According to Demo: Why Does IA Lack A Personality?


This was originally for IA’s birthday! But my microphone went coocoo and I couldn’t get it done in time to redo, considering I got a thumbs down, I should have! Anyway, here’s the question I have for IA!


IA is one of those Vocaloids that shot up so quick, that today marks her 5th birthday, and she already has had a concert in Japan and a new one coming later to Mexico and America! The biggest dilemma is, we hardly know anything about IA’s personal life- I mean, we have the Cryptonian Vocaloids with big names, character items, and many other fan fictions and other fan stuff, but IA, although popular, has very little to add for her home life, if she has one! And to add, she hardly shows any emotion outside of her songs. So to begin this According to Demo Episode, Why does IA Lack a Personality?


Besides the obvious reasons being that she is a vocaloid- more on, why did the community decide to keep her mysterious as a Vocaloid rather than give her defining points in her personality? I can explain that along with why she has a hidden personality and what that personality is!

Voiced by the lovely Lia- you may know her as the singer for the Intro to Angel Beats!, My Soul, Your Beats! and Brave Song…

[*cry]                   That show gets me every time!

Anyway, the reason why IA was created is actually a very sweet one- you see, Lia recently got married and was soon having a baby- 1st Place Co. went to her and tossed a thought to her about a Vocaloid standing in for her while she becomes a mother! AW, THAT’s so sweet! Wait, that would mean IA could be seen as motherly? I doubt it, most likely IA is based on the younger version of Lia, who had the baby in 2009 or 2010- the voicebanks demo didn’t come out until December 2011, and finally IA was released on January 27, 2012~ But make no mistake, January 23rd is her birthday!

The most important thing we need to know about IA to understand her personality, is to decipher her own voice- as each person uses their voice as a means to portray emotion using dialect, forcefulness, vibrato, pitch, and phonetics- which Vocaloid is made for, so this might be easy! I probably just jinxed myself!

If you’ve ever heard Lia’s voice, then you know what IA sounds like. She can sound different at times but both voices are defined as Crystal-like! This is important! Mine is probably like a rocky pillow, comforting to listen to but annoying if I go on too long! Ever try to sing something but can’t get your voice right until you feel the energy of the emotions you are singing about? No, well think about it this way, your singing a sad song, but you’re happy in the deepest portion of your heart or vice versa, do you sing right even if you are a professional? Not many pros can pull that off! IA, I theorize, and we’re going to test this out, keeps her emotions down, in order to bring an individual one up during the song that suits it best! She may seem daft, but she’s just a dreamer, you know, like when your thinking really hard about something and your staring straight at someone!

IA has a very soft and clear voice- and also more realistic than Miku or Flower! This is what 1st Place were going for with IA’s creation. When used correctly, she can have an operatic sound to her. Most of you all know that Opera is the most emotional pieces of music that can span almost every emotion and make it work! Metal too, but Metal uses tonal notation theories and progression from Orchestral Opera music from the Romantic Days before the 1900’s, so yes, Opera was a precursor for Metal, and people in those days said Opera was from Satan too! That’s a fact, go check it out!

The most important part is her mid range, which from producers claim to be flat in comparison to her higher notes- this is probably because she is mysterious, and that would make her emotionless in everyday speech in total calmness. Now am I saying that this is the result of her mysteriousness? Not at all, and might the opposite be true, that she is called mysterious because of her voice! That is probably the most lucrative clue we have in finding her personality! It’s not that she doesn’t have one

-but if you want to get technical, IA was given no personality, so therefore she doesn’t have one, but screw that logic, we’re going on fandom not canon!-

It’s just that the community portrays her as such. So what does the community see her as behind the veil of fog that is her personality? I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out!

Anyway, to continue on, she lacks power in her voice and can easily cause it to collapse on users- so is my voice with everything melodic! This is actually a very real problem for some people. Their vocal chords are not adjusted to the frequency to the pharynx, so the pharynx drops instead of the larynx! Here is an excerpt from that states this perfectly:

“The only way to produce healthy darkness in the voice is with the ’rounding of the vowels’ that is achieved by using the oval mouth shape. This lengthens the vocal tract and allows for a rounder and warmer color to come into the singer’s vocal production… In singers whose throats are ‘closed’, the sidewalls of the throat will sometimes ‘collapse’, where the neck muscles will curve inward, creating a half moon shape on each side of the neck, which means that the pharynx is collapsing.”


This simply means that the closed throat is not good to sing through and can harm your voice. This can be helped using posture techniques, but each one of us has a different strength and build in our throats, so some may have far more potential than others, and other may just be poor- but those who can overcome it can have the most beautiful voice!

