AtD Derivative: Tako Luka



Quick, make a ship about Sawbat and Tako Luka!


SAWBAT: Stop that Demo, I am nothing like you! And besides, why not ship me and Rin?


Because, if they ship you and Tako, then they’ll inadvertently ship me and Luka! And you’ve got your video with Rin!


SAWBAT: Oh shut up, no one’s going to ship you and Luka! And besides, what about GUMI!


Everyone already knows that me and her are pretty much a thing! And why not, I want my community to ship me with every female Vocaloid… but I’m sure as I’ll get bigger I’ll have people ship me with the guys too! Let’s get on to out candidate!

Octopus Luka! Her official name is Tako Luka, but with the word Tako meaning Octopus in Japanese to English it’s sustained! This is a mini AtD video to showcase the best known little reimagining character next to Hachune Miku! And not only that- she’s just so freaking cute!

Tako Luka is a derivative of Luka herself, with her head as the body and her hair as the tentacles. Nothing below the neck and has absolutely no neck! She was created by Sanpachi around 2009. Not many people will know this, but Tako Luka came around when the hype of Luka’s mention and release died down and marked an end for her genesis!

One thing about this is Luka’s character item is a Tuna- it’s kinda strange but biologically, Tuna and Octopi are actually enemies! Basically, they eat each other depending on who’s bigger! Tuna can get stupidly large, as with Octopus and such- sometimes both of them resorting to devouring small sharks! They each have offensive and defensive measures for the smorgasbord of sea dwellers!

But… do they work together? …even National Geographic doesn’t get that kinda footage!

There are tons of Tako Luka songs about eating Tuna! But what about Tuna eating Tako? And you know how Tako just sorta walks on land? Octopuses can do that too! No, it’s not octopi- that’s only applicable if there is an ‘e’ after the ‘u-s’ like in French!

But, there is something cannot be so easily explained… I get and understand how octopuses reproduce, but how do you have so many sizes of Tako’s and if they did mate, they all wouldn’t look alike, which they do! Of course, their octopuses, they can look like anything they want… I’m over thinking this aren’t I?

To elongate the video like Tako’s tentacles… heheh! Have you noticed that stuff like nendoroids, keychains, and even plushies are so freaking expensive when it’s Tako Luka? I mean come on, if I wanted to spend 45 dollars on a kawaii octopus, I would buy an actual octopus! Yes, you can buy them for cheap! It’s the shipping that gets ya- plus they only live in salt water, never stop growing, can squeeze out of the tank through a hole the size of a pin, and eat anything and everything that comes into contact with their mouth… man Luka, you’ve got your work cut out for ya huh?

The biggest part of this video is I have nothing to talk about! I just wanted to showcase the little gal… is it a gal? Yep, I just wanted to showcase her to not forget her for being the better known derivatives of the Cryptonian Vocaloids!

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A short According to Demo on the Vocaloid Derivative, Tako Luka! Which one do you like the most?

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