Alter/Ego NATA – Vocallective Vocal

This isn’t an album review, but it’s more of a Vocaloid release notification! Also, to keep within the ties of not slacking off, I’d decided to give this for any aspiring musicians out there or listeners to get new Vocals. I can’t exactly say much because there is very little to go on being that she is just a baby, born on January 11, 2017. That was 6 days ago from when this was made! *Made not Published!

Vocallective Records seem to have help produce and publish her.

This is what is stated by Azureflux:

NATA is the latest installment in Alter/Ego synths. Powered by a new reclist and engine improvements, she’ll prove to be useful for producers looking for a young adult female voice. The development team consists of Azureflux, Tora and Uru… Please send your feedback and questions to

Thank you for your interest,

– Azureflux

Alter/Ego (アルター・エゴ) is a free real-time vocal synthesizer software which was created by Plogue- but I’m completely unsure if this is a Vocaloid or Utau… but according to the Plogue website, which states:

Alter/Ego is based on the award-winning technology featured in chipspeech but instead of targeting Vintage voice technology, it focuses on more ‘modern’ (1990+) singing synthesis algorithms and research. It is specially tailored for musical needs – simply type in your lyrics, and then play on your MIDI keyboard. It’s a true synthesizer, the sound can be extensively modified for easy and expressive performances. And more importantly, it is FREE!

Voice-banks come in various styles and licenses. Bones is the latest bank available and is also FREE.

More voice banks are expected. Please visit our Voice Banks page and follow us on twitter/Facebook for up to the second news.

Bones is the latest voice exclusively for Alter/Ego and was made by tora ouji

-says NATA is something entirely different… (Alter/Ego is an Engine similar to Vocaloid or Utau, but different) I’m not sure, anyone wanna comment and tell me what she is? I don’t exactly have the know how to actually buy it and review it!

I should mention that NATA is NOT FREE, and you can purchase her from her special debut page for a measly price of €47.72/$51.05 USD- I think that’s fair considering big name Vocaloids go for well over $100 USD! Not to mention the software alone costs about the same- but with this purchase, you get the latest version of Alter/Ego, which I guess is like Vocaloid, but different… The better news is that she and the Alter/Ego software works with both Windows and Mac!

I’m unsure if you get proceeding updates without further payment on your end, but considering that would be a stupid move to actually not do, I wouldn’t worry about it! That only makes logical business sense when you are as big as Google- but even then you have a lot of disgruntled users! (This was supposed to be a joke, but they quickly informed me that you’d get free updates later on after purchase- I’ll go even further to mention that she is Version 1.002, while the Alter/Ego Engine is Version 1.511- on both Mac and Windows!)

But to be absolutely fair, I had to pay for updates on certain software… the most stupidest thing that should wait until another time!

In any way, check out AdyS and his creation, Convince- that I give a 9 out of 10!

Did she “convince” you to listen to her again? Oh, here come the puns!

Very little is known about her, and I have no idea if she has a specific personality (though she does smoke), or if she’ll be as popular as a Vocaloid or Utau- who knows, She may be the combination of the two! Think about it, Alter/Ego is free, but NATA is not! It’s called licensing, and it’s a common knowledge and common sense thing that licensed products go farther than they would have without a license. Maybe I should license my job!?

Anyway, I’ve helped promote her enough, mainly because I’m going to convert this into a video and put more effort in combining my website and YouTube.

If you’d want to see more news about new Vocaloids or vocal synths… let me know- and also, tell me what you think about NATA! I may be able to give Vocallective Feedback from you guys since I want to create good relations- I’ve already got Whisper-P, so I just need countless more! Enough Rambling! ( >,..,<)

UPDATE: Not 10 Minutes after uploading-

Alter/Ego IS an Engine much like Vocaloid and Utau but just different… so I was almost right. I was also notified that it will have free updates when you purchase it- see, I can guess pretty good in the morning, but at night not so good! I haven’t really reviewed anything by an Alter/Ego, so maybe when they get more popular, I’ll be able to review an album- specifically the NATA Album they are coming out with. So yeah, I’m glad you’re a part of the family NATA! Hope you’re accepted well by the community!

Thanks to Vocallective for giving me the information that I need!

So what'cha think?