So What – AdyS

Name: So What

Producer: AdyS

Release Date: 2/2/2015

Vocals: SONiKA

Rating: 7 out of 10

Today I’d like to give each song a VocaDB link so you can watch the video on their site and view the lyrics as well. Each song name is a link- Thank me in the comments- Nah! I just copied and pasted from VocaDB’s website. It’s easier that way. Go there because I don’t exactly know how to explain electronic or dubstep without beatboxing. So listen and read the lyrics.

These songs are great, the music is solid, but the lyrics are depressing. Suicide and Depression, Breakup and Despair, So What!? So What about life… is it even worth the struggle? AdyS knows how to strum your heartstrings at just the right frequency that make you want to just lay down and cry- or at least that’s what I did! No Judgies! It’s upbeat but the message is a story of heartbreak. Got a lot of energy, but that energy is dark- okay, you get the point, “It’s Depressing”

1) Black Hole

-Good Electronic music, catchy rhythm and SANiKA’s (I’m not sure if I should make the ‘s capital or not!) SANiKA had a bad breakup and sings it to the world. It’s kinda sad, but great songs are from the heart torn asunder. SANiKA sings good, and almost sounds depressed.

2) Could I Just

-This has one heck of a catchy chorus, but talking about being so depressed that suicide is no longer worth it- been there, sadly (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ This is one of those songs that grip me by the soul and pound hope into it. I don’t know why, but it just has one of those feelings that is so sad. It has a major build up in the middle as well.

3) Put Down

-Strong message about living in the light of a damaging society. Put Down is more Electronic Rock and has like a chiptune type feel, and it also has a good drum beat. Doesn’t have but one wicked long verse and two choruses. The break is a great intermission of the instruments and effects leaving only SANiKA’s voice and an organ. Either way, I think it’s more about the message than the song, but it’s still beat worthy.

4) Desire

-Got a dubstep type beat- I’m actually not a dubstep fan, so I don’t actually know if this is dubstep or not. Thank goodness that this one is a little more upbeat and hopeful in the lyrics. Whoever needs a hug, listen to this song, Dr. Demo’s orders!

5) One Last Kiss

-“That One Last Kiss, It could have made us dead” I get the point, but that has a grammar problem- but I don’t mind- I’m a Grammar Head of Rocks, made noodles of specifically. The beat is steady and hard and calm at the same time. Much like the song Put Down.

6) One By One

-Speaking of, this one sounds more like marshmallow craziness. Not to say that it is all over the place, the lyrics suggest that she wants to “take the life out of you” or whoever she is talking about. This song has long intermissions where SANiKA doesn’t sing letting the electronic music entrance you with the beeps and beats.

7) Alone

-Almost transcendental- or maybe it’s the 11 o’clock at night sleepiness? But wow, this song is both depressing and horrifyingly beautiful to listen to. I hope you guys don’t get confused with what I’m saying. Oh yeah, there’s a piano solo!

8) Go On

-Now it’s getting more upbeat. I can’t help myself to sway to the music. SANiKA’s voice is perfect in front of the electronic sound effects. Like most of the songs, it has a soft break with a buildup to an energy explosion.

9) So What

-WOW! So What from this So What album just makes you want to say “So What”- I’m sorry, I’m running out of juice and the electric energy isn’t enough. Holding my eyes open with toothpicks. But this song doesn’t have much lyrics, and SANiKA sounds very “Meh!”- not as in she sounds that way, it sounds like she feels like she just doesn’t care about anything. Electronic Orchestra coming your way.

10) Grow

-This one is slow, slower than the rest anyway. Also, I think that SANiKA’s rhythm sounds a little off a bit at the start. But, truly, it’s all about the growing flowers. Grow takes all the songs beats and melts them together. A touch of dubstep, and very good. Piano solo!

Not much to say, that the songs kinda all sound the same except SANiKA’s singing. I gave it 1 point for being able to understand the lyrics, because then I’d have nothing to talk about- I honestly do not know how to describe electronic music. SANiKA is a good Vocaloid, not the best, but is catchy to sing along to when used properly, and AdyS does exactly that.

Warning: Try not to feel so down all the time. You did what you did, and you may be scared about how others perceive you, and to a point, they care as well, but it takes courage to stand up and say “So What”! Do that, and that’s the first step to succeeding through that horrible time. Take it from somebody who broke himself trying to repair what could no longer feel. Cry if you need to- I cried for a good 45 minutes every other day at night or in the car .·´¯(>_<)´¯·. Now after finding myself and medication, I’m not done with the fight, but I am brave enough to say that I love you guys, I cry, and I’m human. “Guys don’t cry” my father and a number of other people say, but if that were true, then there would be no such thing as compassion. Depression is nothing like war, but I’d rather be drafted than to go through that again. Unfortunately, I would trade it, but not the knowledge I’ve learned.


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