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KAITO, the blue man of Vocaloid. His essence is one of the air, and people aren’t exactly sure why. But going through psychology of thought, color, and attitude, I will confirm that this personality fits this character to a T rather than anything else. So let’s just jump on in and ask “Why is KAITO So Air-Headed?” on this episode of According to Demo.

A simple fact before we begin, KAITO does not have a surname, and Shion isn’t an actual name associated canonly with KAITO, but Crypton doesn’t have a problem with it, it seems. So what about this dingle ling attitude roll he’s got going on? While it is true that KAITO was a failed Vocaloid upon release, and still remotely is and only updated based on sales from other Vocaloids… in which case I ask ‘Why?’ – but that isn’t the only reason he’s so empty upstairs… the phonemes aren’t in the notes… the software isn’t installed on the computer… no leaves in the tree… the catacombs of thought… no dingle in his wiggle… nope, that’s actually a lewd metaphor for something else, oops. There are a few points to get through, so let’s get going shall we?

The first thing we need to do is figure out what kind of stupid he is. Yes, there are levels to stupid. These levels include: confident ignorance, lack of control, and absentmindedness. Let’s look into what each one is to decipher what KAITO holds in his noggin without a log in… enough of those terrible puns.

Confident Ignorance is basically like those big fat know-it-alls in anime and tv shows and in real life unfortunately, where they say, “Oh yes, I can take on that bear in a fight…” “Of course I can steal this GPS and not get caught…” “What makes you think I can’t ace this calculus test along with trigonometry and college algebra in the same day…” ok, that last one was me, that was also the worst decision I’ve ever made! So is KAITO like that? I can see that, but we have to look deeper, because this one can also be confused with clumsiness.

Lack of control is simple… they lack control. They do things on the spur of the moment and ultimately are the epitome of accident prone. Clumsy isn’t exactly the word for it, but it’s a step up because they do even more stupid stuff to fix the wrongs they’ve already done! They act obsessively and compulsively… this kind of stupid can sometimes be underscored by OCD Type 1 syndrome. I’m honestly not sure if KAITO fits that bill…

This next one is the most obvious one we all know who applies to: Absentmindedness is the one we all know and love, because people who act absentminded are more obnoxious in a loveable sort of way… but not always… the person that is talking up a storm about fried shrimp and puts his hand on the hot stove eye, it’s that guy that lets a butterfly distract him from a world war happening around him, and of course we can’t forget my all time favorite: Drinking out of date milk because the brain was empty enough not to check the chunky date… I’ve done all of those things actually- the war thing was in a video game, but it still counts! But I think KAITO is airheaded, which is a meaner way of saying absentminded.

No matter what version of stupid you think he is, it’s still stupid in essence. It’s just that being stupid you know better than to do something but do it anyway, but being ignorant is legitimately lacking common sense but believing it will all be fine… and doing it anyway! The lack of control is more of an emotional issue and is a separate level of stupid that can be synonymous with feelings of inadequacy. So unless KAITO ruins nearly everything trying to seek fame and fortune, the lack of control stupid level isn’t one I’d call him on.

Another thing is entirely deduced by his hair color. If you ever notice that most anime characters are generally called by their hair color, with exceptions, like red hair is quick to anger, green & purple is smarts, blonde is mischievous, pink is mature, brunette is charismatic, jet is mysterious, and blue is ditzy… no seriously- take a look at all of the harem main characters and what do you notice? Blue hair! When you look at KAITO, what do you notice? Blue Hair! When you look at me, what do you notice? Blue outline of hair and completely white… no seriously, I’m originally brunette, but my barber keeps saying I’m a little young for white hairs, even though I don’t dye anything. And you people wonder why I make jokes about being old!

Surprisingly, there is scientific evidence to back up the fact that the color of your hair can define your personality. And to further that aspect, there is even more scientific evidence to suggest that the color blue can make you ditzy! This is probably the most reputable According to Demo to date, I can’t wait until this goes up to see what you guys think!

