Official VocaloiDemo T-Shirts

Do you love me? No?

Do you love Vocaloid? No? (Then what are you here for?)

Do you love Sawbat? Yes? You mean it?

Well, now you can get the official Sawbat T-Shirts, Long Sleeves, and Hoodies from TeeSpring


Here are the 5 designs on the shirts



































I even have a front/back design:

Front of Shirt
Back of Shirt

















All shirts have a 3 buy limit every week sending out on Tuesday, so you’ll have to be quick from the competition. Apparel varies from $20 – $50 from too many colors to too many sizes. Available only in the US and EU. You’ll have to check out my store in order to get the gist. Buying helps the community, and me by putting all the money into my career!


Sawbat is copywritten under my own values…

“Hey, don’t copyright me!”


Ow… your image is… what if someone stole you?

“I would bite them, smack them with my fire hand, and explode, then return home!”

So what'cha think?