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Vocaloid is just another great community giving to charity! On the month of September 2018 a little known twitter account known as mikumiku_ebooks started to announce the Vocaloid communities support for the #LendAHand charity. If you don’t know, Lend A Hand is a worldwide charity that aids in relief efforts and many charities for people who are struck with disaster, or out of resources to live. Lend A Hand is also the charity of choice to send a few bucks every time I buy from Amazon, among others! So anyway, a man named Viking Games Live, also known as Viking Jesus, streamed a live stream on, I’m thinking twitch, or YouTube? I don’t know exactly which because I didn’t watch it… I’m sorry, I didn’t even know it was going on.

So, Viking G, I hope I can call you that, proclaimed his charity last year was just $50… which is a lot in my book, but the number that stood over it was colossal. $2,469.30 for his charity live stream. The better news is that other people streamed, such as AkiGlancy, Crusher-P, and such that a lot of people streamed just drawing Vocaloids as workers. This worked out wonderful because people can submit photos when you donate- like posting to twitter, then donate for your comment to be up for an amount of time. This is a very good idea.

How much did they raise in total? I have no idea just yet- it’s still fresh! But mikumiku_ebooks had this to say.

“thank you all for the overwhelming support you all showed us in little under half a week for #LendAHand. together, we were able to spread an incredible amount overseas of awareness for Hokkaido disaster relief efforts, as well as raise nearly $2,500 for the Japan Red Cross.”

I did say other people streamed, but some didn’t accept donations, and I’m not exactly sure which ones went with which cause because I missed the whole entire thing… due to me not keeping up! Dang it…

I guess I could go around as a reporter and ask people that watched it. That’ll get my name out there!

“Hello, my name is Demo and I run a Vocaloid News Segment on YouTube known as Demo Talks. I wish to ask about the #LendAHand charity that the Vocaloid Community set up to help the Hokkaido Disaster Relief Effort and that raised just shy of $2,500 for the Japan Red Cross. If you have any knowledge of it, how do you feel, and also, if you seen it, how did it go? I missed it completely! I kinda need help to spread the awareness to others who may not have seen it. If not, your thoughts? ( o – o)>//”

Ok, so this is just a small video detailing an accomplishment in the Fandom of Vocaloid! All the news is poop, so we are making Demo Talks much like News 39 by Mitchie-M- bright and happy… unless we have something very serious to discuss, like that Vevo episode. I should really release an update video, but I’m too drained to care about it. Let’s focus on the nice stuff, MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!

I respect all journalists, unless they have an ulterior motive. But that doesn’t mean I won’t forgive them. I know the world may be unforgiving, but I have to forgive to keep my peace of mind about me. So while we wait for the USA to be pelted by 4 hurricanes… that of which 2 are in my path… it’s already raining here… pray for us… but I personally, will be safe because I live on a hill, and being in tornado alley always has downsides. So we’re always prepared! But to the rest of the Muffins out there who are on the east coast on down to Middle and South America, stay prepared! Prepare not only for the coming and the during, but also for the aftermath and the cleanup. The Earth is a powerful force, just as unpredictable as a whatever a kind lady will spit during the pain of childbirth.

So all of you out there- be careful because this storm is going to knock out my power, so if you don’t hear from me, that’s why. I’ll be fine- I promise… on second thought I shouldn’t say that because I constantly shirk my promises… We’ll see how it goes!

Stay safe lovely’s!

#LendAHand is most certainly not finished, because Japan is home to a lot of disasters unfortunately. We may get another opportunity to witness the stream, and I’ll be here ready to tell you about it BEFORE it happens so you know to watch it. Remember, I’m only one guy, I can only learn so much about the community news alone- so thank you all for helping me out in this!

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