Producer: 鬱P (Utsu-P)

Release Date: 8/17/2014


Hatsune Miku


Kagamine Rin


Warning: This article is filled with cursing and offenses, if you are queasy then back up! I’m letting nothing of decadence in here!

Pardon my French but…Ceci est un putain album malades! Merde! Merde! Merde!” – Don’t read that out loud, PLEASE!!! Sorry for the offense French people- we love diversity here.

In English, Utsu-P took the last album Warufuzake (Horseplay) and added a lot of dubstep to it. This isn’t to say that this is the same album, and it is by far, NOT! But it does have a lot of inspiration. Oddly enough, all of the songs in this album bring me a sense of remembrance, like I’ve heard the tune before. This album is a little darker- and if you seen the “P.O.R.N.O.” song, it doesn’t mean what you think. “A Final Fantasy” hit me like a brick starting out, keeping me entrenched until the end. But once it did end, I got the awesome, desert-tune “MiKUSABBATH”- that little ‘i’ is supposed to be there.

Want Vocadb data on the album – Press This!

Note: Here I suggest lyrics, so you can go to Musixmatch and search for the lyrics- then translate to Google Translate! If you think I’m wrong in my interpretation, then say so! I’m not a monkey (see track #4)!

1)  終のファンタジー (A final fantasy)
Hatsune Miku, GUMI

-A magnificent scythe to the groin, A Final Fantasy is the perfect song to begin with- especially this album. This song is hands down the most disturbing song, and the lyrics put it there in that light… or darkness behind the iron bars of wonderland- where there are no orchids to bare. Reminds me of “Enter Sandman” by Metallica in terms of lyrics. But literally, the last thing I expected was a deep and dark feel that the music shot me with. Gumi takes care of the screaming, and Miku takes the cleanliness- both do a wonderful job. It starts out docile but rises into the entrancing riffs. The whole song is fairly even in terms of consistency. The growls kind of put me in a state of turmoil, but Miku takes my breath away to neverland with her final chorus. Gumi scream/raps and it sounds a little too fast to make out. Definitely Nu-metal! Gumi also takes new strides in her screaming- well that’s Utsu-P for you- she uses her breaths and very shallow growl the sound of the letter “E”. There are two choruses Miku’s chorus, and Gumi’s chorus. In Gumi’s chorus, she does this deep “OWH!” sound… I found that to be both creepy yet powerful beyond the trance of the massive headbanging it causes. Miku’s final chorus, not the same as the others, are a passionate and very lovely end to this epic song.

2) ベイビー・デスマッチ (Baby Death Match)
Kagamine Rin

-Let’s give birth so we can put our babies in a royal rumble!! These lyrics are very suggestive, has “sperm, womb, and breast milk” in the lyrics, so yeah. Really short, very fast, and under a minute, Rin screams her lungs out and then immediately shoots to the chorus, then she screams some more, then the chorus, then end. The most notable part of this song is the high pitched “AH!” sound she makes at the beginning- almost sounds sexual… (O~O)

3) 皆殺しのマジック (The magic of the massacre)

-At least this one has a positive message… I think. Gumi speaks about how “imagination=magic” and how the magic, i.e. imagination, can be destructive if you give it too much power- boy do I know that personally! – (⊙﹏⊙) – It also keeps repeating “Do not Kill” over again… and now that I think about it, she could be telling herself this stuff, like a double-minded person. I can relate, unfortunately. I’m starting to see a pattern in the songs here in this album, because Gumi, in the pre-chorus, grunts nine times (sectioned into 3 grunts between “imagination=magic”) during the whole pre-chorus. Gumi also, apparently, has practiced rapping given the very fast way she sings through most of the verse. The chorus is no less catchy and it has its moments being soft(er than the rest of the song), but it’s simply well done.

4) 絶対音楽で踊れ (Absolute Music Dance)

-One of my favorite song of the album. I welcome V-Flower with the fullest gratitude (Yeah, I know her name is considered ‘Flower’ but the title has ‘V-Flower’), and along with her debut in ALGORITHM, she doesn’t disappoint me in the least. Her lyrics of Absolute Music Dance is pretty simple to the naked eye- making books&lyrics is hard until you do what you desire (“Masturbation” it’s in the song), then it gets impossible as F#. But you have to realize that the game of novel writing or lyric writing is not as simple as you think- there are people who say that they are an artist for putting their feelings on paper and in heart, yet go off the handle when criticised. Oh, boo hoo, get over it- want me to call the “Wah-bulance”? I’ve been ogled my whole life for speakin’ my mind, and in poetry under the guise of hidden meaning, I can get my voice back. I can call you a crap-tart and make it look like a holy symbol if you get me mad enough.

She screams very little, but it’s alright. The verse is fun to sing along, especially after the voicebox instrument does its thing- I think it’s a voicebox (you know the “WHOA!” sound made with your mouth? Try this, put your mouth on the speaker while playing the song and open your mouth wide and constrict it like you’re sucking a straw and then alternate- instant voicebox).

This song is best to sing along because the chorus is nothing but a bunch of “LA!”s. Flower is expected to appear in more Utsu-P albums, and I kinda feel a bit sad that this one is her only song, but it left a good impression.

5) インパーフェクトアニマルズ (Imperfect Animals)
Kagamine Rin, GUMI

-Don’tcha freakin’ hate it when imbeciles procreate. Especially when they create a child who is good, yet turned bad by their parents stupidity. Then the parents start crying because they didn’t know he was “horrible” and still fail to see the giant blade protruding out of their own hands. These lyrics give the album its Parental Advisory. It starts out with Gumi and Rin’s “La”. Gumi, once again screams and talks very fast in this song, while Rin sings the clean chorus. I felt it began uplifting, but it went dark on me. The main thing that I find best in this song, is the awesome guitar solo that it ends with. Shred it Up!

