Voca-P – X-Tra : Ep. 001 Outtakes

These are just 13-minute outtakes that got cut from the original! Enjoy!

Author’s Note About Ep. 002: I had a serious problem with my internet- except this time it was physical- for about a week, so I couldn’t do anything. I’d like to give you guys something to tide you over to the next podcast episode, which I have no idea when it’ll upload, maybe later today or tomorrow… but Ep. 003 WILL be on November 26, 2016- because this is bi-weekly, you know. As long as nothing serious happens like a big snow storm or house fire… better not jinx myself- Whisper and I will be doing this podcast to at least Ep. 100 because that’s why I put two 0’s in front of the 1.

We’re also awaiting the artwork… because no one will accept us until it’s done. ( T~T)

So what'cha think?