IA’s voice is considered a crystal for good reason, it’s perfect until shattered, and can shatter easily like a glass heart of an innocent child! You could fix most of IA’s problems by switching the OPENNESS to high, for those who use her in music.

Some people notice that her higher notes sound muffled. This can be related to shyness- and thus gives a reason for her mysterious nature! The debate is still up whether she’s good for beginner artists or not- but you have to realize we are talking miniscule movements and devices, so it has to be taken lightly and in full view! This doesn’t make her a bad or hard vocaloid to work with, it makes her harder to perfect with absolutely 0 flaws- but then that would erase the humanity in the songs and make it more robotic. Humans make imperfections, and to spice up a song and make it more memorable, you have to have imperfection on extremely little spots- like say, play Rin as if she has a cold- that would make for a great song- And that, I believe is why IA is so popular among the Vocaloid community as the more realistic sounding!

She can, however, have a good transition between words, but that’s more the engine software than the actual singer- because mainly you can learn that on your own to sound fluent in words!

Here’s the glass of lemonade, IA’s tempo range is the largest in the Vocaloid3 Engine at 165 BPM while also having a 2 octave range of B2 – A4. Her maximum is 228 and lowest 63 BPM… can you sing that fast? That’s RAP x3- or just one of The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, that rivals Eminem for rapping- he just got beaten by someone who isn’t even real!

To bring this completely on home, her Optimum genre’s are Pop and Jazz; rock, ballad, and dance being the recommended. This isn’t as important, but it’s still good to know!

So what can we say about her personality now? Nothing yet, but we have pieces!

The next thing we need to know is how she lets herself be portrayed like we did with Luka in her video! If you haven’t seen it go check it out because the comments on that video will be on this video!

This will come in an unlikely place: Her licensing! Yeah, every singer has a license on their image and music, handled by the Labels. It may not be too farfetched to say that IA, if she was alive, would have the same license as a she has now, which is:

“users can use her image on CDs, flyers and posters without requesting permission, although some consent from the company is needed for greater use of her image.”

If you didn’t already know this, the other Vocaloids are very strict on how you use their image. Even Miku’s license says you have to have permission for you to be able to draw her and sell that image! Miku’s also says that if it is a specifically darker song like Utsu-P does, that it can’t be on YAMAHA’s head, and will void her warranty! But IA is different. And you can’t sell anything with her as the main focus point- being that she is there singing on the CD, at a concert for the flyer, or anything like that without permission from a major label- who should in turn get permission from 1st Place Co. But from what I’ve read, unlike the Cryptonian Vocaloids, you can draw IA and sell your artwork for money, lawfully!

Enough, of Vocaloid Law- this shows that IA is free with her image moreso than the other Vocaloids. I’m overthinking this upcoming part, but it’s going to be fun!

IA may be mysterious while in her natural state because with a license like that- she could act mad at one point, someone take a picture of her, and put something up like- “IA Hates Puppies!?” That wouldn’t go well with the public, so the laws of the real world play into her image.

IA keeps her emotions under control- not because of the license, but the license was written to be less strict due to the fact that she was already mysterious and leveled.

The other reason why this is important, is because most of the time, people get really pissed at you using their picture over the internet, and especially in real life on parchment! IA, besides her demeanor, may be comforted by the fact of her fame… wanting it to grow as her fans do. Under that cute mask, you may see someone who knows herself more than anyone else- possibly more than she knows! She is in control of her emotions, and the public knows this- but they don’t know her inner most feelings- which she does. And now you know too!

So when you see IA the next time singing a sad song, a happy song, or a raging song, maybe you’ll think of her as a new, respectable vocaloid that makes her way into your heart by stringing you along with her own mysterious nature, leading to her quick success and important behavior! And that’s the reason the community loves her mystery, because the mysterious is alluring- find out the whole thing and it will get boring!

What do you think is under IA’s mysterious Personality? Put it in the comments now, while we discuss what Meiko’s Age Is… ok, maybe Luka’s Sexiness too, I don’t know what I’m doing with these comments!

On Meiko’s video:

Most of you said that she was in her early 20’s- 22 being the average

While a few said she was in her 30’s

One guy said she was 16 or 18…

And then a lot of you ragged on me by calling her MAIKO instead of MEIKO…


On Luka’s Video: only 3 people commented

One said she was Motherly

Another said she was Sexy

Another said she didn’t have a personality- but it was just a loving troll! I have to say thanks because I actually have a troll comment… yay!

I on the other hand, see her as a bigger sister figure, which I can’t remember if I said that in the video or not!

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Happy Birthday IA!

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