Casino! – YuchaP

Name: Casino!

Producer: YuchaP / ゆちゃP

Release Date: 6/20/2012

Vocals: Gumi, Miku, Luka, Rin

Rating: 10 out of 10 – I fell in love with it!

Note: This one is available in both CD’s and MP3 download… What a catch- but that CD price (>~<) ($47.99)

VocaDB information – I couldn’t get the links for all the songs because of internet woes (it wouldn’t load the site!) That’s what I get for reviewing in relentless weather!

Casino! goes down as one of my favorite albums hands down. You guys know I like to listen to that screamo/metal crap, as some call it, and truthfully, I only like it when it’s Progressive. But more often than not, I love to listen to soft rock. This is my jam with a side of pop and Gumi!

Sorry for not reviewing in the last week, I recently got Disgaea 5 on pre-order and been playing it nonstop for a couple hours a day. I probably won’t upload as often because I got my room to paint and bought the new Destiny: The Taken King, getting the new CoD when it comes out. Also for my Vita, I got Hyperdevotion Noire and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 and anticipating Hyperdimension Neptunia VII and Kingdom Hearts III. You know, if you look through eBay long enough, you can find some great deals on video games- Unfortunately, not Vocaloid Music because whoever buys the physical copy either bootlegged it or bought it for a pretty penny and selling it for more!

Soft rock is kind of different than Rock or Rock ‘n’ Roll! Rock has heavy guitar and bass while Rock ‘n’ Roll has a mix of Blues and Jazz. Soft Rock is a little in between, having less beef to the guitar and bass but slightly less Jazz feel yet still there. I’m rambling on about this, but I don’t exactly know what the names mean for some songs ’cause I do not trust google translate that well.

1) Checkmate – feat. GUMI

-This first one has a good bass lead and a keyboard that follows suit. Gumi’s voice resonates within the confines of my ear- I just adore her voice! If you didn’t already know. And in this song, she is a top notch idol. Most of the music is in Pop Rock format and has a very heavy guitar solo that lifts you off your feet. The chorus is catchy and the verses are sweet to the ears. This first song is the honey that makes this album good.

2) Blackjack – kaichi feat. Luka

-Think of the name, and you can get the vibe of what the music portrays. Literally something in a background of a Casino! Nice guitar solo again. The beat of the drums carry the whole of the song along to Luka’s Soft Goddess Voice. More Rock than Pop, Blackjack is a statement of Luka’s maturity when I listen to this. It’s not too fast, but it is steady and joy driven. Uplifting and 2 guitar solo’s. I love this song and is my third favorite of the album.

Of course, you have to be 21 to go into a Casino! without a tag. I remember going to the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi, MS. They tagged me and even wouldn’t let me get out on the carpet, which I had to, to get to the cafe portion. All you can eat. I was, and still, 19, and Luka’s 20. Wonder how that worked out for her.

Wait… This is Japan, not America- I keep forgetting that. And if we’re talking Pachinko, then the legal age is 18 in Japan. Hey I can play Pachinko- but that’s Pinball to bet on, not Blackjack. I am over thinking this thing. YuchaP didn’t account for the legal age else Rin couldn’t get in. But I have no idea of the lyrics. Reminds me of “Lonesome Loser” by Little River Band.

3) Kuusou Palette – feat. Rin

-Nice J-pop, something easy to dance to. Rin sounds innocent, and that’s what makes her appeal to many- hope none of y’all are pedophiles, and if you are, oh well- Not Rin’s best song, but still a good addition to the album.

4) Poker Face – feat. GUMI

-Oh yeah, this is where Gumi shines like the girl I know her, soft in the verse and powerful in the chorus. This has like a borderline metal tune, but not quite there. Let’s keep the guitar solo going. I can’t help but sway and dance in my seat (I’m not a good on-the-spot dancer!) But this is one of my favorites.

