According to Demo: Is Rin Independant or Even Spoiled?

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Kagamine Rin is just one of the Kagamine Twins, and we’ve already talk about Len’s Hotness in the first According to Demo, so now it’s time I give credence to his adorable yet arguably more popular sister, Rin. Specifically, Rin is on the same fame level as Miku and Luka, and these three have a specific set of the way the fanbase views her own. Miku is an all around type of Vocaloid, Luka is more mature type, and Rin is the little sister version, cute, crass, and very demanding at times. So, with this information we are going to ask this question: Why is Rin so Independent or even Spoiled? As we explain today on this edition of According to Demo.

First off, Rin is 14… that is a canon reference. Whether or not you agree that Rin and Len actually mean Right and Left, or the fact that they’re not actually twins, which I’ve already said so save those raging comments, they are literally “Mirror images” of them, because apparently the word “Clones” isn’t good enough for some people. Ok, since my perpetual annoyance from the fanbase on those subjects, I’m gonna take some points to tell you that I will call Len her brother for the ease of it all. It would be weird to say her reverse self, or her mirror bro… oh- that’s neat… but again- I will state this again, Rin and Len are Mirror Images, and are not twins, nor brother and sister, nor even related, but only 50% of the same person. They get married and have relationships on a regular basis!

Now that that’s out of the way, we can get into what makes Rin so adorable! The fanbase is ultimately divided into what she portrays herself to be- such words like edgy, tsundere, motherly, protective, and so far as a motha’ honkin’ Sadist! Tell us how you think Rin acts in the comments. Ultimately, how she acts is according to the most popular songs and how many of those songs exist. Just because she’s a murderer in some songs doesn’t mean she actually is one. Most of this is how the community as a whole portrays her to be, as with every Vocaloid I talk about on this series.

For anyone thinking of Rin as a tomboy… you’d be right! I say this completely for emphasis on that statement, just look at her shorts… whatever thought you’re thinking of is completely your own fault, perv. But sure, that doesn’t prove anything, but if you also think about it, name me an anime character that wears short shorts without being a tomboy or a tsundere? Miku, Luka, Meiko, Gumi, they all wear skirts! I won’t go into her short shirt, because most Vocaloids also have that, it just goes to show that Rin, as a 14 year old, is not like the rest. A girl that isn’t one to follow the natural order the rest do out of cultural respects. But the argument to that is, she’s a mirror image of Len, and boys don’t wear skirts… that I know of, and you’d be right, but her being a mirror image of Len will also define her personality as well. That should at least make sense right?

When we looked at Len over two years ago… holy flat traps, that’s so mesmerizing- we looked at why he was hot, and decided it was about his uniqueness of being a very subtle, yet whiny, badboy. So with Len being a badboy, why can’t Rin be a badgirl? Seems perfectly legit isn’t it? If we take it that way, we can end the video now!


No we’re not- some of you are sad aren’t you? Well, the points we have to talk about are simplistic in discussing her age, her brother, Crypton, and her fans as a whole.

Before we begin, RIN in Japanese, means Phosphorus in English… but that has nothing to do with it actually because Rin is kind of a popular name in Japan before the periodic table came out back in the dark ages.

Rin and Len have had a sorta controversial epithet dealing with their age because they are voiced by a 32 year old Asami Shimoda, who also is one of the oldest voice actors for the Vocaloid era of V2… sorry mrs. Asami, I didn’t mean to call you old. Anyway, with Miku being voiced by a literal 16 year old, there were supposed worries about the community and what they already did to Miku in the form of demoralizing and bad vocal manipulations.

So why am I getting off track? Why am I blabbering nonsense about hentai? Well, it’s simple… Rin is a teenager and acting outside of the normal ways are her bread and butter, I mean how else would she sing a song about taking off panties and being a grown up? Doesn’t make much sense, but that’s the way the community views her and that was the controversy surrounding her, and it may also be that I just said all of that to put in learning material to keep away YouTube’s paddle of overreach. And there are a bunch of Rin hentai out there… so I still have to explain how the community views her, but I doubt there are that many that are actual pedophiles.

