Corruption Garden feat. Luka – Caz

Megurine Luka’s flagship song to a lot of people. Her voice may not suit Jpop as well as Rock/Metal, and if you’ve ever heard Caz before, then you know what I mean. Corruption Garden is a single song album, but it has merit as one of Megurine’s better songs. It gives so much depth to her, and even has its own music video. Due to video restraints, I can’t upload the video, only the audio song, so here’s the youtube video: Click Here

I have to tell you something first, the original song doesn’t have the English speaking at the front, but it isn’t very good Engrish! (But this was back when Vocaloid 2 was a thing- we’ve come up to Vocaloid 4 and I personally have Megurine Luka V4 with English capabilities increased from her last generation in V3)

This is an mp3 only, and a lot of my more popular posts will be like that. But luckily, each song is only .89 cents and I still get commission.


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