So, the first bit of evidence is that hair can make you act a certain way… not as a 100% all of the time thing, but more around 32%, and the colors are just like I mentioned above like in anime. Albeit, no one is born with green or pink hair… but brunette takes those characteristics over.

The reason this is so is because of something called neuromelanin. Melanin is what makes you have color, your skin, eyes, hair, blah… but, neuromelanin is a color for your brain. You see, melanin is affected by light, like when you get a tan. But neuromelanin is very different in which is like a black substance in brain structures, and ultimately, it is theorized that the amount of activity your brain does, the neuromelanin gets darker from the electricity just like it would on your skin in the sun! However, if your brain isn’t fast enough to keep up, it is also theorized the neuromelanin will get whiter and turn that pinnacle pink color that makes the brain once it’s out of it’s barrier. Yep, inside your little head, your brain is black… gonna refrain from messy jokes on that one! That wasn’t too much was it?

Of course, not all of the brain is used equally, so you get white, black, and grey parts, so basically it’s more or less the color of the brain is imperative to cognitive function. Get it? Smart muffins will see where I’m going with this.

The lighter the brain, the lighter the head, and the darker the brain, the more intense you are… and this has nothing to do with melanin on the outside of your body ok?

So how is it that neuromelanin and melanin aren’t connected, but the hair is still affected by it? Well… it’s simple really… your brain affects your endocrine system, which in turn affects your hair- people with endocrine problems can have lighter hair color no matter what they were born with. And just to be perfectly clear, we are going on when you were born, because that determines your basic genetics Which can also make your hair turn a certain color later! To be honest, the human body has different style of color all over. My chest hairs are black, but my hair is brown and grey, and my peach fuzz beard just up and decides to be ginger? Come on hair follicles what’s up? The reason that is is because neuromelanin isn’t just in the brain but in neurons around the body and in the liver, spine, and heart. Meaning my chest is probably powerful, my face doesn’t gets a lot of blood flow to it, and my gray hair is just my thyroid half working… Hypothyroidism yay~. But that’s just a gist of it- most of this is new theory in the scientific community- I use Google Scholar for all sources, and I fact check against them with others too… so do your own because I’m running out of time.

Blue hair = ditzy personality!

And there is even more!

Blue, in and of itself, calms you down to the point of being at ease, not wanting to do anything. If you see red, you get excited because of blood color. Blue is more of a relaxation color, and everything in between is likewise effective.

Do you ever wonder why some of your greatest ideas come from in the shower or from late nights when you’re sleepy like I am right now writing this script? Yeah, if I didn’t wait until now this probably wouldn’t be so knowledgeable. It’s because an ease of mind makes your brain work less harder than it needs to. It could be that KAITO is just in a perpetual state of calmness that he’s just so absent in the chrome dome… honestly, anyone who has talked to me while I’m like that will know I don’t make logistic sense. Some scientists believe logic and great ideas are an oxymoron as far as the brain is concerned. My mind just seems to go with the flow- my right side of my brain that has ideas and is perfectly creative, while my left side sleeps- my logical of my brain that is tactical and deals with numbers and is useless in an art class…

So to keep this from further time consumption… KAITO could be the calmest Vocaloid ever made, yet he’s so airheaded that it covers up the calm. Like my own idiocy, mistakes make the man, and KAITO is MY MAN!!! I respect him a lot more now- and hopefully you do too! KAITO’s stupidity shouldn’t be seen as an attack on his character, but more along the lines of someone who is clumsy because don’t have the yearning to get intense in any settings. I for one get intense, but only when I want to or have to- and KAITO doesn’t even want to. He may be the failure of the Cryptonian Vocaloids, but he’s the one that should have the most obvious attitude we all need. To be happy and calm in any given situation, but being careful not to be too calm in order to accidentally fall down that cliff, or shoot yourself in the foot, or press escape on that Entei battle…

Like all Vocaloids, KAITO is who he is, but this information is enough to help us grow and learn how to be more patient. You probably now know the reason you act that way you do… and I love you guys no matter how you act- and tell us in the comments your thought on KAITO and your personality!



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