Envision – ASDR (For Charity)

Welp, time to crack my knuckles and get back to what I was born to do- review! This whole album is EDM and house, so expect some words that probably won’t make any sense. I definitely do not review EDM music that well, but I’ve come to learn some terminology so I don’t make up my own and confuse all of you.

Name: Envision
Producer: ASDR – Mrs. Peach with baggagelizard, CircusP, EmpathP, Guitar Hero Piano Zero, IrisFlower, Karnia*Joy, KNΞMΛTCS, LesManga, MakushiFrequency, MSKyuuni, nostraightanswer, Plus/Minus, Quasar P, S.O.U.L., SlightlyShredded, & VocallegraHelen
Release Date: May 31, 2018
Vocaloid: Avanna, Cyber Diva, Daina, Dex, Ruby, SONiKA, Megpoid, Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Zabunne Ally

Statistics are from Vocadb and the Bandcamp webpage and all song and information are provided by Mrs. Peach and the rest of the awesome producers listed above along with the aid of R3K0D4. The artwork is designed by Purpled.

Producer’s Glide:

Within the past few months, I was beaten into submission by my own mistakes, a sudden flare of fibromyalgia, a medication change, and a massive medical bill that I couldn’t pay… not to mention the WHOLE JOB SHIFTED ON ME!!! I was recently asked to be on this album, and I even made a song for it. It was my first try at making EDM and I was so excited- then I had so many things hitting me all at once that I had to immediately take care of, and once I did… I forgot about it completely.

APOLOGY: I am so sorry to the members of ASDR and to Mrs. Peach personally because I kept saying, “Yeah, I’m gonna be with you the whole way!” and then I fell off. Why do I keep breaking promises? ( ; – ; )

Anyway, Envision was made by a number of English Vocaloid producers to help aid a mental health charity. All of the proceeds go to charity, and with it being mental health, something I know firsthand is most often than not only researched by crowd-funded research, since the government won’t exacerbate the income of such corporations. It’s a pain, but medical research is highly necessary, especially since they’ve learned that SSRI’s Antidepressants release inflammation from the brain far easier than actually re-uptaking the Serotonin levels- which will also explain why it works for some people like me and not for others. There is a reason I’ve gone to study Psychology and Neurology.

1) わからない – Guitar Hero Piano Zero (Miku)
2) Make Believe – MSKyuuni (ft. Luka)
3) Walking Disaster [Censored] – EmpathP (ft. Daina & Dex)
4) Crowd Control – IrisFlower (ft. Len)
5) Star Burnt – SlightlyShredded (ft. SONiKA)
6) Stand By Me – Karnia*Joy (ft. Avanna)
7) Apotheosis – LesManga And Pastel (ft. Dex)
8) Reset – Plus/Minus (ft. Ruby, Rin)
9) Darkness In My Light – MakushiFrequency (ft. Gumi)
10) I’m Right Here – baggagelizard (ft. Dex)
11) Headrush – VocallegraHelen (ft. Zabunne Ally)
12) Spectacle – nostraightanswer, CircusP (ft. Daina)
13) Drown – S.O.U.L. (ft. Luka)
15) True Utopia – Quasar-P (ft. Miku)
16) Nebulaholic – CircusP (ft. Cyber Diva)

Emotion Rating: Look under the song titles in the “Detailed Review” to see Mr. Opinion Face’s emotion on the song. Plus, if there is a “Sawbat Approved” Icon, the song is top notch as mine and Sawbat’s favorite of the album- we have the same tastes.

Sawbat Approved:

9-10: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!
7-8: (•‿•) – Good!
5-6: (•~•) – Meh!
3-4: (•︵•) – Disappointment!
1-2: (╥﹏╥) – It Sucks!



Detail Review:

1) わからない – Guitar Hero Piano Zero (Miku)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

I have no idea what the title means v( o – o)v

Just like any GHPZ song, the sound is beautiful and upbeat in the form of play. Hatsune Miku sings in Japanese, but it adds a softness to her being that she has one of the worst Engrish inflections in my own experience. So going with Japanese as the first song with Miku was a very wise choice in my opinion. Much to the ‘Dance’ in Electronic Dance Music (EDM) it has a melody that is so in tune for a natural j-pop dance. So when can we get a choreography? I’d love to dance to it… but I can’t exactly dance.

