10 Random Vocaloid Songs #1 (The ‘I Am SO Wrong’ Edition)


I had audio problems…

I know I’m slow to release the Disturbing List, but for you, I’ll provide another Top 10 that isn’t really a Top 10… it’s a random set, but extremely easy to set up. You see, using VocaDB’s URL, I can search random songs just by putting in a random set of numbers. It’s kind of a convoluted way of doing things, and fairly complicated since I usually just get albums, artists, and other stuff besides songs, until I realized you put an S between the slashes, so I do things in the background and get some random Vocaloid songs to show you, then say what I think about it- with or without script depending on if I come up with anything relevant! There won’t be a skit today because I don’t have the time, so I hope this little video, which may actually be more than 10 minutes, puts you into a perspective of holy crap that’s random!

SO RIP off your pants and put them on your spaghetti on your head, because these are 10 Random Vocaloid Songs!

  1. Harakako City – arukuhito

Starting off with something that seems to be made of nothing more than beeps and sound effects, this is a great, yet small find! The alternate name to this is, Spring hasn’t come to our town, so maybe that puts it to some understanding, there’s not much to say because it’s short!

  1. Bacon Point – MystSaphyr

Ok, this one’s a weird one! OH, crap, this one was on the Parody list… oh well, I’ll find a new one for it! The original song is Breaking Point from Crusher-P and MystSaphyr, which now it makes sense why he would parody it! The real one was talking about suicide, this one talks about the life of a piece of bacon… Going on about how bad bacon is for you, but really don’t you want to have a massive heart diarrhea slobering up bacon like a hog that I just realized is a cannibalism metaphor, I’m just gonna stop talking hopefully any second now!

  1. Do Not Kill Mary Sue – Miriko

There’s my little Flower Petal, both she and you are probably so very annoyed that I keep doing that. But hold on, there’s a reason I see her as perfect! Because if you know what a Mary Sue is, you know that they are basically the most perfect character in any story with little faults, yet uses those faults to save the day- simply a cop out in character development. Usually, the Mary Sue is the one character with extreme plot armor, the type of character that is used as a way to further the plot, instead of killing side characters like a normal writer. I think this song goes into the fact that even though you want to kill the Mary Sue, if you’re in a horribly insane world like Attack on Titan, then it’s probably against your best interest to kill your only hope! But if you do kill the Mary Sue, it could make great plot twists like a Psuedo-Madoka Magica style story, so go ahead and try it if any of you are authors. I take my royalty fees by Paypal…

  1. Seabreeze – tk

This nice little diddy starts out pretty weird and scares me a little… but it gets far better! As an English song I CAN UNDERTAND IT! Imagine a beach, there you go. That’s basically all it’s about, but man I’ve got the need to trek 800 miles to the nearest beach, open that ocean with Gumi, and break all the breezes with my lewdness! See, just because I am on a random list, doesn’t mean I can’t be random as well!

  1. 6:9 – Genkioko-P

Uh oh, is this going to go against the YouTube Guidelines? Why is it always Luka that gets the Lewd songs… but I gotta say, I like this song, for reasons… with a great beat and a strained theme, I’m honestly not sure what 19, 17 means, but if that’s the age of these two… which Luka is 20… I’m- wait, isn’t that type of relationship illegal in most states… Google seems to think so- and if Google talks about it, then by golly I can- so I leave you with this statement so YouTube doesn’t hit me in the nuts- wait until you’re 18… in America, I think in Japan it’s as low as 14… Yeah, I’m done here!

  1. I Love You Largely – Kaoru

Oh, here’s a recently released gem! And even though the whole thing is in Japanese, even so much as that I had to use Google translate to translate the title and producer, but I still like it. You can probably get what this song is about, but this is why I love VocaDB, you can find music that you previously didn’t know or don’t know what is when you find it. But seriously, if this was a top 10, this would probably be number one, but it’s not, and I’m just finding music and not putting them in my biased order so… hmm…

  1. Back to Alabama – Steven Wagenheim

OH… GOD… NO! (It Scares Me)


Eww, the teeth pulling song… the lyrics are more about a metaphor for bad memories like bad teeth, but come on, the cringe is absolutely there, you know it! I can stand a lot of ouchies like pulling fingernails, putting a giant wire stabbing under your toenail, even needles to the eyes, but teeth is where I draw the line- also putting a coat hanger wire into your private holes is pretty far past where the line is drawn. But I can see this song in the repetuer of Flower, mainly because it’s like she has that attitude, since we already discussed she was a Kuudere and does it because it either makes her seem cool or because that’s just her personality- but it’s a good choice- Gumi has far too many dark songs, let the lesser known Vocaloids have a bit of the darkness!

  1. To A Surprised City – choptopcube, RoboMuzik

( O u O) UUUWW- I love this song, wait have I used it in a list? I don’t think so, but I just adore this song for some odd reason, it just strikes a chord with me. It could be the chiptunes, the insanely beautiful ballad, but I am most certainly glad I got this one for number 2- I take back what I said about number 5, this one would be Number one, just because I love it so much- don’t ask me why, but I just adore this song for some odd reason- wait I already said that, nevermind I’m just now recording this as I found it!

  1. Miku Comes Carrying Negi – Nitopan

What’s a Negi? I know what a Negai is, it means wish- but this sounds like a remix to Eva’s Polka- be quiet, it’s not Leven, it starts with an I, I have a guy in Finland ok- Eva’s Polka was originally created in the 1930’s in Finland, but this song takes the Vocaloid cover and makes it more dancey and creative with the beats and animation, maybe I should do an According to Demo on Eva’s Polka… neato ideao! I think I like this song though! But holy crap, the amount of Vocaloid memes are intense~

So here’s where I end it, because I’ve got to get back to strategically rearranging the Disturbing Top 10 and watching the Sony E3 Event… which may actually be coming on 10 minutes ago- so umm, tell me what you think about this little thing- would you want more? Do you want me to make it more random by showing myself putting in the numbers? Just say so- because once I’m completed with 2 more top 10’s, it’s booby time!


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So what'cha think?