The 9 – Tikitike

Name: The 9


bXm Music, BEDROOM | Record Studio, Catalyst Church, DIAB0L0S, NGB Home Studio, Subaqueous, and TreWatson (Instrumentalist)

Tikitike (Arranger, Composer, Voice manipulator)

Release Date: 5/15/2015




Oh God the Death! (>.<)

And I’m pretty sure tracks 2, 4, and 6 are copyrighted from Bungie’s new game Destiny- but I could be wrong.

VocaDB for the EP is Here! Oh, you can also download it free on Bandcamp– just put in $0.00 for it to download for free!

Deathcore at its most gruesome. Tikitike is actually from Washington State in the USA- comparing him to Utsu-P, you can see the cultural differences quite easily. The 9 is his 1st ever album and it takes true Death metal all the way in this album. Very short and kinda scattered for an album, I feel it’s best to listen to single mp3’s rather than the whole album- it is an Extended Play after all, but whatever! Maika and Avanna are the Vocaloids used, but I have no idea which one is which singing in The Abyss. It is in English, if “USA” didn’t ring a bell to you, and it has a lot of foul words, not really good in the singing flow, but that’s DEATHMETAL!!! So why is it that I am reviewing it? Friend request”

“Can’t you just do it on Xbox LIVE?” I asked him softly as he helped himself to my fridge and made a turkey sandwich without asking first. You know you’ve got a true friend when they just waltz in and opens the refrigerator door even when you’re not there… Lucky me!

1) Oracle – MAIKA

-This is probably the best song to start out with in the whole Extended Play- it’s only thirty seconds long! But MAIKA sure can F#ing scream! Oracles are a Vex unit found in the Vault of Glass. Unlike normal enemies, they do not attack directly, but they are still very dangerous and a bitch and a half to get rid of!

2) Ghost

-5-second excerpt from Destiny. The Ghost in Destiny is that “Little Light” thing that follows you around and is basically your guide.

3) Little Light – Avanna

-This one has a ring to the Deathly guitar that seems familiar in a way, but I can’t place the name of the band that it sounds like. Avanna can let loose some power growls. Remember what I said about the Ghost?

4) Stranger

-29-second excerpt from Destiny.

5) The Abyss – Avanna, MAIKA

-Now I understand the whole album. This song is probably the best one. If you’ve ever played Destiny, SPOILER ALERT: The Vex, ancient robot aliens basically, are The Abyss! Now that I listen to it, I can see the Death Metal vibe from those Jewel Heart Bastards. I see what he is doing though, he is comparing the Vex to the Devils of Hell, as told in the lyrics. An Evil that despises other Evils- when you meet that kind of evil, you’re doing something right- please stop if you want to survive. It really does feel like this guy had some trouble fighting off the Vex. God, those things are creepy!

Probably the worst Vex, that I know of, are those damn Minotaurs- do you know how many times I died by that thing teleporting and clobbering me from behind? I didn’t even begin to count the hours being assaulted.

6) Murderous Robots – MAIKA

-Here comes Djent! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a single guitar riff or note played alone throughout the song over and over again. I know that this isn’t how some hardcore Djent fans would describe it, but if you can do better, then shoot! MAIKA can tolerate more screaming than I thought! About 1 minute in, the Ghost from Destiny asks the MC to “Stay with the Murderous Robots”, so there’s the title, but after that it goes back to the music.

7) Unheard

-I’m guessing this is Tikitike singing, but there are no Vocaloids here. He sounds nasally, but better than I could ever do! This song is 6 minutes long- about as long as the whole EP- but it’s the only song that has no screaming in it! Alternative, easily seen as amateurish, but it’s his first time… be gentle. (O~O) – Innuendo Pun!!!

8) & 9) Tikitike’s Remix’s

-These aren’t on the song list, but head over to VocaDB up there to check it out.

Recommending this is hard for me, but I will, because The Abyss and Oracle, however short, are actually very well done, and that the instrumentals are also keenly made on every song. Tikitike can really lay down the deathhammer onto the Vocaloid scene. You know what, since I’m being generous (and that this is The 9th Review of this webste), I’ll add Destiny in the list below, just because it was a huge inspiration for this guy! Have fun you lovely bastards.

(‘>.<) – OOOHHH!

Who Else is Eagerly Awaiting The Taken King?

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    1. Holy crow, I’m happy you commented! I actually bought your most recent album on Amazon “No Dreams After Birth” and it’s really good. I’ll get around to reviewing it later, since I’ve spent all my time developing youtube videos! Never thought the artist would post a comment! I’m happy to raise the awareness of your music to new people! Thank you Whisper!

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