According to Demo: Is Flower A Kuudere?


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Who else thinks my little Flower Petal is a kuudere? I mean when you think about it, she has the voice for it. Most of my view on her is that she is a recluse. I think it has something to do with her being featured on shallower songs meant for a more masculine and strong/silent type lady like Flower was made for! I don’t know, I liked her original look, but her new V4 look with the shorter hair almost seems a little tomboyish to match her more masculine voice style than other Vocaloids, and my stroodles it’s sexy- it also may confuse my sexuality a bit- I mean… uh, we’re going to start this According to Demo to see if Flower is a Kuudere… or if she’s something else.


Flower is one of those special Vocaloids with an androgynous voice, meaning she can sound like a female and a man as well- and while I won’t get into semantics about how the female and male voice are different based on the presence of an adam’s apple, and please for the love of all things catchy miku has created, don’t expect me to give credence to a gender spectrum thing about her- She’s a girl that may sound like a boy, can we agree on that?

Just to be clear about the V3 V4 conversion of looks, basically is like an actual flower- seeing as you can say her long hair is the pistil and her short hair is the stamen. Now, this may confuse people thinking she’s a hermaphrodite, but the official twitter said the most definitely has a pistil, or the female productive organ… and not a stamen, which is basically just a rod with seeds-you know what- I’m getting off this subject.

Before I stop- it’s important to know that the hair change doesn’t affect her nature, as told by the official twitter account. But her looks can easily play into her personality, let alone her voice, attitude, and the way the community views her.

Flower has subtle reign over the competition because of her extremely sharp and strong voice. Although, some have problems of her overpowering the music, and that kinda comes off of that her default setting for singing is set to SHOUT MODE- which isn’t just a single button, you have to edit 5 or 6 modules in order to actually set it- Vocaloid is a complicated piece of machinery, that I unfortunately still don’t know how to work! I mean, she is the Rock Vocaloid, built mainly for a harder sound!

This is just a tip of the grove of roses because her voice is the main premise to her uniqueness.


Flower was created to have the most powerful voice in the Vocaloid community- and so far, no one has come close to being so strong that it may just ruin everything in the music! We’ve already checked why IA was so mysterious, mainly because of her crystal like voice- but Flower is a different mystery, a subtle sadness in her lower tones. Let me explain:

Flower has a Optimum Vocal level of 80 – 200 beats per minute while singing with a 2 octave range from F# sharp 2 to F# sharp 4… that is really low considering by natural voice is a A2, Sawbat being E5- that also may not be right- I don’t know sawbat’s voice level. This is really weird, because she’s got a far lower voice than I do, but the last time I checked my vocal range was about 2 ½- I can’t exactly make a low sound with my voice because of certain muscles that are too big and get in the way- but I can go high without hitting my false chords- I wanna get to my whistle register!

With such a low octave range, it’s been called out that her higher, faster paced songs which make use of her treble, she sounds like a boy! But to the opposite of that, she can have a low song, yet sound like a girl would- you’d think it’d be different, but nope! There is a tone in her voice in slower songs, she has an air of sadness, and can you tell me why this is important?

Tell me what type of air miku has, luka, rin, Kaito- well kaito may be an air of just air in his head, but think about Gumi as well- she has a bit of an emotional weirdness that you can’t place that is perfect for exceptionally darker songs. Flower Petal may have something more, mainly combined with her voice, design, and community view, which I’ll get into in a minute!

Along with all of this, there is something on Vocaloid Editor called the GENDER Parameter that you can adjust gender pitch for certain phrases, words, or the whole song. V4 Flower came with an upgraded Gender Parameter as to have to fit into different roles and more importantly have stability in metal music- which was added as her primary genre along with rock. Not only that, she was given a GROWL Parameter, so she can have a vocal fry- like all rock music!

If you think this has turned into a, What Gender Is Flower, video, then you probably don’t know what a kuudere is!

Basically, kuudere are a combination of the ramaji of Cool and Sweet- at times they seem cold but on the inside are actually pretty sweet- but who cares, my little flower petal is always just a little sugared buttercup! Place your bets in the comments if she’d slap me!

There are 3 types of Kuudere:

Always in Control – subtle expressions

Once you get to know Them – They Open up when they trust you more

Mood Swingers – basically can switch based on how they’re feeling

I for one, am a dandere- so I think me and flower could get along right? Not much in the way of words, but it’s more like a Dandere is quiet, just for the sake of silence, and a Kuudere is quiet for the sake of coolness.

I’m not going to say that Flower is a quiet software until she begins to shout to the rooftops, because I don’t know what it takes her to actually open up to explode her voice into the air. I do know however, that she is not a Once You Get to Know Them Kuudere, because who in heck with that attitude would get on stage and sing emotionally in front of people? It may be the Always in Control, but as shown with her accidents with being too forceful in some songs, whether by pure unadulterated accident or because it’s because she is the Mood Swinger type, because that’s what best represents her personality given some of her songs. Speaking of her songs, some of the community’s grasp of her is that she is a sorta asocial  recluse- and I don’t blame her, society can be rough, especially when you feel like your ever crushing emotional imbalance that you are barely surviving and then have to worry about stepping on other peoples eggshells, offending them, and then possibly exploding due to societies lack of seeing on an individual level… oops, sorry, that’s kind of a rough feeling I’ve been dealing with- we’ve all got bad things to deal with- and I find silence appealing. My Flower Petal may be that same exact way, but who knows- we don’t get a personal life diary.

So do you think I’m right, or wrong? Did I miss something? I’m not always right, so make sure if you know something I don’t or I didn’t get right, place it in the comments. And if any of you want to make My Flower Petal X Demo fanart, hit me up on my twitter and make my heart go doki doki des! Ok I’m done…


So what'cha think?