Story Of Hope – ゆよゆっぺ

Name: Story Of Hope

Producer: ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe)

Release Date: 9/26/2012


Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)

Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ)

Hatsune Miku Append Dark/Sweet

ゆよゆっぺ (Yuyoyuppe) released this album a long time ago, but as soon as I seen it I picked it up! Story of Hope is strictly Miku and Luka, and next to Gumi, Luka is one of my favorites- Miku third. Sorry Miku!

I’m sorry, (个_个) But I still love you!

Yuyoyuppe’s Story of Hope is both powerful and haunting at the same time, plus, the level of editing is extraordinarily excellent landing it into the Vocaloid Hall of Fame. The songs have a few places where they growl real harshly and the instruments behind is so professional- there are constant use of rumbling like thunder in most of the songs- and the amount of passion in the lyrics are abundant. The main thing that immerses me is the piano- it adds background; an air of “somberance” (yeah, not a word) but along with the heavy beat and vocaloids, the sound of that ever clawing darkness provides hope in an undeterred fashion…

ヾ(。﹏。)ノ゙ Crap! My poetry is showing!

In laymen’s terms, “Damn, that piano music is ~GOOD~” – is that too laymen?

Want Vocadb data on Story of Hope – Press This!


1) Intro – ゆよゆっぺ

Nice chimes at a slow pace, dramatic thooms, piano music, all leading up to a crossfade into Story of Hope. It is a nice intro song that is best heard along with track 2.

2) Story of Hope – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

The flagship track to the album is a very catchy and hearty feel of both intensity and softness that can only be made by Luka’s soft voice and the heavy guitar beat. Progressive metal is always my favorite type of metal- no doubt, and this song is in that category. Very, very strong beginning songs

The chorus is as powerful as Luka can get. Drums are heavily used and clearly defined as the pile driver for, at least slight, headbanging- or head bobble if you prefer, and shredding the guitar is nothing new to Yuyoyuppe, and this song is no different. The bass is best heard during the post-verse/pre-chorus where everything else stops but the subtle guitar, piano, and electronic synths. So how is Luka’s voice? Soft and sweet. I often find it odd that an electronic voice synthesizer on a computer can have so much passion laced in the lyrics, (No disrespect to the goddess Luka) but I’m not complaining. Her voice matches the instruments perfectly- what else do you expect from Yuyoyuppe? There is no screamo in this. Like I stated above, the Intro is best heard along with this song. Nope, nothing doin’, listen to the Intro every time you listen to this song.

3) 「S」- ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

There is no subtle transition to this erratic song. Mostly comprised of Luka’s screams and clean vocals here and there, it seems just a little out of place. The vocal range for Megurine is a lot higher than normal in this song. Out of place, just a little… The song is way too heavy to be used with those high octave vocals in my opinion, but to each his own. There is a part in the song where Luka screams a very low gutteral tone- I thought that was a nice change. Other than those two points, the track is a stand-alone heavy cage match of sharks- fast and exciting, but over quick. Classic prog metal song style.

4) Thunder Girl – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

This riff is sick. Sounds almost like something you’d hear at the beginning of an anime. It has a great guitar solo and a great build up to a powerful scream of emotions. Luka sounds laid back in the chorus like she’s calming herself- it calmed me. Headbanging along with this song isn’t enough, you gotta sway to the beat. Every time Luka begins the verses, she screams slightly and then bursts into a solid, clean vocal range that suits her near perfect. Left the tune in my head for a while

5) Palette – ゆよゆっぺ, Meola feat. Megurine Luka

Palette may seem scattered during the first few seconds, with all the piano and synths playing at the speed of light- I say that because it reminds me of the interstellar space. This is more true progressive music than the rest, and along with Meola, a video illustrator, really does set the scene of the music.

This track has been inducted by the Project DIVA games and for good reason, it is a powerful beast. There is no screaming and Luka hits every note perfectly. The verse actually helped me go to sleep at one point in class- I listen to this stuff in class (Yeah! Multitask!), but the chorus brought me back into reality as a duality of extreme dexterity of the synths. There is the most pleasing of breaks that put me to sleep again- but when the chorus started, the guitar hit a high shred note which made me hit the guy in front of me.

I don’t really know why it says “feat. Meola” on this song alone when everything other track are also apart of it. You can find Meola’s work on Youtube.

6) Leia – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

Oh God, the hours I’ve spent listening to this song. This would be the single of the album hands down. It really does send shivers down my spine, it is so good, and what’s more, when she gets to the end of the chorus, “Leia” I can’t help but sing along, but I usually can’t hit that high a note. This is one of the songs where the piano is damn good. There is no screaming and that’s good, more people enjoy this fascinating piece of art when there’s no screaming. At this point, I told you all I can tell, mainly because that type of passion doesn’t relay in text- listen to it yourself. And if you’re into English v4x style Luka, then Go Here for the dubbed version of Leia.

It is one of the songs played at the Magical Mirai 2013 concert and is in Project DIVA and the most played song in my Luka playlist.

