[PG] Wesley Dreamers – ODDEEO +KWWT

Wesley Dreamers ~ =ODDEEO=


As the start of this new series on both my website Vocaloidemo and YouTube, we’re going to start with a small, respectively, but the large producer on our side of the ocean, ODDEEO- I just assume call him ODEO, you know like an Oreo but with a D.

Combined with music from the indie band Karma Wears White Ties’ Sophomore EP, Wesley, and ODDEEO’s lyrics plus Gumi herself, Wesley Dreamers hopes to take your attention and place it in the good ole’ 80’s with a perfectly placed setting and style. Over 90% of the hype over this 7 song EP, 2 songs remixed by Circus-P and Jamie Paige, is the song Chinatown Blues, which came full equipped with a fully animated video set in an 80’s style Chinatown (in the 22nd century), that in and of itself isn’t the part I really do adore. What I love most about this is the duets between the singer of Karma Wears White Ties, who is a human, sings with Gumi! Listening to this song will bring out a certain joy some people thought you couldn’t get from Vocaloid- but obviously, I’m talking about non-Vocaloid listeners, because why would you listen to Vocaloid if you don’t like it? With this, ODDEEO and Karma Wears White Ties has created a style of unity that I and many others loved the minute he released this video, the EP, AND his patreon, that I will link to everyone in the links down below. This is the Producer’s Glide, after all, The whole EP costs $6 or more on his Bandcamp page, and I link to KWWT too, I’ve come to like their Sophomore EP- I bought both, Ok!

So if you don’t know about Vocaloid, or want to get into it but can’t find a song, you’re probably older, so I will recommend this one whole heartedly! By the way, if you are a producer and want this small boost, then hit me up on twitter or my email or comment on my website- I’m pretty resilient on keeping it Vocaloid though.



Chinatown Blues: https://youtu.be/qIgZjgd-x1g

Wesley Dreamers EP: http://store.vocallective.net/album/wesley-dreamers

Karma Wears White Ties Wesley EP: https://karmawearswhiteties.bandcamp.com/album/wesley

ODDEEO’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ODDEEO

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