Top 10 Confusing Vocaloid Songs


Time for another top 10

[dance thing]


It’s Confusing


It’s weird




That’s the Mission


Both: BOO~


  1. Virgo – Nantoka-P

It’s time to listen to the most catchy song on the list, even though I have no idea what’s going on, and also, what’s the point of holding a microphone if your just going to flail it around? I don’t know miku’s doing over there… it kinda gets weird, but then again, it is a confusing list. Sadly though, this is the less confusing on the list. Dancing to a catchy beat isn’t that weird. The music is weird though! Almost reminds me of Pomp & Circumstance a little.

  1. It Seems That Gakupo Wanted To Dance – Kagome-P

You want acapella from hell? Little demons walking around singing in tandum with each other giving me an ever loving ear ache in the bowels of my soul at the sheer horror that is on the screen, I can’t even fathom the wonders of gakupos weirdness.

  1. TKB – Otonara-P

Just to show you how weird this is, I’m not going to censor it, because the image isn’t what you think- trust me, it actually is… but just realize that the song itself is censored. Confusing is the overstatement of the year, it’s about boobs, and I may just do a video about boobs one of these days, consider this a sneak peak. But still, BOOBS!

  1. Alone In My Room – tetsu.

Do you dance without frames and a paper bag over your head in your room too? Do you toss over your bookshelf because you can? Do you twitch in front of your computer? Do you act like a ghost and form into some psychedelic weirdness that cannot be comprehended? Does your bedroom have a heart? I’m sorry, this is just confusing! It has very little meaning.

  1. Chinese Drug – punimaru

PETA members close your eyes! I don’t know how well you know Japanese, but this may have something to do with the cuteness of pandas, but let’s face it, the video isn’t that up to par with the song. Something special about this song is that 4 is the sign for death in japan… and I’m completely unsure if this means they’ve died or are being used for computers? Also, those are pandas in the shape of bullets, so yeah. What’s happening? I don’t understand at all… panda god? I’m… ugh!

  1. How Did This Happen – Udongerge

This is weird from a ending perspective. The video is actually really cute! And the song is extremely cute as well, so why is this on the list? By the end, it gets super weird, as miku grows a cucumber for a head, and the whole song decends into insanity, Luka does her classic spin and spins off into the rainbow. The animation is really good, but why the kitty? I’m not even sure what’s happening anymore!

  1. Gasoline Heart – Eroruya Kousen-P

We’re getting to the point of nonsensicality and what in the… most of the images in this song make me want to rethink my life choices. The sound makes me want to stop listening to this song. And come on, theres no way a human can dance like miku’s- no that’s not a even human- it’s like an old man whos had plastic surgery to look like her… oh, god, what does this mean!

  1. Compress All – AruFa

Release your mind of all sanity for this one. Not only is it really weird, is a progressively weird song that purposefully, agonizingly, prevents you from understanding the lyrics to the point of pixelizing them- and towards to middle, it speeds up, and speeds up some more- and what’s the deal with the tank bunnies? Distortion is a welcome guest in this one it seems.

  1. The Face – Daijoubu-P

Um… ok… the way it is portrayed is… well… um… it gets creepy too. And I’m not even sure if this is safe to listen to anymore. EW, oh sweet moma haku’s favorite cereal, the mouth is too close for comfort please put it away!!!! I can’t, I don’t even know, what inspired daijoubu to do this… ok… he has violated many with this video- and I have now too… you’re all losing sanity with me!

[Sawbat playing a sax over a song…]

  1. maboroshi sweetheart – beacons

Fair warning, this is less frantic, and pretty lovely song, but the music video is… nightmare fuel. The confusing part is at what point did beacons think it was ok to make miku into one of those demon heads on Doom? And also, why in Miku’s scattered name would you those miku heads dance like streat walkers…. And what just came out of their mouths? Ew… make no mistake, I like the song, but the music video… confusing…


Did I ruin your life yet? If not your view of Vocaloid. Don’t worry, I have many more in this series I’ve officially dubbed the Strange Vocaloid Songs, it’s still a top 10, but think of last year as Season 1, and this one as Season 2… There you go- I have 4 more lists of songs for you weird consumption. I’ll also make the intro’s shorter, to the point, and weird- and you might find some special videos about scrapped skits because I personally did like 5, so theirs that- if you have any more suggestions, place in the comments for future weird videos!


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