It’s Time For OVERDRIVE!

The OVERDRIVE Initiative is an initiative I’ve had for a while, but never really wanted to do it. I wanted so badly to keep this website singularly Vocaloid… but now it seems that I have to initiate my OVERDRIVE factor and get on Google’s good side and start uploading content daily- and since I already do that on YouTube, it may be that I’ll have to start transferring videos as they upload… get it?

I will use a service called IFTTT – This service allows multiple standard commands, mainly running on an “IF” and “THEN” style. It means you can upload to YouTube, or any other site they support, and upload is also to your website, or any other site they support. This isn’t the only thing it can do, like if a new set of news comes into Google’s News Feed for a certain keyword, it will convert said web page into a pdf and email it to you… I do that already!

If you want to reply against me uploading all of my games on here, then go ahead and speak, I do have another website, you know! So take your pick… NO… you know what! I’ll do this…

I upload to youtube, which then uploads to my MAV.MOE site, and whichever upload has a “Vocaloid” in the title or tag, then that would be uploaded here and make it so awesome… DAMN I’m smart!

I’ll implement right now!

So what'cha think?