Well that was a weird word to break on… Rin, being 14, has the emotions to back up the fact that she’s the more popular of the two siblings. And that she has over 100,000 more songs than her brother to date, so she’s been working far harder and using less time talking about her junk than Len has. In the According to Demo on Len, we actually made Len look like the more mature sibling, but now that we take a look at Rin, I think she’ll be the more “get-things-done” type of sibling. She gets results, Len however lazes about until he does something he wants to.

A 14 year old with a lazy brother with girls fawning all over him, it seems like Rin has to be independent just to keep all those drool factories away from him to protect him. She is quite protective, and even though she is, there are a LOT of songs where Len dies… yep, I’m doing a top 10 on it! It makes sense because with twins at that age, especially different genders, are very much at odds at what they want to do. They both want to do what they want, not what the others want… although, I can’t say anything definitive because I’m an only child, so tell me in the comments on how you argue with your siblings.

At that age, when you have a strong willed girl, she can act tough yet still be cute and adorable, and quite possibly spoiled rotten. Rin and Len’s “I do only what I want” nature is synonymous to them being mirror images of one another. Their wants don’t align, but their attitudes sure as HFIL do in respect to those wants. This doesn’t mean Rin is HOT or SEXY, but CUTE, which is more along the lines of hot than sexy is anyway.

Hot is when a person is nice to look at, and same with being cute. Sexiness arouses you. Hot may also arouse you, but in that form, you’re using it wrong. Sure, I get called cute by a number of women, but I’ve also been groped on the behind too, don’t do that by the way unless I know you! I wouldn’t consider myself or Rin hot, or even sexy, but we are cute… and I mention me in that because if you notice, Rin is also very narcissistic and egotistical. She would love causing mischief for her benefit, love to pull people into her problems and create a mess she’ll find fun in the end. She’d be the most likely to be a “Juvenile Delinquent” much to the assist of her punkish songs fighting against the corporate school system, as she loves trying to find something fun to do no matter the cost even if it is being truthful and marrying her mirror image on multiple occasions. She really loves Len obviously, regardless of the crap she has him do. Everyone else to her could be considered a nuisance, as they hinder her goal of finding fun in the world. So, she’s like Haruhi Suzumiya… and I associated myself with Haruhi more than anyone else.

The magic word for describing Rin is: Tomboy… which is one word not two. And the fact that she, as a tomboy, makes her far more cuter in songs like “I Like You, I Love You”, yet far more creepier in songs like “Song of Great Satan” or “Immoral Taste of a Bloody Traveler”. It’s obvious that she has a cute side but also a mischievous side, which can also make her cuter in a dramatic way. Be honest, have you ever found someone who is so adorable yet also does bad things to be cute? I have… it’s called a baby!

Ok, I shouldn’t say just being a baby. Because it’s a nature some people have, just like with shyness for me. I fumble my words and that’s why some people call me cute. Rin does mischievous stuff and is adorable in a physical sense so people allow it- it’s like my new puppy- just excrement all over the floor, but with those cute eyes, I’m not even mad- just highly annoyed. Her physical appearance makes her cute, and people give to and protect cute things, which I’ve discussed in the AtD of Yuzuki Yukari.

The affection they receive can lead to being spoiled in that which she can set an orphanage on fire and still receive the key of the town being the cutest idol alive. And comparative to real life girls at that age, she’s just about the same as the ones I’ve seen in school. But I think that’s more of an area thing. There are all types of people, and our personalities are affected by how people treat us and how we treat ourselves, so in conclusion… Rin is a powerful kid with lots of vigor in her step. She has issues growing up, like all of us, and we can use her image to look at ourselves and look how far we’ve grown or can grow, and learn that the key to having that kind of attitude or any attitude is to simply do things we love to do, or else we’ll do more mischievous things.

Rin is popular because she is who she is, and she is designed specifically to be someone who acts like a ruffian to look independent yet adorable to get a pass on bad actions, but that also makes her a perfect liar. And people that age lie all the time to their parents and authority figures, so all of this makes sense in a roundabout sort of way.

So what do you think about Rin and how she acts? Does she act best alone or together? No matter what you believe, this was all about how the community views her as a whole, nothing canon in Crypton’s case.

And on the previous According to Demo, we all agreed that Gakupo wasn’t ruined. That’s what ya call hardcore fans! And honestly, I stand with my statements as well- it disturbed me, but it’s still Gakubro, so it’s fine. So who do you want me to talk about next and include their question.


So what'cha think?