Voca-P Ep. 001 – “Fame and Guilt”

We jump in the Volcano of Vocaloid and talk about the decline of the Vocaloid Metal Genre, the Ignorance of the Eastern Community, What Smaller Artists Feel Like, Where Bigger Artists Go Wrong, and Censorship of the Community! Pretty intense starting position, but we’re on it with more and more Vocaloid News for you guys!

Next time we will have 2 new segments: Upcoming Albums & Small Artist Showcase, on November 12, 2016 at 3:00 PM Central Time!




Tell us what you like or what you don’t! We’ll hang and you can mention some topics to discuss. We are not biting, yet, but share with everyone you know so that we can increase this to grow the Vocaloid community further in America or anyplace that speaks English too…

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