Demo Talks ARiA on the Planetes (+IA English)


April 3rd, 2018

Where IA’s Party A Go-Go World Tour Finale starts and the premiere of ARIA ON THE PLANETES… I honestly thought that was already finished unless I’m missing some information, but this is a big informational video on Demo Talks: The Start of IA English- plus a lot more goodies!

IA and ONE (oh-ney) are about to make one MASSIVE SUPER SPLENDIFERACE SPLASH, I had the pleasure to get information on this quick so you guys can know quickly! Two new albums are already released on March 28, 2018.

IA/04 -STAR- | ONE/01 -BLOOM-

IA/04 -STAR- features the crystal voiced IA of 1st Place Co. and 13 songs from producers like: MONDO GROSSO, TeddyLoid, Orangestar, and much more in the description!

Euphoria is the title theme song of the 30th International Olympiad in Infomatics (IOI) to be held from September 1st through the 8th at Tsukuba City in the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan. IA herself was inaugurated as a committee member of the Japanese Olympiad in Infomatics, and will be the one singing the song!

As well as this on the official Page:

“In IA/04, an album 3 years in the making, we will be featuring musicians who have overcome international barriers in order to participate! With songs like “Euphoria,” the 30th International Olympiad in Infomatics theme song from Jin, the ending theme created by Teddyloid for J-MELO, the NHK World program that has been aired in over 160 countries, and the theme song to the popular Korean online game, “Ragnarok Online,” this album compiles numerous tie-up songs with many big-name companies. Overseas artists from countries like Australia and France also lend their music to the album. Finally, we’ve amassed quite the battalion of other talented musicians like Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)KOHH, and Lia!”

But the biggest news to me and everyone watching this video unless you don’t have a heart, is that upon release, we finally get to hear samples of IA English, but the biggest kick in panties is that the English version could be for the Vocaloid editor or the CeVIO editor… Welp, we can set our manga shelves on fire… no, don’t do that at all… please!

IA English actually has samples from the album on 1st Place’s official Soundcloud, all in description. And if you want the album from retail, it will be 3,500 Yen and $33 plus tax. Pre orders are open: But here’s the kicker for this albums: I am running with CD Japan, and you can pre-order both albums and receive a free 2L-Sized Picture… what that means, I have no idea! You can also pre order it on amazon, but they don’t have promotions or bonuses… and it’s only Japan amazon I think… amazon doesn’t exactly have the best Vocaloid search feature!

Moving on to ONE, who ironically is less revered than IA but not without a lot of class, is actually 1st Places CeVIO Creative Studio’s voicebank… so she’s actually not a Vocaloid, as of yet. She actually is primarily a double pack version of Vocaloid and Voiceroid, just in the one form of ONE CeVIO Voicebank. Her album ONE/01 -BLOOM- is also her first album… you can tell because of the /01 after her name, not to mention the BLOOM is also poetic for NEW, so think harder before I ask, ok!

BLOOM comes with 12 tracks from Orangestar, out of service, the great Utata-P, and much more… I don’t have the full list unfortunately.

These albums will be separated, so don’t expect a combo pack. But, each one will come with DVD’s and MV’s, a dance video, and the IA and ONE special talk program “Aria Station (Aria on the Radio)”… which I must say is something I want to hear, but I probably can’t because it’s mainly in Japan and also in Japanese with no translation… much like that gundam model I got a while ago

Just gonna make up my own words and meanings.

Speaking of Aria Station, we have to get to the completion of IA’s Party A Go-Go world tour. It will be on April 3rd, 2018 at Tokyo’s Mainabi BLITZ Akasaka featuring TeddyLoid as guest performer. As the finale of the world tour, it premiere’s ARIA… I may be dumb, but is that a new voicebank? ARIA on the Planetes are the vocal line starting with IA, then ONE, so is there another? I mean, it would be perfect! IA has two letters, ONE has three letters, ARIA has four… and the singer Lia voices IA, ONE who is also a singer voices ONE the CeVIO Vocal if you get confused, and ARIA is a JPOP artist as well and works for sub labels on AVEX, but honestly, ARIA apparently likes to have her privacy because there isn’t much of anything about her other than music and labels… very little history as well, so it could be a perfect setting for 1st Place Co. to actually use this patiently private artist on a vocal project line starting in 2010. But at this point it’s just speculation, and there is no definitive anything on what ARIA is that I’ve seen.

