoping for change! I’m always a spontaneous person, so if you see me licking benches or yelling for no apparent reason, then you can expect me to be very obnoxious on that day!

7: PoPiPo – LamazeP

Anything by LamazeP is absolutely adorable and catchy! I don’t know the lyrics but I don’t have to! It’s about food! Simple- juice specifically! Oh Kaito no! This song is also in the upcoming Just Dance 2017 game for the consoles! Nice to see Vocaloid coming up in the world!

6: I Wanna Be a Princess – OSTER Project

This tune reminds me of the old Mario Party games on the N64, nostalgia bomb! But, the only way you can be a princess in this day and age is dream- and then you have women activists saying you don’t really have to be a princess! But if you want to be a princess that waits for a shining knight- go ahead- I adore your dreamable attitude- If you want to be a woman scientist that creates and drops bombs on other countries- go ahead- I adore your take-no-sh!t attitude! O’lay!

5: Kocchi Muite Baby – Ryo

This caught me by surprise! As much as I love Ryo and Supercell- this got weird! The video is mainly what got the honor of being called cute- but the song accentuates it so well! It’s really just a generic song about noticing Miku’s love! The provocative statements in this PV are very darling actually! Meiko gets all the attention- maybe it’s because of her mature- whoa, Luka? You wrapped yourself in ribbons! Maybe Meiko didn’t want to unwrap you, but I would! I will admit that wholeheartedly! You are not alone in this Luka!

4: Maid Factor – YogarasuP

Oh Len, why did you give in so quickly to Rin? In this, Len and Rin are in love, But Rin thinks Len is into guys and tries to dress him up like a maid! Len is put into this situation because Rin apparently gets off on it- I’m personally not into Otokonoko- or cross dressing aimed towards men dressing as women! But it gets you with the girl you love! I have a similar story like that- not dressing up as a maid, but admittedly, it probably would’ve been better- I’ll tell you in number one- it was the pinnacle of the story!

3: This Highschool girl Next to Me – konori

This is so cute in an hilarious way! I though I did this in another video- but I marked it off because something else came up! A girl sits next to a college kid on the bus and starts dozing off! And my gosh, his reaction is golden! Whoever growls like that in sheer awkwardness deserves a metal! It’s really well done for a real person/Vocaloid mix!

2: Okaansan- whoops, not the right one you’re thinking! Dear Mother – Akari-P

Okaansan should not be confused with Okaansan which is actually horrifying! Same name, but We’ll call it Dear Mother in English! In the comments of this song some people mentioned they teared up because their mom was like that- Well, so did I! I mean come on- she listens to Vocaloid, plays minecraft, smash bros., and even watches some of my favorite shows- that doesn’t mean she doesn’t worry her hair into a gray bunny rabbit! Get it? Hare, hair? Okay, but she always told me that I’d know how worried I’d be one day when I have a kid! And now even before that, I know that even when my kid doesn’t cry, I’ll get nervous and go check on them anyway! I’m gonna be a great, obnoxious daddy! But don’t call me Okaansan, that’s for mothers! Idunno what you call fathers!


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1: Candy Candy – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

This is by far- my favorite GUMI song that has been blessed to puncture my ear drums! I was debating on the second one on this position- but GUMI won me over! Yeah, I’ve been listening to this song for a couple years now. Here’s that story I promised; I even got some girls at school that were secure enough to dance outside like some weirdos to this in random choreography! Some other people joined in, but as soon as it stopped everyone just kinda disbanded and didn’t see them again! Weird, but it was worth it- introduced people to Vocaloid and even learned to dance in public like a moron! But more on the song- The most Kawaii thing- I love it- but the carrots look like their constipated! Jealous are we?

Has anyone else noticed that the latter part of the song has a document in English faded in the background? Does anyone know what that means? It has “bribery scandal” and “president”- that seems out of place doesn’t it? Put it in the comments your theories for this!


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Sawbat:                              I GOT MY MONEY BACK, BI-

10: Kirasagi Attention –


8: Strobe Lights –

7: PoPiPo –

6: I Wanna Be A Princess –

5: Kocchi Muite Baby –

4: Maid Factor –

3: This Highschool Girl Next to Me –

2: Dear Mother –

1: Candy Candy –

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