The AniSong World Matsuri

It’s starting to be a thing where I get into music other than Vocaloid. Don’t worry, it won’t prevent the reviews! This time we are wallowing in the news of a very anticipated worldwide event that I’m sure everyone will love to know: AniSong World Matsuri.

“Matsuri” is just a festival in Shinto religion/shrines.

We all know what “Ani” is… Anime, if you didn’t know.

So basically, it’s the Anime Song World Fair! Who doesn’t want to go to an Anime song fair? Sure, we have anime conventions all over the place, but come on, IT’S A FESTIVAL! Those who have been to both a Fair and a Convention know the difference- we know. ( -3-)

The AniSong World Matsuri on March 26, 2017, in Japan

With this festival working on the biggest of music and animation, it might show some big names, including Lantis Co., Ltd., AMUSE Inc., BANDAI VISUAL CO. LTD., BANDAI NAMCO Live Creative Inc. and others. I heard the first AniSong Festival was held in Anime Expo 2016, you remember, the one in Los Angeles, California that I didn’t get to go to? Apparently, the performances of AniSong in 2016 were JAM Project, FLOW, Eir Aoi, Luna Haruna, Minami, OLDCODEX, Sphere, T.M.Revolution, Yoko Ishida and DJ Kazu.

JAM Project at AWM on March 26, 2017- Japan


But this time, it’s set for 4 festivals in 3 countries. Well, make it 3… Anime Japan hosted AniSong World Matsuri on March 26th at a sumo hall in East Tokyo called Ryogoku Kokugikan. It featured 3 of the above acts, OLDCODEX, JAM Project, and T.M.Revolution, the leading in the anime song industry. Anime does take care of their music. If I’m correct, and just three were at Anime Japan for the first festival and not more, then that would mean that every festival will have a special featured act that others will not- but that is just speculation right now.

You can learn more about it here: Honeyfeed

Here’s the official website:

The other 3 versions of the festival will be:

  • Anisong World Matsuri at Anime Expo 2017, June 30 – July 1,  in Los Angeles.

  • Bilibili Macro Link-Star phase×Anison World Matsuri 2017 in Shanghai, summer 2017, in Shanghai.

  • Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon 2017, August 11-12 in Washington DC.

T.M. Revolution at AWM – March 26, 2017

So two in America and one in China… none near me ( T~T) but that’s what planes are for, right? Also, at OTAKON… which I’m unsure which one that is, but the legendary goth metal band Yousei Teikoku, from anime shows like Big Order and Mirai Nikki. So yeah, they’re headlining with JAM Project, FLOW, and T.M.Revolution.

Here is a list of more links for more information, I’d suggest also looking for traveling agencies just in case this is your thing, I’m not supplying that because it’s a simple Google search and personal preference. Take a look, take your time, open it up on a new page so you can stay on my website longer, it gets me more authority as a place where people come and- that was off point.

So yes, that’s what is happening. If you have anything to add, then tell me, there is a comment bar below you know! Also, if you’d like to go, then tell me when, where, and how…

“I WANT TO KNOW ALL YOUR SECRETS” – Said the yandere in the back room… slowly stalking me with every bit of the agony left inside them. Did that get dark? (;OoO)

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