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Oh, so you came back! Well, then let me say sorry for not uploading last week, I had an internet hiccup! But, I fixed it. And now I don’t want to unsettle anyone, but there won’t be a skit today for two reasons. After The Intro!

  1. Sawbat kinda ate a rage berry. Remember in the Fun top 10, when we were talking about a plant that Sawbat confirmed were, in fact, berries. I made a pie with those berries, and he ate a piece and suddenly burst into rage *put Sawbat on rocket*. I haven’t seen him since, but I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Sawbat: All clouds must DIE! – All stop signs must DIE!

  1. Is that at the end of this on Song #1, I have a story about me and why that specific song is so awkward. I figured it would be a good prelude for some true story videos- so you guys can get to know me better!

So, without further ado, I welcome you to the Top 10 Awkward Vocaloid Songs! Let’s Go!


  1. Suki-Kirai – Honeyworks/Giga-P

This is a sweet song, the only problem is that Luka can’t decide if she likes Miku or not. Plus it doesn’t bode well for a relationship that hasn’t even started yet when you this word coming out of the mouth of the person you’re dating. It ends on a special note of love and full decision of that she will never not dislike Miku, but she can like just as much as she can dislike, if not more! Umm… okay- not a perfect thought but at least she is giving it some thought and effort! I mean their only 14, they’ll probably break up soon anyway- I swear, budding teenagers can’t get their hormones under control! And yes, I will purposefully make every single song as awkward as possible, even if I have to show you a picture of a man taking his shirt off in a convent!


  1. Pet❤Me – Candy-P

Remember when you first met a catgirl and you put a collar on her, then she slowly got attached to you? Me neither- but I wouldn’t mind meeting one! The awkward part is more in the name, but just a fact of having a cat girl as a pet would be awkward to someone outside of the anime community, but not me really! I know it may be bestiality, and illegal in the US, but they’re doing dna stuff in Britain with animal human hybrids… actually, I would feel very afraid. Having a catgirl that’s related to a lion would not be a good idea! I think I’m good with my Succubus Fantasies- instead of Pet me, it’s Suck me, yeah, I feel a damn pervert, but I guess that’s why I am kinda! We’re all a little perverted sometimes, right?


  1. I Can Take Off My Panties! – TakeponG

Adult Rin tries to go commando in this song. I’ve always saw Rin as a mature girl, rather than her original image. Rin may not be my favorite, but she has wormed her way into my heart, as some other people as well! Foreshadowing reference! I like the feeling of the wind between my legs, but I have junk to cover, soooooo- I can make you feel as uncomfortable as possible.


  1. I Don’t Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me – Ping-Pong-Boy

Desperate much? Len, if you’re that eager for a date you might want to try online dating websites, like RobotMingle, HelloStupid, or even Tinder- I couldn’t come up with a stretchy name switch! It looked Like Miku was kind enough, you shouldn’t make yourself out to be a masculine man when you’re obviously not- like I’m one to be talking! Wait… DID YOU EVEN ASK GAKUPO OUT!? LEN… THAT’S IT, I’M COMING OVER THERE- TEACH YOU THE DEMOSTHENES CLASSIC TO SMOOTH TALK! Get ready to have your passion burn your desire to dust!


  1. Loli Kidnap – ZZ ; Original Author Oten-P

Holy crap, does this song get weird. I get it Gakupo, you’re insanely infatuated with young’uns but please just calm down a bit. The original version was with Len and made originally by Oten-P, but I decided to add in a more awkward one to fit the video. And what the hell is it with Ero Guro- you must have a very hardcore fetish- Incidentally, I decided to look up some “Ero Guro” a while back, and BOY~ was I disturbed. The specific one I’m talking about is Mai-chan’s daily Life. Somehow… Guro and Loli’s DO NOT GO TOGETHER!!!! It would be like killing a cute little kid… That’s not awkward, that’s beyond decency! I don’t judge, but EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Hey Gaku-bro, how about while you’re at the cross walk, run head first into the bus… That will be the only legal way Rin would scream your name… I’m pretty sure I just got put on the FBI’s most wanted list- and some of you have already clicked off!


