About Me

Okay, so it’s me, Demo – 24, dating, failing entrepreneur-, that is doing all of this with loads of friends and my girlfriend!

VocaloiDemo is a website that reviews actual Vocaloid Albums in any language that currently has any Vocaloid Albums. Usually, I tend to underestimate the power Vocaloid has over my life as of now. When I wanna listen to something without listening to the same 40,000 songs on my phone, I scrounge around Youtube to find something. Well, I noticed something… a lot of the Vocaloid songs had over 1 million views. So that got me thinking, “That’s a market that can be tapped!”

Now don’t get all Super Saiyan on me, I know most people just download it for free from numerous websites. Well, that’s fine until you realize that Amazon has a mass amount of music from Vocaloid Producers. Downloading for free is something else when the market has already grown, but Vocaloid is still growing and will continue to be if we support the artists. Now am I saying that I buy everything I review? No! But with each song being only $0.89 on Amazon for download- some are free with Prime- I do hope I can build a community with the hopes to grow the Vocaloid Industry.

If that didn’t spark your interest, then look at the Vocaloid Software ($127.00) and it is without the Vocaloid. Each Vocaloid is roughly around that same price up to $1,000. But I’m not here to pressure you to buy for my sake, I want you guys to find new Vocaloid Music and, under your preference, help the industry grow a bit more. Because if Amazon is allowing Vocaloid Music, then it is very close to being big business- that’s not to say it isn’t already in Japan, but in America, it mostly downloads without paying.

Maybe if we do this long enough, they might have more Vocaloid Concerts over here in America’s- gotta admit, wouldn’t mind it one bit to go to one.

Sometimes you may see me say stupid things, but that’s because I usually write the way I speak so that you know I’m human- not synthetic- Ha! Get it? Vocaloid = Synthetic Vocalizer! – (~^∇^)~ HA! – Robots promoting Robots! Funny!

I also tend to use emoticons for whatever reason.

So How Do You Review?

Glad you asked. I will review either an Album, Single, or even a Vocaloid Software from time to time. Every once in awhile, I will find a physical copy on Amazon, and that will be what I review. Sometimes, if it’s in CD format, it’s not available in mp3 (Don’t ask me why! I don’t work for Amazon, I’m just a doorman!)

Since You Are Reviewing Vocaloid- Who’s Your Favorite Vocaloid?

Saying who is my favorite Vocaloid is hard given that most of the prowess comes from the ability of the person behind the music composition. But if we’re talking about looks and range, I’d have to go with Gumi (Megpoid), she has style, class, and a wide range that beats some of the better known Vocaloids. Luka would have to come second, Miku third.

Who’s Your favorite Producer?

If you’ve ever heard of Caz, he creates some awesome Progressive Metal hits such as “Angel Bullet”, “Valkyrie Dance”, and most noted, “Corruption Garden”. I find myself listening to those three songs more than any of my other songs- even the songs by real people singing. He uses Luka all the time and does a magnificent job doing it too. Utsu-P is a very close second, though.

What’s Your Favorite Vocaloid Song?

Like I said before, “Angel Bullet” is probably my favorite because I can’t resist humming the chorus- except a lot of Vocaloid songs are that way, but “Angel Bullet” has that epic feel of a real passion that draws me in. My second favorite has to be “Daydream Cinderella” by Yucha-P.

Now you may know that these songs are Progressive and Aggressive (except Daydream Cinderella that is alternative enough to put you to sleep) and have song screaming in them. But every Vocaloid song has some form of merit even when they “suck alligator skin from the stick!” – (O~O) “What?

But don’t worry, I am a big fan of all types of music. Dubstep is debatable, but others like it, so I will review it to “my honest opinion!” So don’t sell me down the river just because you and I don’t agree. You can review the album you’re way in the comments. Am I not just the sweetest?


(#O_o) – “Ouch! Right in the Pride!”

What Have We Learned Here?

What? You were the one supposed to be learning something! You tell me!

I Learned that you are reviewing Vocaloid Albums, Singles, and Software. Your favorite Vocaloid is Gumi, Producer is Caz, Song is “Angel Bullet”. You have this weird tendency to use emoticons, are completely crazy and probably need a life! But you are here to give us Vocaloid community the foundations to find new Songs so that to help the Industry grow into what the Music Industry is today- so that everyone can be a producer when they have limited skill or people to help! And for that, We thank you, Demo!

(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ – “Senpai Noticed Me!!!

But really, I’m just putting words in your mouth! But basically, what you said is the real deal. I’m here for you guys! And there will come a time when others will contribute, so I figure it will progressively become faster and get a groove going so that it is steady. I currently have 3 other websites that help me get money!

So what'cha think?