2) Make Believe – MSKyuuni (ft. Luka)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

WOW! This song has some deep pitch dives. At times it seems like it’s off-key, but honestly, I can get in the groove with it, as if the off-ness was purposeful. The dark beat starting off tells the whole song is intense and mesmerizing- and a bit haunting. The goddess Luka sings perfectly with the simple synth in places, which is kinda awesome to realize that silence and simplicity is an artist’s most powerful instrument. Make Believe is very low octave compared to most EDM music, and the bass is hitting in just the right spots to get your attention. Counteracted with the Luka’s low voice, it does get hard to hear at times considering she is in English. The reversals at the end seem a bit out of place, but a very nice sudden end.

3) Walking Disaster [Censored] – EmpathP (ft. Daina & Dex)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Uh oh… censored? Does that mean it has an alternate version? Why yes… yes, it does! EmpathP is a producer of acclaim, and with a song like Walking Disaster on this album, makes it diverse and I applaud the collection of producers Mrs. Peach brought to the party!

The intro is a simple build of percussions turning into love philter affected synths. Daina takes the mic first off, but the verse with Daina, however, in my opinion, she is kind of low on her octave. Soon after Dex takes over and is a lot more powerful in his lower octaves, adding an extra girth to the music.

This song is… very unique in terms of Vocaloid, considering it has a human rap in the middle, which is a rather unique surprise. Other producers have done this, I’ve even done it, but always puts a smile on my face when I hear a Vocaloid next to a human! That is Empath-P by the way. Did you know Aki Glancy (Empath) and Lupin (nostraightanswer- used to be Kenji-B) were the voices of both Dex & Daina? Good to know they are both producers on this album!

After the quick and cute rap, the slow part is eerie and one I find to be almost tear-inducing. It hits just the right notes to strum a heartstring. Yet another song to take inspiration from.

4) Crowd Control – IrisFlower (ft. Len)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Starts out with a slow fade into the static of reversals and breaks into a somber beat of 8-bit bops and 212-bit synths. It takes about 2 minutes to actually get to the singing parts, but when Len begins, it becomes a cloud. That may be confusing, but imagine the breadth of the beats as ground and the synths as air, what it is actually called in some synth libraries. The air is rife with thick emotion and is so lossless that it almost puts me to sleep at how calming it is. You guys should know I fall asleep listening to any type of music.

This doesn’t mean that the song is bad, and not at all. It is just shy of 7 minutes long and I do respect music that can keep my attention for more than 6 minutes, and this one has succeeded. The encompass is a series of light through a fog. Almost blinding to the senses, making them dull. It doesn’t have a deep girth, but the song is what it is, and it does it perfectly.

5) Star Burnt – SlightlyShredded (ft. SONiKA)
Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Sonika starts right out of the gate. The number of philters is perfectly aligned to the core tempo, which is amazingly difficult to do. There are references to 16-bit tunes as the lead and an arpeggio as the rhythm. Star Burnt is almost ambient in the sense that it has a lot of reverb and delay. All in all, this song has the makings of a very meticulously made sound, and I commend that.

6) Stand By Me – Karnia*Joy (ft. Avanna)
Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Generic, but still lovely to groove to. At this point, I can give you a lot of the same EDM techniqology from previous songs, but to prevent this from getting repetitive I’ll just continue to what makes the song different and say which previous song it sounds like so you can check back and check the review. Got it? Good! Because this one has a piano! Avanna is the most emotional in this song with a memorable chorus, which is what saved it from a lower emotion level. It sounds a bit of a combination of Star Burnt, with philters and arpeggio, and Crowd Control, with reversals and the emotional feel.

I gotta say, EDM I have a problem describing, and you can forget dubstep. Luckily no dubstep in this album… well… for me at least. ( =w=)

7) Apotheosis – LesManga And Pastel (ft. Dex)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

A slight autotune defines Dex’s voice in this one. If you remember my review of ASDR’s previous collaboration album Colour By Neon, the song No More by LeJoshuaManga Feat. Pastel- basically the same artists of this song… I think… was by far my favorite song of the album. Comparing it to Apotheosis, there is a similar feel to this one. With just as emotional lyrics and an uplifting dreamy feel to the pops of the bass and beats to the melody within the reverberations, this is just as well a piece I enjoy listening to following the rhythm!

I still enjoy No More a bit better though.

8) Reset – Plus/Minus (ft. Ruby, Rin)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Listen, sleepyhead, do you want to fall asleep in class like I do? Trying to figure out which song would give you that extra juice to meet that cloud in your head? Well, look no further than Reset! I have no idea why the hard beats don’t keep me awake, but this is a song that can cause you to ease your way into learning how to sing with blaring drums in your ear. No seriously, this song is basically ambiance and drums starting out. Arpeggio trance melodies come in later to give credence to the subtleties of Rin and Ruby’s vocals.

Rin sings the verses while Ruby grooves through the chorus while Rin takes backing vocals. This song also utilizes filters and differing phasers to keep the song surprising, even ending with just like it started. Very calming!

