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Wait, Miku now has a smartphone? Yep, a part of the Xiaomi Mi 6X line of Chinese phones and are by far much like my own Galaxy S8. This phone commemorates Miku’s 10th anniversary with a stylish set of epic hardware for not just the phone but for the box as well, drawn by Mame no Moto. It comes with a phone, a case for the phone, a portable charger, a metallic collectors card stamped with a serial number, and the box opens into a picture frame, you could also use it as a phone holder for when you go to bed. Each phone has a unique serial number and art by ZYre with the Miku 10th logo. You can see them yourself.

You may be wondering about the phone specs themselves. The official announcement overridden the leaks that came through just before the announcement.

– Screen: 5.99″ at 1080×2160
– Chipset: Snapdragon 660 CPU, Adreno 512 GPU
– RAM/Storage: 6GB/64GB (No MicroSD slot)
– Front Camera: 20MP (f1.8, AI enabled)
– Rear Cameras: 12MP (f1.8) + 20MP (f1.8, AI enabled)
– Battery: 3010 mAh
– Rear Fingerprint
– Quickcharge 3.0

– OS: Android 8.1 Oreo / MIUI 9.5
– Exclusive downloadable themes

It costs about 2099 Renminbi – Chinese currency – or $320 USD. All in all, compared to big products such as Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone, that price is fair and competitive… but it is in china, so things work just a bit differently. Things in china are less expensive due to the highly low wages of workers. Apple has been ridiculed before for such actions and then selling their phones for well over $600. I’m not attacking Xiaomi’s business ethics because they currently have top executives from Google and are setting out to be a Fortune 500 Company, as well as a 2017 study showed very low profit margins, meaning that either the phones cost a crap ton to make, or they actually pay their workers. Either way, this marks a strong business move for Xiaomi as they know that low prices for a phone create a low cost of living, which can ultimately lead to even more profits in the future!

Economics in China are much more different than America without some key components such as taxes and such… how did this turn into a video on Chinese economics? Miku is now a phone, so we should all congratulate the Chinese people because Xiaomi only supplies to china… at which I say it will be very stupid to not eventually spread to other countries. Anyway, the phone is a strong step in Miku’s fame in China. I say good, even though China is controversial in all areas. If the people are feeling the awesomeness of Miku in their hands, why not say congrats and feel jealous just like mwa!

But in order to get one, you need to be in china… while also going through this quoted from MikuFan because I’ll mess this up:

You need to be logged into your Bilibili account, then go to the official announcement page (linked below), and press the pink button up to 5 times per day, and you gain 5 extra chances when you share the campaign to either Weibo, QQ or Baidu. Each press is a chance for an “F code”, which is needed to buy the phone. Each person can only win once. Essentially, this is a chance system. Please note the phone only ships within China.

Maybe you live in China… not very many people who watch my video are, so maybe you’re that one from Hong Kong that is watching. Just wanted to let you guys know what we’re all missing. I’m evil aren’t I?


Best idea ever… just wrong location ( =w=)

[Bet you can’t do all of these steps: 6 points and you win!]
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