5) Risky Dice – feat. Luka

-Wow, Luka gets low in octave in this song. It’s also got a jazzy piano that accentuates Luka’s voice. The other instruments sound the same as the previous songs, but they all have different, fitting riffs. Towards the center it gains in tempo and goes into a short break before shattering into another guitar solo- I’m not complaining. Classy! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

6) Suisou Catharsis – feat. Rin

-This song reminds me of what Yuyoyuppe would make, minus screaming. Rin uses her youthful voice to add agility to her singing. She sounds a little more mature in this album- awesome for her, fantastic for us- or the other way around. Suisou Catharsis is a nice ballad that I’m sure most of you Rin fans will just love. Rin’s not in my top 3, but this song is admittedly my second favorite of the album- you can tell because I took the time to put the Japanese romaji into the text.

Sorry Gumi- you will always be my Chocolate Girl!

7) Hello World – feat. Rin

-Has a fast vibe and Rin is very high pitched in this song. I’m running out of words to say. I may have to switch up to just reviewing the entire album instead of the individual songs. Leave in the comments whether one you would like me to do. This one is not as good as the last one, but it does a good transition into the next track.

8) 一方通行 – feat. Miku

-Miku finally comes in, and with a keytar no less. This song has a strong bass lead and a Miku Chorus that will make you want to sing along if you knew the words. I think an Arcade I went to had something like this at one time. The buildup is fun to listen to along with adjacent guitar solo.

9) Daydream Cinderella – feat. Miku

-Much like what CyoucyoP would produce. This song is a rainbow in the clouds. Pretty, soft, and with Miku’s chorus, a relaxing song that sends chills through my aching soul. Miku’s best of the album in my opinion. I could listen to this song over and over, and I have, giving this, Daydream Cinderella, the title of favorite song. I love, love, love the chorus. Just listen to it- it’s fantastic!

10) Uso to Diamond – 808P feat. GUMI

-Another Gumi song! Soft verse, powerful chorus, said it before, say it again. 808P does a fabulous job with this song. The chorus is very soft and almost like a lullaby. It actually lulled me into a music trance. I get goosebumps listening to Gumi’s soft voice- just so good! Not as hard as the other songs, but no less has the fitting aura of the album.

11) Cynical Orange – feat. Miku

-Sounds like the beginning to an anime, but to be fair, a lot of songs sound like that. Miku has a low register in this one and it shows her prowess, also the guitar has slowed itself down a bit. But the chorus- I can’t help but hum along to the tune. Whoa, better wrap this up- I’m running out of words.

12) Kurayami no Parade – feat. GUMI

-These verses are just drums and bass, but the chorus is laced with guitar strength. Gumi takes a stand with a metronome type style to her singing. The music is getting repetitive, but there are little differences that make the whole of each song individual. Strong finish.

13) Skyscraper – feat. Miku

-Skyscraper is just like a Soft Rock. I can’t help but get a little sleepy from this song, with Miku, the rain, and it being 9 P.M. where I am at. Just something about Miku that is drowsy fuel. Good slow riff that is a peach to listen to.

14) Seiten Drop – feat. Rin, GUMI

-Fun, fun, fun… what I call this song. Rin and Gumi has been in duets before, but probably not this fun. Taking turns on the verse and singing together in the chorus. They both are a good harmony together, singing like they have the best of the world. This is some good dance music for some choreography.

15) Reversible Heart – feat. Rin

-Noooo! The end already? This ain’t right. Rin sounds epic, but it won’t fill the hole in my ears- well, I kinda need those holes… hole in my heart. That’s not to say that this song isn’t good. But it does lack a farewell vibe. Now if you will excuse me while I relisten to the entire album again.

I don’t have Casino! in a physical CD but I would buy it for that price. I bought the newest Poets of the Fall album last September for $39 for import. Kinda strange, given they are Finlands highest ranking Band- each of their albums compete with each other for number one on the billboard. If you haven’t heard them, try it. If you like them, you’ll like Casino! and if you like Casino! you’ll like them. Okay, running out of words here. Just go ahead and buy the album.



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