9) Darkness In My Light – MakushiFrequency (ft. Gumi)

Beats… beast beats! Drums and bass and Gumi. Love philters create arpeggios in the back sliding from ear to ear while Gumi sings with passion. Truthfully, this song has one of the better vocals in the album so far. They’re clear and defined without much reverb. I really love the extremely subtle vibrato that goes from slow to so freaking intense that it almost seems like it was created by a filter instead of the Vocaloid editor. Nice idea!

During the breakdown, more beep maps and instruments come into play to spice up the style of music. Then, as the arpeggios get even more defined and carry on to the breakup between the music to the introduction to a keyboard piano.

The amount of varying electronic instruments are immense and install a kind of unity of many into the solemn of one sound. I swear I hear electronic organs in the background towards the end… that’s why this song is so masterfully created that it has the Sawbat Approved icon.

10) I’m Right Here – baggagelizard (ft. Dex)
Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Talk about combining the simple to make an intense start. Each instrument seems to be on a slow tempo but put in such a way that it feigns a higher beat. And we soon get that beat with low beep with an intense key. The instruments are erratic all over the pans (left to right ear) during this instance. However, it all gets pretty uniform once it begins to slow down and readjust itself to the break and break down into Dex’s voice.

So many panning shifts and filters make it hard to listen with one ear if that’s what you do, which I do it a lot myself. This song is meant to listen with both sides stuffed in your head. This is basically what I like to call “Math” music. Math music is so complicated and pretty harsh to create, nitpicking the notes to make a style of music different from the rest. It can be a song that most will find complicated to listen to, but there is a cult following of such music.

11) Headrush – VocallegraHelen (ft. Zabunne Ally)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Happiest song on the list by far! At this point, you’re probably wondering who Zabunne Ally is if you only know Vocaloid, well she is a UTAU, and if you thought she sounded like AVANNA, you’re not alone! Compared to the rest of the music on this album, the vocals are the primary focus of this song, never stopping the melody within a full 14 seconds. So naturally, with Headrush being a unique song about wanting someone to be with her and never run away from her, it’s not hard to understand because we’ve all been there before- which is why I love not only these but very many other producers in the Vocaloid community! This is what makes Vocaloid so understandable to almost all of the fans.

But truthfully, this one is fun to listen to when you need a good pick-me-up from having a rough day of laying in bed fighting yourself to get up and do something productive… only to lose sleep because your focus on productivity is overactive! (I have problems ok?)

12) Spectacle – nostraightanswer, CircusP (ft. Daina)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Rhythm incoming! This one gets Daina into a makeshift techno instrument- not that she already is, she just uses her voice to make a melodic beat. If you want to dance, this one is your song for best practice with low verses and intense choruses with memorable manipulation. I really do like the claps into shift background of the second verse and into the chorus. Overall, this song is a pretty well-made song by some of the most acclaimed musicians in the English Vocaloid scene. Why would you not listen to it?

13) Drown – S.O.U.L. – OneThoughtRemains (ft. Luka)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

This one ironically sounds a lot like Spectacle in terms of the music behind Luka, except lower octaves. But to the whole of the song, Ms. Megurine is a queen just like in the rest of her songs. Now, I’m gonna be honest, I’ve said pretty much the same things about techno music using words such as filters, arpeggios, reversals, and such like that. This doesn’t make this or any song on the list a generic techno song nor one you should pass up, not at all. But I’m not sure how else to explain without saying the same exact thing over and over again, but it would be a lot better if I could tell what key it is actually in- but I’m not that good with finding that out by ear.

One thing that differentiates this song from the rest is Luka’s very somber pre-chorus with a drastic declaration into what the melody of the chorus alludes to. With multiple renditions of the chorus and a soft yet dark undertone of Luka’s singing, Drown makes the cake for that softer touch of darkness we sometimes love to hear!

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

7 minutes? Why are so many songs on this album so long? I’m not complaining- I’ve listened to a song 45 minutes long before if you remember my review of –Come La Divina Comedia- by Xenon-P. This took a long time to get right, so about the song:

It starts out with a beat and low arpeggios and then jumps into a pure ambiance. The singers come in at around 2:40 seconds with a heavy beat that makes it hard for me to understand what they’re saying. While that may just be my earphones (in my videos I hear an extremely high pitched whine… does anyone else hear that?) but there is a bit too much compression on the vocals in my opinion. It adds an unnatural vibrato created by a louder loop of drums.

