〆-Deadline – Clean Tears

Name: 〆-Deadline (Shime Deadline)

Producer: Clean Tears

Release Date: August 22, 2012

Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku, IA, Yuzuki Yukari

Statistics are from Vocadb!


From the laziest man alive comes another review! Yeah, it’s been a while, being stuck with college and family stuff and writing a book about Vocaloid- The good news is I did some personal research on Vocaloid, got my computer in top condition after some part replacements, and had my fridge go out with ruined food… enough about the patheticness of my excuses over what really prevented me from reviewing; Too Much to do! Anyway, I wanted to start in big this time with a massively popular album that has been on backorder for a while- mainly because dubstep isn’t my first or favorite choice. You can also get this album on either Amazon or iTunes! I plan on doing something special sometime this week too, that is available for an offer only some of you will pass up!


  1. Salty Sincerity (D-S Remix)
  2. Desperate (D-L Remix)
  3. Dreamscape (Zircon Remix)
  4. Twilight Star (Original Mix)
  5. Malentendido (Ballroom Remix)
  6. やくそく – Yakusoku
  7. Cafe Night (Night Lounge Remix)
  8. Do It! (Rebellion Dub Remix)
  9. Always Together (Sixth Star Remix)

Emotion Rating: Look under the song titles in the “Detailed Review” to see Mr. Opinion Face’s emotion on the song. Plus, if there is a “Sawbat Approved” Icon, the song is top notch as mine and Sawbat’s favorite of the album- we have the same tastes. This one may be a little harsh because like I said, I don’t like dubstep that much!

Sawbat Approved:

Sawbat Approved






9-10: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

7-8: (•‿•) – Good!

5-6: (•~•) – Meh!

3-4: (•︵•) – Disappointment!

1-2: (╥﹏╥) – It Sucks!

Detail Review:

1) Salty Sincerity (D-S Remix)

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Starting off with an intense array of technology in your ears, we have the D-S Remix of Salty Sincerity. D-S just means Dub-Step, and that’s exactly what you get, nonstop dubstep with Miku singing her classic groove that makes you want to dance with that rabbit that always looks at you funny when you leave for work outside your house! I have a rabbit hole in a bush okay, if you’ve ever heard a rabbit yelp before… you don’t want to! I don’t know how to explain it, but the beats are everywhere, so much bass and treble and everything in between, I gave it a Good rating due to Miku’s silky voice!

2) Desperate (D-L Remix)

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!


At least we’ve added in some guitar this time, and it is intense as if they turned it up to 12 because 11 is so last century before we had an increase in editing prowess! Probably the most rocking and rickeding of the songs on this list, it perfectly levels both the techno and main guitar while also giving a massive guitar solo dueting with a dubstep solo! That is kinda awesome to hear, gotta admit. Of course, Miku has to take over every instrument and insert herself into the guitar amplifier as well in the third verse! She can be a cute, bombastic girl, but she’s kinda seeking perfect fame too! Who am I to say anything, she got it!

3) Dreamscape (Zircon Remix)

Emotion: (•~•) – Meh!

Imagine an everflowing song with generic beats and Miku’s singing that you’ve heard before a million times- I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it seriously is the weakest on this list. It is, however, a good song to just rest with, but it takes its time increasing the volume and tempo to somehow make me think they couldn’t make up their mind… maybe I’m just being too harsh, but I consider Dreamscape just a general song about… Idunno, I don’t have a translated version…

4) Twilight Star (Original Mix)

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

The first minute and a half is repetitive and only just begins around 1:40, but with it being IA’s solo on this one, and it being 7 minutes long, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Around halfway, it began to pick up and I just started walking weird down the street- like weird puppet dance, even kicking my leg up in the air almost slaming into a woman I’ve never met. I said sorry and just kept violently spasming until someone asked if I was having a seizure… yeah, that was a blushing moment! The only thing I can say is that IA does a good job in her melodies and syncing up with the music!

5) Malentendido (Ballroom Remix)

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

If you thought the last one held a disturbing dance, then this one will be more poetic and passionate in my portrayal! Instead of making you dance randomly in spastic tunes, it will make you want to do the Waltz, Tango, or the Wall’n’go that I just made up! Vocaloid and Me create random dances, I swear! v( o-o)v With a hint of Violin and a rhythm that will actually make you feel like you’re in a ballroom with the love of your life, swaying across the floor with a live IA and The Band… until you realize you’re still single and want to listen to it again just to forget- Am I that lonely?

6) やくそく – Yakusoku

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Ever wanted to just cuddle with the singer of a song? This is one of them, with Miku’s passionate vocals and a magestic slow rhythm that just makes you picture a cloud of fluffy goodness in a cup- like a smoothie made out of a cloud- Smoothie Cloud- we’ll call it a “Floofy”. At any expense, this is the song of the album that made me regret not going to bed earlier the night before, because it made me ssssoooooooo ssssleeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyy!

7) Cafe Night (Night Lounge Remix)






Like the name… something that would be good in a Cafe, I don’t know what else to say other than I love the Flute note here and there! If I were doing this in a cafe, then I’d make this crude joke I know, but I’m not so I won’t- mainly because I forgot it and respect Yukari too much to say something naughty and weird… might be the song though, it is really catchy and reminds me of a Jazz Cafe with that Beautiful Saxophone Solo! I had to give this the Sawbat Approved because of that Saxophone! See, I’m not just a rock and metal lover, I like Jazz too! Bet you never knew I used to listen to 80’s jazz didn’t you? I have to admit, I’m not into younger forms because of quality, but at least I do like it- ’tis a start! Oh, and it’s also 6 minutes long!

8) Do It! (Rebellion Dub Remix)

Emotion:  (•︵•) – Disappointment!

I don’t make it a point to say that I’m disappointed in a song… but a 6 minute song with some of the most repetitive beats and a Miku Chorus only 3/4 the way in, just doesn’t make me like this song very much. I’ve never given a song the “It Sucks” title, but this is not my cup of tea. If I felt it wouldn’t work for anyone with an ear for music, I’d rate it that! That’s how I feel, don’t agree? It’s fine, it’s just a review, just because I don’t like 1 thing, doesn’t mean I’m Satan! Let’s all hug in the comment section!

9) Always Together (Sixth Star Remix)

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

NO DON’T GO! Ok, this song is a fantastically well-placed farewell for this album. I couldn’t say that it didn’t make me tear up a little for some odd reason, but it did… don’t judge me! I like this song in that it has the bulk of the song making a beat and melodic solo’s with Yukari. And the end is so perfectly done, that I’m glad I listen to it! I can rightfully say that the end is far better than the beginning for an entirely different reason than I was thinking! It’s just Beautiful!

Quickie Review:

7 out of 10

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

The 7 would have been a 9 if they hadn’t had 3 or 8 in there! I gave 3 a pretty harsh rating compared to what others find enjoyable, but in my opinion, gave 8 a pretty fair one. I told you before that Dubstep isn’t a thing of mine, but the artist did do a hard job on it- so give them all some love and buy the album! You can catch it on Amazon or iTunes!

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