6) モンキーダンスの洗脳術 (Brainwashing Technique of the Monkey Dance)
Kagamine Rin

-Humans are never satisfied. We are no more than monkeys dancing to the beat of the waves of destiny and our own pride. Much like “Adult’s Toy”, it begins like that, but the verse is so grief stricken and chorus is a not much better. It makes me feel sad a bit, but when she screams, she has that tick in her voice that I constantly mention.

Okay, I just have to say this! I have a spell checker for my articles, and when I put in “tick” it said “Possibly Confused Word: Did you mean ‘Dick’?” No, I didn’t mean it, but it was funny as hell though. Let’s see how it fits: …but when she screams, she has that dick in her voice that I constantly mention.

We get a nice hardcore, dubstep mix around the middle of the song. Rin says something in it but it was too fast to understand. I really do like the bass in this song.

7) チョコレイトオンナノコ (Chocolate girl)

-This song is nuts. In my view of the lyrics, it compares overeating chocolate to pregnancy- maybe. Girls everywhere, chocolate that needs to be eaten late at night, vomiting and getting angry because you did. I’m not a girl, but I’m half sure that a chocolate baby would be almost equivalent to overeating that chocolate just to kill yourself. The last line is kinda weird, but it gave me my interpretation. It starts out with a pretty catchy piano score, then the guitar copies it and propels the song into a scream/rap that Gumi obviously had to eat a sh!t load of chocolate to be able to accomplish. The chorus is very progressive and has a very awesome guitar solo along with it. There is a part in the break where Gumi’s voice is such a low guttural tone that it creates a very intense vibrato that sounds no less than a demon, and then she lets out a high-pitched “AH!” that added something… dunno what though.

Creepy and erratic. Best heard at dusk!

Kagamine Rin

-Let’s dance! I love the DJ feel to this song, all I wanna do is sing along and dance like a madman. Kinda jazzy, this gives a drop of Poprock. I have no lyrics to view…

This has the right to be the flagship song for the album- Kabukichō is an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Kabukichō is the location of many host and hostess clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs, and is often called the “Sleepless Town”. Huh? I didn’t know New York City had a fellow all-nighter. But looking at all the stuff on Tripadvisor, it is no town, and mostly a city.

There is no screaming, and Rin seems to have a lot of fun singing this song- well, I like to sing along with her… Am I weird? Truthfully, this song is a jewel in a sea of grime, probably the most happy-type song. But I don’t exactly know what the lyrics are, and with Utsu-P behind the writing, who knows.

9) P.O.R.N.O.

-Searching for heaven like an insect finding… stuff? Lyrics are too cryptic. This song is short and under 2 minutes. This song kinda reminds me of the band Otep- not my favoritest band in the world, mind you, but it just seems like it- maybe except the chorus, which is Gumi all the way! It’s too short to say anything else.

10) CR独特な世界観 (CR’s Unique Worldview)
Hatsune Miku

-Idunno, I get the feeling of a bustling city like Vegas, describing the people- Cryptic! This is actually a creepy tune to listen to. Miku can sound really horrifying sometimes. She also raps the 2nd verse and screams just as much. The chorus is not dance material, more like when you want to listen to something that you want to scream along with. It takes in some good guitar grinds and slides that up the anty. The bass solo is powerful by itself. Anyway, the song isn’t Miku’s best of the album, but it’s a close 3rd.

11) 地獄ポップス (Hell Pops)
Kagamine Rin

-Need inspiration for something? Go to Hell! You’ll find a lot of sh!t to write about there. Rough, quick, and to the point, Hell Pops bursts into the creepiness of inspiration. The chorus is not exactly dance music, but it’s fairly close, plus there’s a guitar solo in it that I love to listen to. Rin’s lust for the growls are apparent here. She does it a lot, and adds new techniques to her singing that make my skin both crawl and perspire at the same time. (Don’t read too much into that!)

12) 宇宙人のアイラブユー (Alien’s “I Love You”)
Hatsune Miku

-I have no lyrics to go on. By far, Miku’s best song of the album. No screaming, and the guitar solo’s are very catchy. Did I mention that the chorus is a lovely blend of soft and hard? Well the whole song is like that. I just love listening to this song. It’s more hard rock than metal, but hey, it will suit the Metaloids out there. Maybe it’s progressive hard rock? Is that even a thing? I’m singing along with Miku right now, even though I have no idea what the lyrics are! It ends like a soft dream.

13) MiKUSABBATH (Bonus Track)
Hatsune Miku

-Desert is what I see in this song. It has a very scary, for lack of a better word, build-up and holds its silence in your anticipation for Miku’s voice. It has like a military drum beat that soldiers march to. The screaming is angry and followed by an aura of depression that is included in the chorus. This is Utsu-P after all- in Japan that translates to “Depression-P”. Anyway, I find this song a very strong and creepy end to an overall creepy album. Nod to BlackSabbath?

Algorithm is one of Utsu-P’s creepier albums, but it can be creepy because it’s Utsu-P! High pitched girls singing hardcore death music? Obviously the reason BabyMetal got into the groove. His newest album features a real live band, but we will always have a Chocolate Girl waiting to eat all our chocolate in the middle of the night. I imagine Gumi being like a yandere, but I’d let her sleep over… maybe keep my door locked and keep one eye open, maybe chain her to a wall? But no, Gumi can sleep with me, as long as she promises to run eat chocolate downstairs whenever she feels the need before the withdrawals start and she wails in her sleep, possibly even decapitating me! But hey, Gumi! I’M TORN!!!!! (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

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