[PG] Prequel to Nothing – VVhispr


List-en up people… I will change the way I do the Producer’s Glide next week! There are far too many stuff coming out at once!

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VVHISPR-P told me to get back into the Producer’s Glide by giving tons of new albums that has come out and are coming out… strategically putting his at the tip top of the list. Funny. So here, let’s start with VVHISPR & Eymbr’s new album Prequel to Nothing. Prequel to Nothing has all of his songs in the past 3 years along with a few new non Vocaloid tracks. From The 9, No Dreams After Birth, Sepulture of Silence, and 4 new songs, there are a total of 23 tracks ranging from metal, screamo, and electronic, and experimental. Now, this is important to mention, because his up and coming album ([Soul Star]) is going to tell a story about planets in a solar system like any planet calls home! Each song is an orbit. The most I could leech out of him was that the 4 new songs on this album, Setra, Kelis, Della, and Haven revolve around the Soul Star… which is ironic and probably the point being our actual sun is also called Sol, which is the root word for solar, but he wouldn’t give me anything else. The thing that got me excited is that it is possible he is making a book to go along with it. That is a pretty awesome idea, nothing new to the Vocaloid era, but a first for the overseas fandom. I haven’t seen anyone else anyway. He’s trying his best to learn music just like I am, and your critiques on my music helped me out a butt load, and I’ll leave you guys with this, if you think a song is bad, give the artist helpful tips on what could make it better. If just one person said something, that wouldn’t be too much help but it is a start. You can catch the whole of the album, free to listen to in bandcamp. It’s imperative to also say he is working on a remix of some of my own songs. So, do you have a song or know a song that wants this small boost, then go ahead and tell me in the comments!


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