Demo Talks How To Prepare For Miku Expo 2018

The Hatsune Miku Expo is an awesome pickles of concerts around the world. Last Year was a missed option for me because I didn’t have anything to go to the set venues… and I won’t be doing it this time either. ( ; ~ 😉

So, as I know these concerts are heavily requested to visit, I’m gonna talk about it and ultimately give you all you need to know for the HME 2018 and future years to both prepare your mind and body!

Miku Expo 2018:

This current Expo is just around the corner beginning in June 29th of 2018 in America, and December in Europe. Along with the United States, Miku will also be visiting Mexico City later in the expo. The song debuting her is none other than Decade by Dixie Flatline- link in description!

Here will be all of the destinations for the concerts in America- and tickets are already on sale on the website in the description below- these are also all at 8 PM at their respective times:

  • Los Angeles, CA – Microsoft Theatre – Friday, June 29th
  • San Jose, CA – City National Civic – Sunday, July 1st
  • Dallas, TX – The Bomb Factory – Friday, July 6th
  • Austin, TX – H-E-B Center – Sunday, July 8th
  • Washington, D.C. – The Anthem – Thursday, July 12th
  • New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom – Saturday, July 14th

She will also visit one venue in:

  • Mexico City – Pepsi Center WTC – Thursday, July 19th

Debuting the Miku Expo in our fans over in Europe, because I just assume if you like Miku then you like me- Selfish and weird I know- Miku will be visiting 3 countries only, and the tickets go on sale on July 15th.

  • Paris, France – La Seine Musicale – Saturday, December 1st
  • Cologne, Germany – Lanxess Arena – Tuesday, December 4th
  • London, United Kingdom – Olympia London – Saturday, December 8th

As far as I know, that’s all of the venues- but if you know any more, put them in the comments to let others know, but I’ve read that unofficial Expo concerts by Crypton may be set in China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and more in Europe- but I don’t know about that yet. Now, I said that this video will help future concert goers in later years, because Miku’s already had this expo 2 other times in America. So I’m 100% expecting another Expo in the coming year and onward- maybe as well in Europe if it goes well.

This next segment is how to prepare for your eventual concert with Miku!

  1. Always pay attention to ticket sales- when they come out, how much they cost, when they quit
  2. I’d also recommend a ticket buying service like TicketMaster- I use it for to get all the info
  3. Make sure you have an opening for the concert day plus a few days around the date- make one
  4. Charge your phone- bring one of those portable chargers, they’re great
  5. Drink water, but limit it unless you’ll go to the bathroom during the concert like me movies
  6. Go to the bathroom before the concert
  7. Confirm everything with friends and family if you plan on going just in case someone needs you
  8. Know your body- I fast before exercise, but some people eat, it’s all up to you or risk puking later
  9. Map directions, figure out parking, make sure your compatriots have a way also
  10. Be standing at the doors as soon as they open to get first row seats
  11. Do not forget your tickets
  12. Choose your outfit wisely- you wouldn’t go to a miku concert wearing a Gumi shirt… would you?
  13. Do not take pictures of your tickets
  14. Any exerciser like me knows that electrolytes are important, so bring some Smart Water
  15. Do not make copies of the tickets
  16. Act with the crowd once it starts, don’t act out and be that one at every concert people hate
  17. Do not forget your tickets
  18. Once it starts, you’ll be given or you’ll buy a glow stick- kinda Miku’s shtick isn’t it?
  19. Don’t be afraid to sing along
  20. Random people may bump into you while moving, don’t get mad or make a mosh pit… seriously
  21. I know from experience that jumping is tiring, so make sure you at least mildly train yourself
  22. Don’t try to push back feelings of the bathroom- it will only get worse
  23. Once it’s over, you’re life is complete- so go into the street and get run over- NO

That last one was a joke. Don’t walk into oncoming traffic! You should also think of eating afterwards with friends and/or family at a destination already decided so you don’t fight on the way there ruining the night. I should also mention that most venues have policies you must follow, so be to sure to look at those- luckily for you, I provided a list of the venues, so just pause the video and write down the venue you’ll be going to! Yet another rule is to not forget your MIKU EXPO PASS before going in, to remember your awesome time that I haven’t experienced yet!

As far as I know, Miku Expo is going to happen for a quite a long while to come. Droves of people love her, and I can’t blame them. It’s always fun to see a Vocaloid coming up in the world, and she’s coming back to the world June 29th in America. Let’s give her a very warm welcome with a million of our little selves.

I hope I ignited a passion within at least some of you- so here’s to Miku’s expo in 2018 and onward. Because the Magical Mirai festival is in September! So she’s not leaving any time soon. She must be very tired. I know I am from reading this- which I’ve never actually went to a Vocaloid concert, which may drastically undermine my credibility, but these are pretty stable points for concert goers. But truthfully, I place health and safety above all else, so don’t pass out from dehydration or vomit from eating or fasting with your body’s workings.


I’ll end it here, but I want to continue on this whole Fast/Eat thing- it not only depends on what you eat but also what you don’t eat. Don’t ingest dairy, gassy veggies like broccoli, limit sugar, and don’t eat if you don’t feel hungry. If you fast, drink a lot more water. If you know how your body acts when you exercise, you’ll have a better experience and a lot better life in and of itself!

So what'cha think?