As long as this one is, the piano is marvelous I will admit. However, the percussions are far too loud for my own liking. Some of you may like it but to each his own. One thing that this song does right is fading! Throughout the entire song from dives to transitions between stanzas, the fade of the vocals and instruments create an air of depth that some of the others lack.

I love the fading, but the drums are too blaring for me.

15) True Utopia – Quasar-P (ft. Miku)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

And then VROOOOM- out of the gate is a fast-paced song so quick on its feet it’ll put Usain Bolt to shame! Miku is just as fantastic singing with a nice rhythm and melody that reminds me of the I Don’t Care album by AdyS. It has its speed, but the slower parts after the chorus are swimmingly perfect. There is, I’m assuming, a synthetic solo before the second verse. But in any way, Miku beeps and ah’s to spice up the music, and I like that. I’m not sure what the True Utopia is they reference, maybe if I actually read the lyrics I’d know, but I don’t get paid to do that… in fact, I don’t get paid at all. ( ; ~ ; )

I can’t get the feel of AdyS out of my head with this song, which is why I gave it a 9 instead of a 7. I’m biased, sue me! (Please don’t that was a joke!)

16) Nebulaholic – CircusP (ft. Cyber Diva & Dex?)
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Much like the last song, this one is the perfect piece to end on with it being 7:39 minutes long. I say “& Dex?” because there is a male vocal in the back, and I cannot decide if it’s Dex or Cyber Songman because of the MASSIVE autotune applied to his voice. For all, I know it could be Cyber Diva vocally manipulated to sound like a man… wait, isn’t that just Songman?

So, about the music: I can see that this is a Progressive song built on changing verses and some of the choruses… there are a lot of stanzas within this, as obvious with the length. This is one intense song in terms of melody and constant change because new melodies come in all the time! The end is where it gets more enjoyable.

Look at me talking about the end and not even talking about the start! Am I dumb? Yes, but that doesn’t give me the right to reverse the points. Imagine space travel. I’m pretty sure I just explained the intro to the best of my ability (=w=)

After strapping my own legs to an iron bar to keep myself from dancing throughout this whole album, I can say that Nebulaholic, while an exquisite end to this album, fell short… because I really wanted more. To clarify, the song itself was the longest of the album, but the style of the progressive units make it hard not to feel left hanging. I can’t exactly explain it, but I think was I mean is, the end kinda ended blandly. It could be that I’m a big Metal/Jazz/Blues/Rock fan, and at the end of songs I, most of the time hear a massive beatdown at the end of an album. From the soulful poetry of BB King to the demon killers of the deathcore band Impending Doom, I love it all- so I’m adding Trance along with House into that love. Except for dubstep! My girlfriend loves dubstep… I despise it to the core… so don’t talk about dubcore!

Quickie Review:
9 out of 10
Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Ok, Trance is growing on me! I like it a little better now that I was able to actually study how to make a trance song by getting offered to be on this album… I am ultimately sad and cried tears during this review because IT WOULD HAVE FIT SO GOOD!!! And what do I do with a giant opportunity? I point to a pigeon and say, “Is this a butterfly?” while lying about keeping my promises. I guess my dad was right, my promises are sand ( ; – ; )

Eh, I had a good enough reason- see, I’M POOR! And my main objective is TO NOT DIE POOR! I get a check every now and again from odd jobs and irregular work hours, but it’s not constant. I’ve literally been supplied off of donations on Patreon. But ever since YouTube puked me out of the partner program, I’ve been dealing with stuff… (don’t worry, the sad sack story will tie together in the end!)

So, my dad wanted to get a new job. He did and got an [undisclosed] amount of money a year, which dropped me off of financial aid for college. He’s using that money to fix this house we live in because the floors are falling through and a car is tearing up from the bolts. So my mom got better after she broke her ankle almost a year ago… ( @_@) wow! She took a job at an equally under hours job like mine and pop-de-poop she’s gotta get another.

Not to mention we rescued a puppy that has a mix of Pit Bull, Rottweiler, and a Swedish Mountain Dog breed… Welcome to OUCH! City because he bites HARD! So what’s the deal with the pity party? I’ll tell you the reason for the pity party, all of the stress of losing my partner program, my website price hike and server change, trying to open a shop because I got wholesalers lined up, my dad breaking apart the house which I still live in a room ¾ filled with dress clothes, everyone thinks we have to eat the most unhealthy junk and completely leave me out of the loop or coerce me into the fray, and ultimately just being in a season transition, has caused my mind to go out the window.

I find myself staying in bed because I don’t want to do anything… and days where I actually want to do things, I can’t even do that! I cry, I’m not afraid to admit it. I see and feel things that aren’t there, I’ve admitted that more than once. The only thing that kept me going is all of the people that pushed me forward- VVHISPR, Mirabella O’Neill, the rest of my producer friends, my subscribers, my family, and most importantly my girlfriend Rose, otherwise known as SoniLoid to almost everyone.

