Voca-P Ep. 002 – “Music, Games, & Lingerie!”

Finally, it’s up! So much time- I know I promised, but it came a little later than planned! Although, I am editing the 3rd and 4th as we communicate through text! So, here is the second episode of Voca-P… also the art is coming, just need an idea on what I wanna look like!

Here’s our points:

  1. Vocaloid Cyman, Cyberman, Cyber Songman
  2. Artist Mention: Yile-P
  3. Miku Lengerie
  4. Shelter Video by Porter Robinson
  5. Nintendo: NES Mini/Switch
  6. Album releases

Note: I kinda got confused with the points so it may not be in this exact order! But I listened to you guys and talked more- like a lot!

Cyber Songman’s Demo – Fighter – by YusukeKira

If you want to hear some Yile-P, then here’s ‘Breaking In

The Miku Lingerie Post on RocketNews24

Shelter by Porter Robinson (Now has close to 10 million views!)

Nintendo Switch Trailer

Go to VocaDB for newest album releases (updated regularly)

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