Chipbox – Starbox

Name: Chipbox

Producer: Starbox

Release Date: 3/16/2015

Vocals: Megurine Luka

VocaDB Here –(^~^)– Bandcamp Here

Yay, Chiptunes! ╭( ^ㅂ^)و – Yesss!

Ever wonder what Megurine Luka sounds like to a Nintendo-beat? This EP of five songs is epic in the mystical land of pixels- NAH!! It’s epic here too. Some of you may not have heard of Starbox, but I’ll fill you in. He’s from Poland- that’s all I know. Add any information in the comments if you know any more stuff! But to get to the point, I love this EP. It’s in English by the way.

Reminds me of my old Video gaming days back when the OG Gameboy’s were a thing- not a Color or Advanced, but those classic, big Gameboy’s- best thing Nintendo ever made… well, except for the first Nintendo Console else we wouldn’t be talking about this. I remember when I got the very first Kirby Dream Land game back when he was white and much rounder than now. I played that game til I broke the stupid thing, I’ve been known to play things until they break- Gamecube: Overheated, PS2: Disk Drive Busted, My N64 still works for a God sent Miracle but the games are burned to a crisp, Never actually put down my Xbox: 100% Dead, A DSi that won’t turn on anymore, and any and every Gameboy I’ve had.

It’s not like I’m abusive, I just log in over a couple hundred hours: I remember when the PSP came out and Monster Hunter was out in America. It all finally went caput when I reached 847 hours in Monster Hunter. BUT NOW!!! I have a: Vita, PS4, 360, Wii, WiiU, 3DS, and a Steam playing desktop. I love video gaming, and Earthbound was probably my favorite SNES title in the world.

R.I.P. Nintendo President – Satoru Iwata – Let the Rainbow Road to Heaven Lead you to Peace…

  • At this point I could go on forever. Back to Business!

1) In The Scary Ocean

-The story in a specific video game that I can’t place. It’s too catchy, I can’t control my body from dancing the 8bit robot. Luka sounds beautiful- what else is new? Her voice is intentionally designed to fit the 8bit dance-juice, and I love it. I think the song is based on Ecco the Dolphin- but I may be wrong.

2) Super Bonus Points

-Welcome to every kids problem- 4 broken controllers and a mom that tells you to go to bed just as you are getting to the SUPER BONUS POINTS!!! Get your POW on, and dance to the beat of memories. The life of a gamer is harder than you think.

3) Digital Dream

-Remember how it felt when the N64 finally came out so you could ditch that old SNES? You Monster! You don’t throw away a perfectly good console just because it isn’t 64bit. Digital Dream is a point of view of an old video game system that is 8bit power baby! The chiptunes almost resemble Rogue-like games in composition. Luka is an 8bit Goddess with her pretty voice. I love this song! Listen to it for days on end while playing something like Rogue Legacy- Yeah it’s a new game, but who cares. The song ends like turning off the gaming system. An end to an epic song that will loop in my playlist.

4) Lost in Thought

-I find myself lost in thought until I get home to play as well. If you want a chorus that is an 8bit dance-athon, this is the song for you. It also has an epic chiptune solo that I just adore. Dreams are awesome, and if you’re a video gamer, you may have Lucid dreams, where you can control it. Yay!

5) Sunshine

-Drop the bass on this 8bit life. Sunshine is edgy and a fascinating end to the EP, and has an 8bit guitar- in fact, it sounds like the bass and drums are transformed into 8bit awesomeness. Actually, it may be 16bit, considering the lovely sounds all over the song. This is something you’d probably hear on Final Fantasy back before it got so looooong. But this is my favorite.

6) Digital Dream (Azureflux Remix)

-Not in the amazon thing, but you can go on bandcamp to catch the swaying beat of the chips.

I know I’ve been lacking in the details in the songs I claim I love, it’s just that I’ve been in crap central for the past few days. So here’s to new beginnings to old dreams!


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