  1. Go Google It – Aamin-P

Luka, you’re more snarky than you let on! Talk about Tsundere senpai! Gakupo tries to get as much info about Luka as possible- in which she just tells him to look it up on Yahoo or Google! Honey, not everything can be looked up online- I searched for your number for hours~what I did not say anything that Luka did not tell Gakubro to do! She would answer all questions the same way except the forboding question, “Who do you like” that she won’t answer- It’s me, Demosthenes, isn’t it? No, but seriously, if you can’t tell you’re feelings, try to be more open like a book rather than closed like a safe. I mean come on, if you act all tsun then there will be no confidence in your stride! You need to have a transparent life and teeth and claws sharper than what your enemies can even muster- why did this all of a sudden turn into an inspirational speech!? But, hey, That’s how I live my life, what you grinning at guy using the toilet- yeah I see you- better wipe yourself before you chap yourself, fool!


  1. Rampaging Lolitaholic – Kairiki Bear

Why is Rin the object of the lolicon songs? Come on, she says she can be an adult among the pantyless people! This goes down as one of the cutest, yet creepiest GUMI songs, and that’s saying something. Considering that I never have saw that side of Gumi before, I think this is a strange but fun song about… some very intense feelings toward Rin, but holy crap- lolicon is basically a crime over here in the USA. The song begins to absolutely go haywire at the end. Man, like I said, I’m not one to judge, but Rin’s been in sexual situations before… right. She’s a Vocaloid so it’s alright, right?


  1. The Extraordinary Sense of Living That the Subterranean People Displayed – Manbo-Dead-Behind-The-House-P

That was a lunch of words! This is a story of weird proportions. An archeologist falls down a hole and finds an underground group of weirdo’s that steal and give Gumi their stuff- which makes little sense. Did you see those hairy legs take those durians? Like boss legs. If you think this is awkward, it’s best you not hear what I have to say- because more than likely it will be a sexual innuendo that will make zero sense. Poor Gumi, get’s left behind by her comrades. Just throw em all down into that hole girl! Make the song continue forever!


  1. Cockroach – Apol-P

This is a screamo song in English, and pretty good for a song made entirely for the 24 hour Vocaloid challenge. And sounds very weird with the lyrics, Apol, why cockroaches… cock… ro- oh, I get it! You just made an awkward statement without me! I’m not sure if she is talking about an actual cockroach or… well, anyway. If she is, then how the heck did you get a cockroach in your skirt girl, let alone you’re panties, Luka! And if it’s the other thing, I don’t want to see that knife close to that cockroach! My gosh, it’s like a small pleasure bug- oh admit it guys, you know you have less than 7 inches on that- which is the max size for an actual cockroach… Please, luka, just don’t lick it- do you know the diseases that they carry? Who knows, you may get fleas or even gonorrhea!


  1. Fu-trance-anari – Whisper-P

Shout out to Whisper for creating this masterpiece that left me saying, “OOOKKAAYYY!” It felt like a normal song at first, but it slowly grew into something more… suggestive, and then the question arrived, “what hentai is this from!” Now, if you know Whisper, since I and him have spoken to each other, he’s pretty big into Futanari stuff. If you don’t know what that is, then take from number 5 and Go Google it! But be fair warned! I admit that I looked all over Hentai Haven, H-Moe, and other Hentai sites and watched episodes upon episodes of Futanari stuff, and couldn’t find that clip! It’s not like I didn’t enjoy it anyway! So I advise those that want to find out, do the same- I guarantee you’ll enjoy it- just don’t look at anything labeled “guro”, I lost the will to watch hentai for a week! Sometimes I still see it in my dreams- #GuroFlashbacks


*tell story in own words from memory*

[Door slam]

Oh, Sawbat how did your day go?

“Don’t wake me up for another solid month, please!”

I wonder, how does this pie affect people!

[tries pie]

*put face on rocket*



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