And I’ve researched on Vocaloid News Network, the official website, VocaDB, and the Vocaloid Wikia. So thank the writers of those websites for translating all of that Japanese!

Oh, and once IA English is released, new MMD models of IA and ONE will be sent out. And they get sexy business uniforms… I don’t know why, but IA in a business suit and a tie makes me wanna hug her. She’s just so cute… ONE I can’t leave you out- but let’s face it, you’re far too punkish for me. And besides, my brand is VocaloiDemo, not CeVIO-Demo… that wouldn’t make sense. Talk to me when you come to the Vocaloid side, or get an English CeVIO talk. Then I’d buy it!

ONE and IA are gonna hate me for eternity after that statement! Tell me what you think in the comments. Cook the like button if you want to see an ARIA vocal, and do not press the dislike button because when you do- that’s the main reason you wouldn’t get videos from some creators. I may have messed up last time on Miku’s Fame video by telling you to dislike… sorry guys, I didn’t know- but now you do. So don’t dislike I guess… it only hurts you apparently. And as a reminder, all you have to do is comment. If you have new news or information regarding this news, let me know. I’ll rebuttal and make more content. I am just one person ya know! I’m working on too much stuff to actually do everything. So help me out with news and ideas and questions you have for Vocaloids for some new Demo Talks!

I think you’ll come back, I know you’ll come back for some more Demo Talks: Catch it next time!


Tracklist IA/04 -STAR-

  2. “Conqueror” by Remy Sendra
  3. “絶対領域 (Zettai Ryouiki)” by Koto HamanaMes, KAIDO, Sadaharu Yagi, Edgar Camey of New Monkey Studio, and Hayao Konishi (out of service)
  4. “LIFE LOVE PEACE” by Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)
  5. Invisible Lovers” (Extended Mix) by TeddyLoid, the ending theme to J-MELO
  6. 働かずに食う (I Don’t Work) IA Ver.” by KOHH
  7. Reload” by Hayao Konishi (out of service) and DANTZ
  8. 君はひとりなんかじゃないよ (Kimi wa Hitori nanka ja nai yo)” by Lia
  9. Children Record (IA&ONE ver.)” by Jin, collaboration song for 18 Puzzle
  10. キミノヨゾラ哨戒班 (Kimi no Yozora Shoukaihan)” by Orangestar
  11. Wanna Be Free!!” by Hayao Konishi (out of service)and soundTeMP, the theme song to Ragnarok Online
  12. “Euphoria” by Jin, the theme song to the 30th International Olympiad in Informatics
  13. Diamond Days” by Hayao Konishi (out of service) and ANANT-GARDE EYES


Tracklist ONE/01 -BLOOM-

  1. ミライ by ATOLS, 神無月P feat. ONE
  2. CITRUS by Orangestar feat. IA, ONE
  3. 前夜by out of service feat. ONE
  4. 星の後日談by out of service feat. ONE
  5. LOVEマシーン by ONE
  6. おねがいダーリン byナナホシ管弦楽団 ONE
  7. カピパラではなく、カピバラです。 byうたたP feat. ONE
  8. てるみいby 石風呂 IA, ONE, IA TALK
  9. 君ノ言葉
  10. 延命治療 by Neru feat. ONE
  11. アウターサイエンスby じん, TeddyLoid, 神無月P feat. ONE
  12. Into Starlightby 中瀬佑一, KURIS, 神無月P feat. ONE, IA


Soundcloud Samples:

  2. Conqueror | Sendra:
  3. 絶対領域 | Koto Hamana : Mes : KAIDO : Sadaharu Yagi & EDGAR : Hayao Konishi:
  5. Euphoria | Jin:
  6. IA/04 -STAR- Crossfade:


Videos Used:

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