If dealing with all of this pain throughout the years fighting demons… real demons I can only assume… has taught me anything, it’s that the small things turn the world. Picture a single flower in the chaos of the downpour. It is surrounded by those who have fallen, but it prospers and once the storm is over it still lives but is drooped from the weight of the rain. That’s my hope… your hope. You can’t control what your body goes through if it’s genetic such as my Psychotic Depression. Taking a butt load of small steps to change your body is the only thing to truly get better. Everyone wants a one-shot solution in a pill… I take Zoloft… and while I cry at how happy it makes me feel, I know that my true happiness will come from me covering my hope for a better life with everything I’ve got, even when my whole being is washed away.

To end without going on too long. This album was specifically for those who are having trouble with their mental disabilities. (no, gaming addiction isn’t a disability) They are giving the money to a mental health charity! If I didn’t have bills, and that I didn’t already donate to a mental research institution back when I told my audience about my horrible past, I’d buy the album 4 times over.

Mental health is my passion- I study both Psychology and Neuroscience. I have wasted hours learning new things about how each neurotransmitter affects the brain, nutrition and the effects of a diet on the mind, and to find a solution to my Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (a problem with involuntary muscle twitching caused mainly by extreme anxiety)- I suffer from a lot due to my anxiety: my skin breaks out if I get too hot, my muscles tense up and move for no reason, my words escape me and I have trouble speaking fast enough, my whole life is a poor show of very little blessings… I have a roof over my head, food, a computer and internet, and love… that’s all I’ll ever need.

Truthfully, this end is just me spilling my guts to anyone who is having trouble with their life. I can’t afford medication for all of these problems! I deal with it with a diet that was made by me, for me. I found what worked to keep me sane. I do use supplements because fasting is a major part of my dieting plan. I’ve recently fallen off the fasting bit, which is probably why I feel bad.

So don’t say you can’t take it, because you can! I’ve seen hope destroyed. And death is the only thing that can kill hope. If you’re alive, you have hope! Pain is mandatory to learn how to deal with itself. I know just how hard it is to be active when you only get 10 hours of sleep a week (about 5 years ago), while losing a loved one to cancer, and seeing green eyes peer at me from the bathroom door… but look at me now! I sleep 12 hours, have made peace with those I’ve lost, and only feel instead of seeing strange figures. Not perfect, but I’ll take it ( o_o)

Even now I’m working harder to fix myself. I hope my whole speech tells you just how broken this man on the other end is. There are hundreds of millions in the same boat. We feel alone like we walk a single path. But the only thing that makes it easier is to accept being alone because once I did, I found silence to the voices instead of trying to escape from them. Here’s a list of Suicide prevention hotlines for EVERY country I could find:

Argentina: +5402234930430

Australia: 131114

Austria: 017133374

Belgium: 106

Bosnia & Herzegovina: 080 05 03 05

Botswana: 3911270

Brazil: 212339191

Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal)

Croatia: 014833888

Denmark: +4570201201

Egypt: 7621602

Estonia: 3726558088; in Russian 3726555688

Finland: 010 195 202

France: 0145394000

Germany: 08001810771

Holland: 09000767

Hong Kong: +852 2382 0000

Hungary: 116123

India: 8888817666

Ireland: +4408457909090

Italy: 800860022

Japan: +810352869090

Mexico: 5255102550

New Zealand: 045861048

Norway: +4781533300

Philippines: 028969191

Poland: 5270000

Portugal: 21 854 07 40/8 . 96 898 21 50

Russia: 0078202577577

Spain: 914590050

South Africa: 0514445691

Sweden: 46317112400

Switzerland: 143

United Kingdom: 08457909090

USA: 18002738255

Veterans’ Crisis Line: 1 800 273 8255/ text 838255

I love every single one of you, and one death is a thousand tears I’ve cried. Those I’ve never met, those I’ve loved, those that I saw die right in front of my eyes… suicide was always the hardest to take when everyone thought everything was ok. Nothing good comes from internalizing emotions. Show them. Embrace them! -Because I’ve been in that forest before (self-promo, I’m sorry). And don’t forget to buy Envision to aid those who were just like me and possibly you! Or you could also donate to another foundation of your choosing. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you donated directly to a mental health charity or hotline.

I’m not sure how to end this because I’ve kept saying I’ll end it up above… I’m off of the rocker today, oopsies. So I hope you all find your light in the tunnel, even if it’s just imaginary!

Support The Charity: Buy Envision

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