7) Reon – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

Classified as the answer song to Leia, and it does hold true as a follow up track. The song alignment is much like Leia, but with a different beat and riffs that may blow your head clean off. It goes heavy with the synthetics here, and is a little slower than the rest of the tracks, but not by much. Luka has put me to sleep with her soothing voice many times, but sad to say, it takes willpower to stay awake in this song, but that’s me, the beat may keep the rest of you up. It has something that others don’t… Luka singing one note in multiple octives towards the end. I love this song as a follow up to Leia!

8) Hope – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Hatsune Miku

The first Miku song on the album, and she doesn’t let me down. When she begins to sing, it’s a constant flow of “da-da”, not the words but the sequencing of the notes. I don’t have to tell you that the chorus is done well, I’m sure you could feel it’s awesomeness from the distance in both time and space as she sings. Come on, you know you do. There is a part in it that I first thought it was going to be very intense with a scream, and it was right in the middle of the song, but then you hear a violin begin to play and it gets softer, then we get an encore of the chorus in the most righteous sense.

9) Lost Story – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Hatsune Miku

The verse is soft the whole way through, but when it gets to the chorus you can dance, and still afterwards, you can bang your head to the violent beat and screams. At the end it’s like a radio being shut-off, almost cosmic feel to it. Miku is best for both Hope and Lost Story for obvious reasons… (Lost) Story of Hope! Sounds uniquly like Hope, though.

10) For a Dead Girl+ – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

Ever seen someone dance to a heavy song? I usually dance randomly in my seat and weird out the other people around me- no regrets. It begins with a pounding riff that eventually comes into an intense beat. This song is the perfect mix of clean and scream vocals. Low metallic breaks that sound off key, but soon prove me wrong. Can’t help but tap my foot during the verse and sway slowly to the chorus. After that sequence we always get a very heavy metal buildup and the second one is more intense than the first. The keyboard is used magnificently. They end it with a massive instrument free for all with the sound of a guitar note trailing off key.

11) ALONE – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

ALONE is given my “Headbang of the Album Award” for its pulsing riffs. Metal and dark is the way some like it, and this should please them just finely. Intensity makes it hard not to listen with my ears. Kinda reminds me of something Killswitch Engage would make- but that may be wrong. Yuyoyuppe sure does know how to shred- now if only I could. I love this song when I’m alone, if you know the lyics, makes me more comfortable. Weird but true.

12) Blue – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Hatsune Miku

This has a vibe that I like and reminds me of Evanescence almost- but again, may be wrong. Starts out with a haunting beat and never lets go of that feel. Its chorus is haunting, its piano is haunting, the whole gob of it is haunting- I like those songs… memorable. Now that I listen to the chorus, it is very much Evanescence like. Dark with a simplistic name, near poetry of the soul. Love it! Miku’s best song of the album.

13) カミノコトバ (God’s Words) – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Hatsune Miku Append (Dark)

God’s Word is the odd one out. It has a Nintendo beat, and Miku’s voice is almost entirely a whisper, which is what “dark append” means. I’d say a song that you’d play in one of those anime scenes where everyone goes to a fair and plays a lot of games and such. Calming, but it’s all synthetic, no guitar, drums, bass, or anything other than synth and maybe a violin? Can’t really tell. Good change of pace.

14) The Last 8 bars – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Hatsune Miku Append (Sweet)

Comes right up after God’s Word as a Nintendo beat track. If anyone’s played a Hyperdimension Neptunia game, it feels like it would fit right in the credits- right there in the credits. “Sweet append” is a little complicated to explain- when people sing, they push up on their soft pallet allowing a reach to get the voice across distances and sound louder than it actually is. Well, sweet is when you don’t do that. Miku sings, but she talk-sings. Not easy to understand is it? Anyway, good song!

15) 7/8 – ゆよゆっぺ feat. Megurine Luka

Ending again with the Nintendo beat, except we got pianos and synths. A good song, I think, to end the day to, like I’m going to do right now.

16) Hope -My Eggplant Died Yesterday Ver.

Okay, this is just a cover song of Hope from this album by a band called “My Eggplant Died Yesterday” and this is their version. It’s got some minor changes to the music, and the lead singer is a guy, but he does good. Thumbs up! He’s kinda soft in his voice, but everyone has their own way of handling it. His screaming is not as top notch as I’d “Hope”… but again, vocal screams are hard. They require some tweaking.

Story of Hope has something that I love, “Two girls ready to kiss each other-”

Okay, that was bad, but it really does herald as the big dog in Vocaloid Rock/Metal. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is no small feet. You guys should buy it right now… and I’m not saying that because I want your money. I mean, I do want your money, I’m doing this for squat right now, but It made me feels awesome listening to this album. Yuyoyuppe really did a number on this one, and no one should complain. I also love that spider in the name of the album. Actually, that I know of, there are 3 album arts. One is the one you see as the featured image, another is Miku leaning over Luka (which I believe comes with a DVD) instead Luka leaning over Miku, and mine that has Luka and Miku about to kiss-




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